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Favorite Anime
Cowboy Bebop
Cowboy Bebop add
Trigun add
Samurai Champloo
Samurai Champloo add
Ginga Eiyuu Densetsu
Ginga Eiyuu Densetsu add
Gintama add

Favorite Manga
One Piece
One Piece add
Pandora Hearts
Pandora Hearts add
Nurarihyon no Mago
Nurarihyon no Mago add
Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic
Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic add
Noblesse add

Favorite Characters
Ootori, Kyouya
Nanba, Mutta
Hyuuga, Junpei
Nura, Rikuo
Sakata, Gintoki
Fairbrook Wingates Hellsing, Integra

Favorite People
Sugita, Tomokazu
Sugita, Tomokazu
Miki, Shinichiro
Miki, Shinichiro
Nakai, Kazuya
Nakai, Kazuya
Kajiura, Yuki
Kajiura, Yuki
Sagisu, Shiro
Sagisu, Shiro
Ishii, Yasushi
Ishii, Yasushi
Sakurai, Atsushi
Sakurai, Atsushi

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March 9, 2010
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janree | Yesterday, 12:00 PM
Ah my bad! I've uploaded the image to imgur so it should be alright now^^

CocoNoelle | Yesterday, 11:32 AM
All checked btw!

Merue | 04-23-14, 1:42 AM
Hojbulduk hojbulduk.
Nasıl olsun bi buçuk ay gibi süre sonra tatile giriş yapacagım üni.den kurtulup, onun sevinciyle mal'e bi bakayım dediydim aklıma sen geldin. Kışın da arada girip çıkardım da yazın insan işsiz olunca burası daha zevkli oluyor.

Merue | 04-22-14, 9:52 AM
istanbuldan selamlaaar! bayadır konuşmuyoruz, mal profilinin kapısını çalmaya geldim :P

CocoNoelle | 04-22-14, 8:33 AM
Yahoo ~
Please check the Admins Disscussions ASAP!
Thanks ♥

CocoNoelle | 04-22-14, 6:35 AM
Great isn't it? ^^
Firstly when I read an article about her, I though she will be a new wesen that will join Nick's gang, but it looks like she is a Grimm and Nick will be her mentor. Though so far she is only a minor character so she wont be there as much :/ But maybe if she will be loved by the fans like Rosalee then maybe she will be added to the main cast.
She will be in the next episode!!!
But I am really afraid that she will end with Hank, not that I hate him, but he is too much of skirt-chaser, and Nick need a new love not Hank. *sorry Hankie*
Not mention some people on the forum are already addresing her as "Hank's future girlfriend" grrrr! T___T
So being worried about her being a relative to Nick is rather foolish I would be more wary about writers make her fall in love with Hank or vice-versa...
OH gosh I hope she will love Nick and Juliette will burst from jealousy xDD Sensei x student love much? xDD
I think its good they took the baby from her, did you forget she wanted to sell it? Like a shit she cared for it, her main objective was get her powers back no?
Her mother instinct (or if I could call it like that) kicked in rather late. But as I said, "what comes around goes around" she is getting back everything she done in past.
Not mention that baby totaly adores Nick's mom :D Adalind cant hendle it and baby doesn't miss her either :D

Nate-chan | 04-22-14, 12:06 AM
You're very welcome and thank you too, ancksu-san. <3

CocoNoelle | 04-21-14, 11:44 AM
GRIMM ramapge blabering follows ~
Firstly the last episode was fucking great, though I missed some wesen butt kicking but the whole plot around that devil baby was quite good made. I don't feel any sorry for that bitch Adalind, she is getting all back, slowly, but yes! And Renard should be kicked in the balls really hard for pointing gun on Nick again. I'm starting to hate him again!!!
Nick's mum has cleared herself in my eyes xDD She is just tooo cool, I can't hate her though she helped that damn bitch.
Now I wonder what will Adalind do, it looks like we are going have a deja vu, her acting as main antagonist... lol maybe... but that bitch spits venom where she goes so I doubt she lets it be like this.
On other side, I just noticed a new face will join the crew .... woooohooooo!!!
Remember our little dreaming about Julliete being kicked out by some great kick-ass Grimm girl, muhahaha maybe we weren't dreaming for nothing!!! xDDD
Nickie, get your shit together and look ahead!! Muhahahaha xDD
Yay! *dancing around the room*
Gosh I so need you on facebook, there I can leave my random annoying fangirl burts better :D

NaoiSama | 04-20-14, 4:36 PM
woops my bad! all fixed! sorry about that!

CocoNoelle | 04-20-14, 1:39 PM

Nate-chan | 04-20-14, 7:21 AM
sorry, dudes, no graphics this time OTL

LittleRobin | 04-20-14, 5:19 AM
You're welcome ^^

Rorschach11 | 04-20-14, 1:34 AM
Thanks, it´s fixed now^^

_Noiz_ | 04-19-14, 12:42 PM
Thank you for the notification, I went back through the claimed list and fixed the hair claim and found a couple more pictures for the eye claim. Sorry for the trouble and if there are any further issues let me know.

RachelPanda | 04-19-14, 11:29 AM
Thank you, I claimed Kobato Hasegawa instead.

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