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12-26-14, 8:56 PM
June 8, 1993
United States
August 13, 2007
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About aly_angelflight
Hello, I'm Aly-chan. It's nice to meet everyone here!

Favorite Anime:

1. Saki
3. TC: Tokyo Revelations
4. Lovely Complex
5. xxxholic
And the following in no particular order:
Shugo Chara
Kamichama Karin
La Corda D'oro ~primo passo~
Honey & Clover
Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni
Elemental Gelade

Favorite Manga:

1. Skip Beat
2. TRC
3. CCS
4. Beauty Pop
5. Furuba
6. VK
7. Lovely Complex
8. S.A./Crimson Hero

Favorite Characters
1. Saki Miyanaga <3
2. Hayate Yagami/Kiri Komori/Momoko Touyoko <3
3. Kyoko Mogami
4. Tsuruga Ren <3
5. Sakura Kinomoto
6. Li Syaoran <3
7. Takamichi Nanoha
8. Suzumiya Haruka/Fate Testarossa
9. Sano Izumi <3/Momiji Sohma <3
10. Risa Koizumi

Supported Couplings (even if they aren't canon):

(I'm still writing them out.)

My Claims:

Nagi S.'s Diamond 3 Campaign
08-18-09, 7:49 AM
07-06-09, 2:40 PM

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smartboyhw | 09-09-14, 3:32 AM
Please vote for Aoyama Nanami in against Yoshino in ISML League Finals Day 2! We need you! (And don't worry about their seedings, statistics show that Nanami can beat Yoshino)

koromoamae | 11-27-13, 9:20 PM
Hi Saki-chan

shiraoky | 06-08-13, 10:54 AM

Jori-kun | 05-01-13, 4:15 PM

gINGEr | 03-06-13, 5:54 PM

shiraoky | 02-14-13, 5:47 PM

Ksa | 08-22-12, 9:03 AM
Try Janryumon, it's great!

Yay, you're a speed player, like me!

Ksa | 08-20-12, 10:18 PM
Great, and where are you playing? What rank do you have? Which style do you prefer?

Nakocchi | 08-20-12, 8:53 PM
My kanji-reading skills is average too, haha xD But the chapter is released now ^^ Honestly, I think it was rather foolish for Himematsu's coach to think that Saki can be surpassed that easily. She's Teru sister, for god's sake. Someone must have tried doing that to Teru already but failed, and Saki's stronger than Teru.

This is just my opinion but I don't really like it when characters improve(or worst, gain abilities) after only one day of training >.< I like Himematsu but I doubt they can do much. Only main characters have the privilege to get better after one day of training >;P

Ksa | 08-20-12, 7:36 AM
Hi! Are you playing riichi? :)

Nakocchi | 08-20-12, 4:30 AM
Ah, yes, I agree. Sorry, I misunderstood your statement but thanks for clearing that up now ^^

Have you read Chapter 100 of Saki?

Nakocchi | 08-17-12, 6:31 PM
In my humble opinion, I don't think Yuu's ability of attracting red tiles has anything to with Sumire being not able to win off of her. I think Sumire's ability actually manipulates the flow of the opponents' hands. It explains why Yuu ended up with a tenpai that would result in her dealing into Sumire's hand had she followed the normal tenpai direction.

Akado is outstanding, indeed, though many people would still disagree as they're still pretty biased about Achiga ;P I tend to hold incredibly observant and insightful Mahjong players in higher standards as I seem to place them in the same category as Akagi, who I view as one of the most greatest fictional Mahjong players ;P

Nakocchi | 08-10-12, 8:30 PM
Yeah, serves Izumi right ;P You know, after reading the latest chapter, I think I'll probably be rooting for Achiga now. Yuu does really well, especially against a national-level monster like Sumire. Kudos to Akado for noticing the hand movement, she's a good coach. I hope Yuu can keep 2nd place till the Sergeant match ends.

Nakocchi | 08-10-12, 12:24 AM
Hmm.. Anyways, the spoilers of the latest Achiga chapter is already out ;D Sumire of Shiraitodai is playing. I got the pictures from Awai who posted on Shiraitodai FC, though.

Open the image in a new tab, it's too big that you can't see the full version here and I'm too lazy to re-size it.

Shiraitodai with a direct-hit on Senriyama.

Interactions between Shiraitodai members

Somehow I feel pity for Izumi. Look at the expression on her face.. Scary. Though she probably deserves it, considering how damn arrogant her attitude was when she was facing off against Yuu in the quarter-finals match ;P

Nakocchi | 08-03-12, 5:43 PM
Oh you root for Achiga? :O That's very refreshing. I don't really root for Achiga but I really want to talk with someone who roots for any other team besides Senriyama ^^ Senriyama is pretty overrated right now and I got bored of the "Achiga or Senriyama, which team will advance to finals?" wars.

Most of people play online now, since getting tiles and three other people who know the rules is kinda hard to do. My neighbours usually gather every weekends to play Mahjong, I recognize the sound of the tiles shuffling xD But they're playing using the Chinese rules, so yeah..

Do you play on Tenhou or Janryuumon? Sorry, I tend to write a lot ;P

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