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06-22-14, 1:57 AM
February 4, 2007
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About infinity
Hello, I'm Infinity, commonly called Inf. I'm a manga and anime addict, particularly manga nowadays. I've been into anime since my childhood without really knowing it. The first series I watched was Albator, but I didn't watch it completely. It was fun at that time. I didn't even know what anime was back then! I was 5-6 years something.

I bought Flame of Recca in partnership with a friend of mine. It was a good anime, and I got hooked. I've been using AniDB for a while now (n0cturn3 there), but I stopped after discovering MyAnimeList which is much more intuitive and simpler to use. And the community here is more fun! The problem is that I put my nick as "infinity" instead of "Infinity". I'm still looking for my caps "i" but MAL won't let me change and I dunno why!! :'(

Yeaaaahhh I'm a perfectionist and pays attention to tiny details, so what? Everybody has flaws, right?

My hobbies are reviewing anime and manga for MAL, graphic design and design in general, and spending time doing random things on the Internet. I also dabble in drawing manga characters, but they are really low quality doodles. My other passion is technology and things related to computing, so I'm doing my degree in Computer Science and Engineering. With that, I don't have much time left for my hobbies.

For now, sayonara. Feel free to drop me a comment, or add me as friend if you wish. I'm always glad to get to know other anime/manga fans.

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ImaginaryFire | 09-12-14, 4:09 PM
Agreed 100% with everything you wrote about Eureka Seven. I hope it doesn't ruin the mecha genre for me lol, since I'm going to be comparing every other one to E7.

Rionada_Jackie | 06-06-14, 10:24 PM
Hi! Loved your Eureka Seven review! Great Anime indeed :D

DELETE-ME-ADMINS | 03-26-14, 8:08 PM
Just wanted to say "Thanks" for your review on Eureka Seven-
I wouldn't watch it without having read your review.
Ergo Proxy was too crass... the animation. After having watched Ergo I developed a 2005minus-animation-phobia. Eureka's much better, the characters are so realistic- not to mention the story, that goes with it!

Thanks again! ^ ^

Galistia | 12-29-12, 8:36 AM
Eureka Seven is my all-time favorite anime! The formula of drama, action, and romance was blended perfectly! Unfortunately, I feel that it's a highly underrated series. :(

OldSpiced | 10-28-12, 8:51 PM
Liked you Eureka 7 review, was trying to open your anime list but it didn't wanna cooperate XD

I was hoping to see your Ergo Proxy review / score :/

Keiz | 01-28-12, 1:06 AM
I loved your Eureka Seven review, and loved the show as well. You know there's a sequel coming in spring :D can't wait, it's about Ao, who's got green hair.....

infinity | 12-05-11, 9:51 AM

Sorry to hear you didn't like my review.

But I stand by my opinion. The manga is better than the anime. Therefore, I stopped enjoying the anime as much as before, especially after they switched to a new non-manga storyline.

You are right though. I may be biased towards the manga. I'll keep that in mind for next reviews. Thanks for mentioning it. :)

Tiago97 | 11-14-11, 6:00 AM
Your Soul Eater anime review is, frankly, crap.

You apparently wnjoyed the anime a lot, but after reading the manga you decided that it was better, therefore the anime deserved a lower score than before.

That makes no sense. I mean, I understand you think the manga's better, but it shouldn't affect how much you like the anime.

Draykho | 11-13-11, 11:20 AM
Hai new friend!

infinity | 11-11-11, 11:58 AM
Gah... It's been too long since I've lurked on MAL... Way too long! :s

Time. I need more time! Why can't I have more time? Life! GIVE ME MORE TIME! :/

DeatHSoN | 10-28-11, 5:15 PM
hi m8 i liking ur reviews could u recommend me a manga to read that is too long because i'm still new to reading manga and i don't no where to start

Majeh-Sama | 02-13-11, 5:57 AM
Message from King of Hell Fan Club

Click the Spoiler below to view message:

Vensito | 12-06-10, 1:30 PM
Yooooooo~!! How's it going!?

AoiMemori | 08-14-10, 3:49 PM
So, your E7 review was great and I do wonder on your "P.s. Why 9.9 and not 10? Because some important events got left out of the explanations. You could guess what they were, but an explanantion would have been easier. That's why I substracted 0.1 marks! " So, let me know, please? XD

Smaster | 04-22-10, 9:58 PM
Great isn't it ??^_^

I was reading some of your profile comments when I saw many people commenting on your E7 review, checked it and must long and didn't feel tedious at all to read it.

Keep it up !! :)

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