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10-24-14, 11:10 PM
May 23, 2010
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3nd135517 | 12-09-10, 10:58 AM
Haha, yup. It's a useful website XD.

Aya-tan | 11-26-10, 2:35 AM

Ohayo! It's been so long, far too long since we orginsed something... Our club died, but we're not going to give up! Right? That's why all of our admins worked hard to bring our club to life again! And here we are again! Coimg back in great style! XDDD But to keep club active we need your help! Please help us, by visiting and taking part in our activities! :3

What's new? Everything! 8D

At the begining please, read these topics carefully:
Gol Admin/ Member
Rules and FAQ
Questions about the rules

Now, there're alot of games and contests you can participate in and gain lots of white coins!

Questions and Answers
True or False?
White Quiz
Guess Who?
Club's Layout Contest
Club's Main Pic Contest

How you can spend your white coins?
White Coins Shop

But before buying anything, please check your
Account Amount

We also re-opened claiming thread! Read all the rules carefully, cuz they've vhanged!

If you want to help us, please do cuz we really need it! :3
Admins/ Officers Recruit

Also don't forget about all threads like:
Credit Cards
Official Member Cards
Members Birthdays
Characters to add
White Haired boys birthdays
Wednesday Special Editions Nominations

There will be even more attractions! Just wait and see and you won't be dissapointed! XD

MrHatandClogs | 06-17-10, 8:05 PM
I got it here...

Though, there're only 2 seeds so it might take a while, I'll keep an I out for it and let you know if I see it some where else. Hope this helps :D

datsunvic | 06-09-10, 6:45 PM
Heee, Now that I look, Same place as Saintcross.

Good Favorites you've got there. Looks like you're picking the classics

MagEarwhig | 06-09-10, 5:38 PM
I downloaded the full series here but if you're only looking for episode 3 then you can download this one

Kuma-Kuma | 06-03-10, 11:57 AM
my all-time favorite is Lucky Star...but other notables are Clannad, Kanon (2006), Baccano!, Toradora!, xxxHOLiC Kei, ef - a tale of memories, ef - a tale of melodies, Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann, and Higurashi no Naku Koro ni...basically anything i rated a 9 or 10.

Kuma-Kuma | 06-02-10, 8:39 PM
i like all kinds of anime so long as it keeps me entertained

so do you have any favorite anime?

Kuma-Kuma | 06-01-10, 11:57 AM
cool...i started in 2005 but it was in 2008 that i saw 137 out of the 252 anime shows that is on my completed list.

so what kind of anime do you like?

Kuma-Kuma | 06-01-10, 4:42 AM
that's good :D

so how long have you been watching anime?

Kuma-Kuma | 05-31-10, 1:46 PM
you're welcome :D

so how do you like MAL so far?

Kuma-Kuma | 05-31-10, 5:51 AM

Majeh-Sama | 05-29-10, 11:59 PM
Greetings and welcome to MAL.

If you have any questions about the site feel free to ask me by PM or leave a comment in my profile.

BTW we have a welcoming club going on if you like to join.

LoveEnmaAi | 05-29-10, 9:18 PM
Thanks for the reply on "I need sad/ depressing animes?"

Yamane-chan | 05-29-10, 1:55 AM
Welcome to Mal :P

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