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09-11-13, 8:06 PM
October 1, 1970
September 16, 2008
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09-24-08, 4:11 AM Edited 09-24-08, 4:17 AM

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NerdRage04 | 09-11-13, 3:31 PM
My fellow westerner, join us in our conquests to take over the world! We have free cats!

Shishou | 01-11-10, 4:37 PM
You are watching vampire shows, eh? x]

Shishou | 01-09-10, 2:10 PM
Nightwalker~ :O

Shinmaru | 12-29-09, 1:09 AM
Haha, really burning through Kaleido Star, eh? <3

Shishou | 05-27-09, 10:13 PM
Juuni Kokuki/Twelve Kingdoms is good, you should give it another chance. > >;;


Shishou | 05-15-09, 4:00 AM

Shishou | 04-16-09, 12:59 AM
::*pokes for the sake of poking*::

TwistedChick | 02-24-09, 2:38 PM
RANDOM: I've been watching 12 Kingdoms recently, noticed you'd dropped it around ep 5, and thought I'd let you know how tempted I was to do the same, it was drudgery watching it, but about ep 8, it gets soooo much better. Now at ep 14, it's highly enjoyable. Kinda explains why it's rated pretty high.

Just...thought I'd let ya know. =D

Sangome | 02-09-09, 4:56 PM
Because I'm just that predictable :D

Seriously though, I randomly browsed clubs one day, and that was there. ._. It was interesting.

MissAnonymous | 02-09-09, 2:13 PM
Hahah, nice! Tell me what you think of the show once you start watching it. :3

I follow the English releases of Tsubasa though, so I won't be caught up for awhile.
There's still been plenty of twists lately, holy crap.

TwistedChick | 02-09-09, 6:16 AM
Once you've finished Monster, reading Gome's post and the ensuing comments will pretty much explain all our feelings about it. We all react in slightly unique ways, but the overall sentiment is the same. =P

My mind just really loves intrigue, suspense, and realism, so this show struck a deep cord with me from the beginning. I hope you enjoy the rest. ^.^

TwistedChick | 01-30-09, 9:19 PM
I see you're watching Monster. I wonder if you feel the same way about it as I do... *is in love with it* XD

Sangome | 12-28-08, 9:25 PM
Ooo our compatibility went up :o

AnyaSilverblade | 12-28-08, 9:10 PM
Our compatibility is pretty high, isn't it?

Shishou | 12-26-08, 10:30 PM
You are watching Le Chevalier D'Eon? :O
You like? I am a fan of that series. XD

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