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About ThroughTheTrees
Hello And Enjoy!
(Myself): I'm A Person That Has All Kinds Of Personality. I Can Be Anything I Want To Be. A Friend, A Enemy, A Leader, A Follower, A Lover, A Fighter, A Hater, A Helper, A Killer, A Staker, A Loner, And Many Others.
(My Zodiac): Scorpio/Sheep
(My Wheres About): In A City, In A Town, In A House, Or In A Unknown Forest.
(My Hobbies): I Do Lots Of Thinking And Do What I Want. I Listen To All Sort Of Music And Enjoy Singing. I Play Video Games And I Enjoy Talking Or Texting To Friends When They Are In Need. So Contact Me If You Want To.
(My Likes): I Love Watching, Drawing, And Reading New Anime Or Manga. I Like Animals And Nature. I Like Cooking And Fixing Things. I Like Helping Others And Make Every One Happy.
(My Dislikes): I Dislike Rude, Mean, And Harsh Behaviors. I Dislike Being Wasteful To Food, And Not Keeping Things Clean. I Dislike Cheaters, Rapers, Abusers,And Liers.
(Likes Of Food): I Eat Anything, I'm Never Picky, And If Its From You. Thank You!
(Likes Of Clothes): Tuxedos, Trench Coats, Dress Shirts, Skirts, Dresses, Dress Shoes, Dress Pants, Leather Gloves, Finger less Gloves, Shades, Top Hats, High Heels, Neck Ties, Bows Ties, Night Wares and All Formals Wares.
(Likes Of Colors): Black, Blue, Red, Green, Purple, Grey, and All The Dark Colors.
(Likes Of Emotions): Love, Hate, Happiness, Sadness, Brave, Scared, Alive, Dead, and All The Others.
(Likes Of Weathers): Rainy, Windy, Snowy, Cloudy, Stormy, and All That Covers The Sun.
(Likes Of Whens): Dusks, Night, Midnight, Dawn, and All The Happens.
(Likes Of Body Parts): Hands, Feets, Ears, Noses, Eyes, Hairs, Lips, Tongues, Legs, Butts, Arms, Torsos, Breasts, Nipples, Groin, Bones, Horns, Sharp Nails, Sharp Teeths, Fangs, Tails, Wings, And All Others That Are Part Of Body.
(Likes of Body Tempertures): Hot Make Me Sleepy, Cold Make Me Awake, And Warm Or Cool Make Me Crazy! LOL

My Unknown Forest<333
My Favorite View In Forest<33

The Stars Looks Wonderful And It Is Very Peaceful Tonight<3

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YukiNatsu | 04-15-14, 1:38 AM
Haha ok ok sleep well :D

YukiNatsu | 04-14-14, 11:52 PM
Haha why thank you :D

Subzerokid | 04-11-14, 4:49 PM
Why Black Blood Brothers, Shingeki No Kyojin and D. Grayman?

Subzerokid | 04-10-14, 12:52 AM
Why do you start each word with a capital?

Subzerokid | 04-06-14, 3:42 PM
Thank you. ^_^

Subzerokid | 04-06-14, 10:33 AM
I think that everyone one who has seen School Days fucking completely and utterly hates Makoto and also great list you have there.

himoriRyu | 04-05-14, 1:08 PM
Makoto was just a stupid kid who wanted to have sex with everything that moved, treated every girl like garbage, and had the nerve to think he didn't did anything wrong. And Katsura... I really fell sorry for her, everyone against her and was tossed aside liked she was nothing. And there's Sekai, at the end she was just like him. Didn't feel sorry for her. They both deserved it IMO.

himoriRyu | 04-05-14, 10:31 AM
Well, I just finished SchoolDays. What started of as a simple school drama, became something quite dark and messed up. I really hate Makoto. He's just pure evil. It's a realistic approach to a genre that's usually cute and nice. Maybe that's the hate that people have for SD. It's not your typical story. It's full of horrible people, lies and betrayal. I think i loved it. I was impressed.

himoriRyu | 04-05-14, 3:20 AM
I'm doing fine. Started to watch SchoolDays today. Liking it so far.
Well, you watched more anime then me, but i think i can recommend something.
Bakemonogatari, Pandora Hearts, Baccano, Beck, Date-A-Live, Durarara or Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood. Noticed that you don't have these ones on your list. And have something to recommend to me? I can watch any genre.

himoriRyu | 04-04-14, 2:37 PM
Hi, how are you today?

himoriRyu | 04-04-14, 12:05 AM
That's a good way of thinking. This place needs more people like you. I'm very tolerant too, i can watch any type of anime and try to look for the good aspects. School Days i'll judge it myself. I never go with the flow.

himoriRyu | 04-03-14, 12:00 PM
The compatibility list is the average between anime rates that 2 users share. 80% means that you share almost the same rates. But i notice that you give 9 to everything. I should do the same, it seams easier that way.

himoriRyu | 04-03-14, 11:45 AM
Strange... Our anime compatibility is Unknown but we share more than a 100+ animes.

himoriRyu | 04-03-14, 9:29 AM
What, Taku and Keima? Lol yeah i'm kinda like them...
Nice to meet you too.

RachelPanda | 03-25-14, 3:34 PM
Thanks! I did have fun with my husband :)

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