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05-19-15, 9:58 PM
December 21, 1986
June 28, 2009
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Kazemon15 | 06-14-12, 12:16 PM
Ally, you haven't been on for months, I get lonely....why you no like me anymore? :sadface:

moezy-chan | 06-04-12, 3:40 PM
It really isn't...I honestly don't get why people make such a big deal out of this anime. Yes it's dark but that's it...and yesh XD Sailor Moon is infamouos for killiing of their characters! XD Usagi dies at least 3 times in the anime! XD

moezy-chan | 05-26-12, 7:01 PM
Ally, I love you XD Here I thought I was the only person out there that thought that Madoka wasn't the best mahou shoujo anime out there! XD I'll never get why people out there think it's so awesome...

moezy-chan | 09-09-11, 7:21 PM
Ahhh I see what you mean now! I thought you meant like a dreamy mystical amv. There are a couple, one of which is mine XD You might have seen it. It's my CCS Fireflies amv. Just go to my channel. Also there is another one that comes to mind:

And're telling me x_x I first found that amv on youtube only for it to eventually be muted >>;

AGREED THERE! I can't wait to see it! I suck with action amvs x_x so don't turn to me for making them XD

moezy-chan | 09-09-11, 6:12 PM
Dreamer is a rather unique concept for a CCS amv...but I could show you my absolute favorite CCS amv ever made. It's a romance amv but I think you'd like it. It's also made in Adobe:

The rest out there are mainly romance amvs. And unfortunately...I'm one of the few editors out there that actively edits with CCS. So if you want to watch any most are from my channel...

moezy-chan | 09-08-11, 4:33 PM
*GLOMPS* YAY! Want me to start spamming you with amvs now? XD I have quite a few I've wanted to show you for a while~

moezy-chan | 09-04-11, 9:14 PM
Ohhhh! So that's why it's been taking you so long to watch the series. I was under the impression that you were downloading or streaming XD That's what I always assume. And I can wait. Just it subbed? :3 If only for me! I will do anything just so you watch it subbed XD I'll watch any kind of anime for you XD or even make you a dedication amv!

moezy-chan | 09-04-11, 8:42 PM

If that doesn't about a compromise? You can watch the dub and then a week later watch it subbed for me? :3 As long as you watch it subbed I won't complain! Please...the sub is so much better...

moezy-chan | 09-04-11, 8:29 PM
I have it in a chat with Kaze that you promised to watch the movie subbed XD I can give proof if you want XD

moezy-chan | 09-04-11, 8:24 PM
You promised me subbed...T_T

moezy-chan | 09-04-11, 7:44 PM

moezy-chan | 09-04-11, 3:52 PM
3 more episodes til the ending! :D I've been stalking your profile like crazy since you watched episode 63 XD Please please please watch the movie when you're done! Even though I know you've seen it already. And yesh, it has to be subbed XD After the movie is over you can watch this:

Just make sure to watch it after the movie~ And then you'll be finished with the series ^_^ That is, until you read the manga XD Trust me you'll want to. It fills in all the plotholes~ Even explains why Sakura-chan was chosen as the cardcaptor.

moezy-chan | 07-30-11, 5:56 PM
I was hoping you'd ask ^_^ The anime released the making of Catch You Catch Me and Baking with Eriol first and when the series ended they made an extra special with Yamazaki. Going by airdate you would watch it in that order but I go by chronological order. If you notice in the third one, with Yamazaki, the classroom says 4-2 which means they're still in the 4th grade but in seasons 2 and 3 they're in the 5th grade so if you want to follow the chronological order you need to watch the second one last XD

moezy-chan | 07-30-11, 5:35 PM

And yay! Now you'll see why I told you to see numbers 1 and 3 first XD

moezy-chan | 07-30-11, 2:25 PM
You got up to the Wonderland episode! :D LOVE that episode XD funniest one of the whole series XD

You can watch the last Tomoyo-chan video diary now Ally~ It'll be labeled Tomoyo-chan video diary 02.

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