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kmarie | 02-05-14, 6:54 AM
ferreal! the weather is horrid. this winter feels never ending :/

kmarie | 02-03-14, 2:30 PM
i'm pretty good, how bout you?

kmarie | 02-03-14, 6:57 AM
thanks for the add :)

Marep | 01-13-14, 12:40 PM
Sorry, I just noticed your message now! But yeah, we have a very high combatbility :D Congratz on having a great taste in anime!

Olveparty | 12-17-13, 3:03 AM
I think most of them are people who have been ridiculed by girls at some point in real life, and I agree that girls can be pretty cruel sometimes. Especially if they think they are hot shit and make fun of the "bad" looking guys etc. So it's like "revenge" or something against girls or they feel intimidated that girls are entering their space, idek. I don't believe in making fun of someone because of their gender and both genders have people who make fun of others and people who don't, it's just that simple.

You should make a thread then!!!! I can write one for you!

Olveparty | 12-12-13, 12:21 PM
I am more of a laid back person looking for some fun, and there is usually a lot of fun in other people : )

I can guarantee you that it will happen at some point, but yes, for your sake I hope you don't have to encounter it. Also it's extremely unnecessary, I never understood the point of it. Sure, I can joke about sexual things with other people (as I do quite often) and make jokes, but never ever in serious manner.

Yeah, I've made a few threads, had a few serious discussions, but mostly I just "shit post" and say random sarcastic things.

We've had like 2 "snowstorms" already here. It's not been under -10 yet I don't think, but it' usually around 0 to -5 somewhere. We had our first snow in like september, so if we don't get a white chrismas, I am complaining to the weather gods!!!

-GOAT- | 12-12-13, 10:18 AM
How was Orlando, Florida? My friend is from there and he says it's great over there (weather, people, food, entertainment). Did you go to Disney World?

You're right. Mental health is just as important as physical health, if not more. Based on my personal experiences, when I'm not depressed and strong-willed/optimistic, I feel like nothing can put me down. So when you say you are comfortably busy, do you do any light exercising? Maybe walking or even very light jogging? Well it's good to hear that you're trying to make something out of your life, unlike a lot of these ppl I see on MAL or even irl. Vitamins are good, really underrated actually. I like my share of vitamins (multi-vitamin, Vitamin C & D, etc).

Oh I see. It's like that here as well actually. People I know have relatives on their friends list and even ppl they never spoken to before or met maybe once in their lives. It's funny how everyone is so curious about each others lives. Notice I said curious rather than care lol. I don't like facebook so I deactivated mine cuz there's really no point when you aren't associating yourself with the ppl you know anymore. Do you mind if I see your facebook?

Well there's that and how it's hard to get into the minds of the reviewers, unless you know them well enough to know what they really mean. Do you get what I saying? Also, reading some of these reviews really annoys me cuz I can tell a lot of them try too hard to impress the readers with their corny/cheesy lines and awful jokes.

Arggg.. I really don't know if I should proceed to the sequels of Sailor Moon or not. I mean I know it's a classic, but obviously I can't get to all the shows I want to see, so I wanna spend my anime watching days as productive as possible. I used to not care about watching whatever because I was always home watching anime all day, but I got responsibilities and other things in my personal life I need to take care of, so I don't really have all the time in the world to watch whatever I want. If you don't mind, give me some updates on the show like how it's progressing and then I guess as a whole you can determine if it's really worth watching or not. This is no doubt a Shoujo though, a really kiddy Shoujo. Everything about the show is so simplistic lol, in good and bad ways.

I had that same problem as well and still come across the problem of not having enough motivation. But what I do now is.. I write a list of reasons why I want to accomplish something and look back at it when I forget why I was so motivated to begin with. Like something even simple like "Leaning Korean". I get lazy trying to learn it cuz I gotta spend at least an hour a day on it and sometimes I just wanna kick back and do nothing, but when I look back the reasons why like "beneficial to career opportunities", I feel motivated again. But my main motivation for anything is very simple and may sound stupid, but it works, "Don't be little bitch anymore." haha

Anyways, I'm doing alright. I have 2 finals left, which I'm trying to just get over with tbh. I could care less about the grades cuz a B is good enough for these two courses. And... I'm just excited for the winter break so I can start doing the stuff I wanna get done. Only 4 more days of school and I'm done! :)

Olveparty | 12-10-13, 3:41 PM
It's pretty fun sometimes though, there are some seriously desperate people hanging around and they show their true nature on the internet.

Usually you will be met by a bunch of horny guys thinking they transcend the boundaries of internet and make their penis extraterrestrial and have sex with people from all over. Or you will be met by very hostile comments like "Get back in the kitchen bitch" or "Girls can't play video games". Where both scenarios are very unpleasent and unseemly. Of course there are exceptions, but this is the would the general reception you can expect. Not that this reflects my own actions in any way or that I would advice you not to play online games with a microphone, but just a heads up : )

I am not very good at shooters either. Which is why I don't play them at all. I usually stick to strategy games and ARPGs.

I would be a massive hypocrite if I said I hate trolling and pretending to be someone you're not. I don't think any of my 600 posts on this forum has been "serious" and I sometimes find great pleasure in pretending to be someone else, just to poke fun at people, but I don't do it very frequently. I usually am myself in most cases. Like right now.

So how are things in Iceland, land of the ice? Is it snowing a lot and fucking freezing, like it is here?

-GOAT- | 12-07-13, 2:04 PM
Oh, where have you visited? And I'm sorry to hear about your disease. Is it a permanent thing or can it be recovered overtime? That sounds awful.. Do you take painkillers for that? I mean I don't think I can go through my days in pain all the time.

I'm sure kids know a very brief, general idea of the big news. After all, people are always posting stuff on their statuses, taking pictures, sharing articles, etc. How do you have adult friends? Well you are mature for your age.

Yeah I know what you mean. That's why I can never write a good review. Also, I'm not an anime fanatic. I'm more of a casual watcher, watching whatever that seems like it can entertain me in some way. I'm no expert critic like a lot of the reviewers here think they are. To me, any review that goes too in-depth with their descriptions is bad, and there are a lot of them out there. Even the well-known reviewers here.. Honestly, I don't think a lot of them are good. And sometimes they're really cheesy, which makes me cringe. What do you like to read in a review?

So is the comedy non-existent after the first season? I'm still on season 1, but about 4/5 of the way, things are getting a lot more serious than in the beginning when Usagi and the others were clowning around. I don't know if I like the sudden change of drama and romance yet. Sailor Moon is just so long though. Nothing compared to the likes of Detective Conan or One Piece, but I was still shocked to see it has over 200 episodes. Do you think it's worth continuing until the end? I'm curious about what happens in the end and I've been enjoying it thus far, but idk if it's worth it when I can be spending time watching other shows.

Oh, that's what I meant by nostalgia. I didn't actually know what was going on either cuz I watched random episodes. So how have you been lately? I hope you have been doing good cupcakes :)

Olveparty | 12-07-13, 12:26 PM
I will try : )

Yes, the internet, where an old man like me can be a 14 year old girl and 16 year old girls can be old men.
Since I am a man, I never really get a lot of those "weird" or "creepy" messages. It's either just normal messages or hostile messages, but I have had accounts on several sites before where I put "Female" as my gender and I remember getting a lot more of those weird/creepy messages. I talk back to them though and fool around with them. It's pretty fun sometimes.

For my own part though, I don't care if people pretend to be girls as long as it's fun talking to them. I never ask for pictures or whatever else people ask for. I just like to talk, so it doesn't matter what gender they are. I have probably talked to people before, who pretended to be female, but I try to talk in the same manner to everyone.

Olveparty | 12-04-13, 3:59 PM
Your comment seems to have dissapeared after my "popularity" shot to the skies lol.

Yeah, I don't like exploring that much, it's not like you are going to find something SUPER AWESOME OF DOOM in that one corner you missed anyways and if it was something there, you can go back and get it later.

Yeah, it feels like home here on the internet, where I can be with all the other weirdos and creeps that smooth talk 16 year olds. The only thing separating me from a lot of others, is that I am joking. Or am I?

-GOAT- | 12-03-13, 3:58 PM
Well I guess that's good then that you like it where you are. Have you ever thought about traveling though? Maybe if you travel for a bit, you might like some places outside of Iceland a lot. Not saying you should leave though. Your reasons are more than convincing enough for you to remain where you are.

I'm sorry to hear that.. If you don't mind me asking, can you tell me what your illness is?

Did you see that on the news or in person? It's unfortunate, but I think the swat team did the right thing.

It's because things like twitter, tumblr, facebook, instagram, etc. exist. Yeah, they're always on their phones but half the time they're doing stupid shit on their phones lol. And then you have ppl like me who rarely use phones and rather spend time typing essays or watching anime on the computer. Guess that makes me no better than those idiots :/

"Whenever I try to be a 'critic', I end up not enjoying the things I'm critiquing since I keep observing for every single detail instead of simply experiencing it." Exactly how I feel. I was considering writing reviews, but then I figured there was no point in doing so if I can't enjoy what I'm watching. Plus there's plenty of reviews out there. Also there's the fact that a lot of the reviews aren't taken seriously. Unless you're a well known reviewer on the site, you're most likely going to get a lot of troll feedback if you can even call the "Helpful" & "Unhelpful" buttons feedback.

So what do you think of the Sailor Moon seasons you've seen thus far? I'm surprised we're both watching them. I guess we can't get over the nostalgia hehe

-GOAT- | 12-02-13, 7:14 PM
That does sound bad.. What kind of things couldn't you buy that you wanted? And what made you have a change of heart about living there?

Haha that's funny. Maybe it's cuz it's America then, but a lot of ppl here don't pay attention to the news. Maybe some of the big headlines are mentioned from time to time, but usually ppl don't know what's going on. I'm like the complete opposite of you. I never check the news. The only way I find out big news is when I hear ppl talking about it. And if I'm really curious then I'll do a little research. Like when the hurricane in Philippines occurred a little back, I didn't know about it until a week after only cuz my dad said, "You heard about what happened over there right?" and of course I replied, "Yeah of course.. It was terrible." Would I be a caveman if I lived over there? haha

I guess the best way of interacting with ppl is to get more known. Like if you write good reviews and receive a lot of positive feedback, I'm sure ppl would wanna talk to you more. Or if your active in clubs. Or you can do what I do and lurk around and see if someone has an interesting profile and just strike up a convo. That's how I met you!

That's good. I should be more like that. But when things don't matter to me, I really don't give a damn and it shows. I'm just waiting for school to end already so I can relax already.

-GOAT- | 11-28-13, 8:30 AM
Yeah I can tell you have a lot of national pride lol. Well it's great that you love it there!

You know a lot of about your country and the policies regarding it. How did you learn about all this? That's fine then. Generally when you hear the term "fugitive", you don't think of good things around here.

Are there a lot of albinos over there? Yeah, I heard about all this about the eyes but I can only see how any of this works in TV shows, movies, and anime, but that's cuz they make it so obvious. I don't know why but I don't see anything when I look at someone's eyes. Is that why ppl say it's important to look into each others eyes whenever you talk to someone? If you don't mind, can you show me some instances where you can tell if someone is sad or lying by looking at their eyes?

Oh trust me. You don't have to worry about that. Plenty of ppl here write useless stuff, even myself. But I try to write something that gets ppl to laugh or a conversation starter. Just say what you want. Nobody's gonna bash on you unless you're writing something stupid or offensive. Judging by the way you're talking to me, I'm sure ppl would wanna read stuff from your thoughts. I avoid threads related to politics, current events, or law since I don't know anything about it. But questions regarding morality, anybody can answer cuz it's your opinion and nothing more. Nobody can really give you shit for it unless once again, you say something stupid or offensive lol. I do agree with you though that it's stupid how we can't chat in the threads. But I think they did that cuz otherwise the threads would get ridiculously off topic and unnecessarily long. We have enough trolls here already.

You know actually I feel the same way, even though I'm a guy. It's not even a matter of showing off, but you just want to let yourself be known to others. I like hearing stuff about other ppl as well so feel free to share whatever you like.

"Work hard, play hard." I need to be working harder as well, but quite honestly my studies are ridiculously easy and I'm just waiting to move schools already which is why I'm always just chilling. But I'm doing studies on the side and exercising so I'm not a complete hikikomori!

Haha I don't mind it. At least I know you wanna talk to me :)

-GOAT- | 11-27-13, 2:26 PM
Haha that's ironic. How do you like it there?

Interesting, I never knew. But having fugitives, isn't it dangerous there? Also, do a lot of ppl speak English there? If there's lots of nice tourist spots, I might consider traveling there someday.

Eye colors can change? First I've heard that. Why do ppl like eye colors so much? I never understood when ppl said, "Wow, your eyes look beautiful!" cuz I don't feel anything when I look at someone's eyes.

Yeah, true. If you aren't actively involved in this community you won't get many messages/comments. That's why I actively went out and found ppl to talk to. But sometimes ppl don't respond back, so I kinda given up on it and just take part in the forums and ppl I'm talking to atm. Plus I have my own personal life to deal with.

As for my profile, it's personal preference really. I don't wanna elaborate about myself cuz majority of the ppl won't even bother reading a summary of me unless they're really actively trying to meet others here. Plus my other reason about my personal life and how I don't wanna MAL to take over my entire day making me not productive.

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