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Shoujo Kakumei Utena: Adolescence Mokushiroku
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Muhyo to Rouji no Mahouritsu Soudan Jimusho
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One Piece
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Nabari no Ou
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Tomoe, Hotaru
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Mitsuishi, Kotono
Mitsuishi, Kotono
Minaguchi, Yuko
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Been watching anime since 1995 when Sailor Moon first premiered in the states. My interest in anime and manga has grown and is still a very important hobby I partake in. Have a collection well over 2000 manga and anime DVDs/Blu-ray combined.

If you feel interested by anything, feel free to comment or send a message. Sorry, don't accept random friend requests. Make an effort to talk to me first.

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FallnKnightFakir | 04-07-14, 10:03 PM
Ah, yes, it's time for me to sell things again!
Apocalypse Meow 1-3 (complete)
Blood the Last Vampire manga
Blue Spring
Certain Scientific Railgun 1
Doctor Who Dave Gibbons collection
Eternal Sabbath 1, 2
Mobile Suit Gundam the Origin 1
Samurai Exectuioner 2-5 (ex-library)
Satisfaction Guaranteed 1-3
Scary Book 2, 3
Takeru; Opera Susanoh of the Sword 1-4 (complete)

and some anime/cartoons/other:
Ben 10 1-4 (complete)
Archer season 1
Aquarion part 1
Linebarrels of Iron
Magical Shopping Arcade Abenobashi
Mysterious Cities of Gold
Scryed 1-6 singles (complete)
They Were Eleven (really awesome movie, duplicate I got for trading)
Tokyo Gore Police
Xiaolin Showdown

anything stand out? I'm trying to do spring cleaning

otaking97 | 03-03-14, 8:45 PM
Lol. God eBay..............too much for manga. The shipping is usually the price of the book new! I'm always trying to score bargins so lots is usually the way to go. Cheaper shipping. Hehe. I like in a small town to. But drive to cons, etc for goodies. :)

otaking97 | 03-03-14, 6:41 PM
Ah rightstuf deals? Nice. I've never bought manga from them as I can USUALLY get it cheaper locally. I purchased 30 off the same girl for 60. She still has them listed weeks later so now I'm offering a buck a volume if she wants rid of them. Win!

GreySoul | 09-01-13, 11:50 AM
Yes he did stay with Dio till the end, but I don't know, I feel like he is some kinda a robot, though like you said he did protect him so many times, but still, did he have any emotions... ?

Anyway, both of them is the sad part of the series, I wish there more character development.

GreySoul | 09-01-13, 4:25 AM
By the way, Dio scene in LE is so sad, and quick, poor Dio...

GreySoul | 09-01-13, 4:16 AM
Yes, indeed it is, it kinda remind me of 90s animes, what a great shows back then...

All in all I really enjoyed the series.

GreySoul | 08-28-13, 4:43 AM
I like that anime, I really do.
Its so unique, the atmosphere, steampunk-ish ? I love that kind if show.

It deserve more than that...

GreySoul | 08-27-13, 4:07 PM
Last Exile is in your favorite...

FallnKnightFakir | 05-08-13, 10:20 AM
Yay, you got Hikaru no Go!

FallnKnightFakir | 03-31-13, 5:40 PM
Yeah, I tend to have trouble with getting things then taking my sweet time watching them. Back when I simply bought less anime, this was never a problem, so I should totally stop buying so much. Some things are must gets though, like Rose of Versailles, I love older things! And of course I have some things on here to watch too, yikes.

I am much better with manga. For ongoing things, I'm a little less proficient, but with things I got complete sets of, they're usually not waiting for too too long. Few months at most. House of Five Leaves has been waiting 3, oddly enough. For episodic manga, it's no problem, but for shonen and stuff, I haven't read Tegami Bachi since like v7, but I have up to 11 (blame things on sale). I rarely buy ongoing things without having rented them or have them be by Fumi Yoshinaga or Osamu Tezuka, so I'll rent enough to know if I want to collect it or not, so I don't feel I'm ever doing pointless collecting. The only thing I have unread volumes of that I don't feel bad having them be unread is Ooku by Fumi Yoshinaga, because it's written entirely in fakespeare and it makes remembering where I was after finishing reading it incredibly difficult, lol, so even if it'll clearly take a while, I'll wait until it's complete and go from the start. It's really good, but damn it takes me 1.5 hours per volume, that's not normal!

I'm trying to watch like, two normal length (26 ep) series a month, that should help my backlog significantly, if I can ever get the hell of the internet. For when I'm being wishywashy, I have all the DVD backlog entries on here, and I use a random number generator to pick one.

FallnKnightFakir | 03-31-13, 11:33 AM
Oh I heard about it, but I'm not made of money, and if it's about it being a premium item, well I got all three of Bandai's LE sets. So I likely already have the two disc soundtrack that'll come with the DVD release. So yeah, I do love the series, but I kinda already have it. Also, only the Blu-ray comes with the movies, not really necessary as they're just recaps anyway (though the second one is undeniably awesome, but the first is just meh)
The blu-ray has audio dramas, but I don't see the point if I can't understand them. They might as well be printed pdfs for me at that point. It also plans to have un-translated extras in Japanese audio only, which just seems diabolical.

I'll bet the Bandai version is selling out while it's still reasonably priced, seems logical. I'm glad I got mine ages ago of course.

Mind me asking why you dropped it? I should also point out that episode 4 is "that episode" where everything looks funny/fugly/like ass and we kinda try to pretend it's not there. It had a different storyboard person, but that doesn't explain why it all looks funny. Gurren Lagann has like 4 finales, each more epic than the last, one for each arc. It's like, for arcs 1 and 2, you could seriously be forgiven for thinking it could've ended there, but it just keeps going higher into the realm of unplausible physics fuckery and rule of cool. You should at least try it out til the end of arc 1 (ep 7). A lot of the first arc is "gathering the team", but since the team is already gathered, it's just straight up action from there.

FallnKnightFakir | 03-17-13, 9:02 AM
Well I've got anime and manga to sell again, thought I'd try you first again!

Genju no Seiza 1-3, 5, 6
Punch! 1-3 (complete)
Raiders manhwa 1-9 (complete)

Kyo Kara Maoh seasons 1 and 2
World of Narue
Best student council
Blassreiter DVD

FallnKnightFakir | 02-24-13, 5:07 PM
Allow me to give you more terrible ideas: NG Life

FallnKnightFakir | 02-23-13, 9:45 PM
Oh I can always suggest more bad ideas for you to obtain, don't you worry!
Hikaru no Go is awesome, get it before it's hard to find
Maison Ikkoku is the best romcom ever
From Far Away was a bit like Basara-light, also really good
Sanctuary is also a political thriller bromance like Banana Fish is. And I've seen a pretty cheap complete set on eBay (less than $100). It is flipped, it was the era, but the story is by the guy who did Fist of the North Star and the art is by Ryoichi Ikegami, known for doing epic art.
To Terra is set to go OOP later this year, 3 vols long and easy to obtain now, so get it. The anime is different enough for it to also be worth buying (it's a Bandai so it's going out too). Skip the movie
Twin Spica, you own that already, right?
All the Fumi Yoshinaga stuff is awesome, she's one of my favorite mangaka! I don't normally do yaoi, but hers, yes, I'll buy anything with her name on it.

I feel like a lot of people remember the pumpkin scene with Eiji, that's also cute. I also like a lot of the bandaging scenes, like the one where Eiji flips Ash off, to everyone else, he's the scariest guy ever, but there's Eiji, flipping him off and insulting him in broken English. That reminds, me, I really liked how the translation made different dialects and broken English so obvious, only made me like it more imo

Yeah, the special ops did come in rather late, but I think Blanca also came from that, that was awesome. I still think the cheesiest scene in the whole manga was when Jessica suddenly asks Max to marry her again. Cheesy, but so damn adorable that I totally didn't mind. I suspect part of the special ops was The Worf Effect in which you make badasses lose to make the villain seem more threatening. Although here it works because Worf always loses, but Ash spent the entire series up to that point being incredibly badass. So seeing him have trouble made it work.

Yeah, it did end really shortly into volume 19, but at least the side stories were Banana Fish related, I feel like in most shojo, you get unrelated ones. Speaking of volumes of side stories, Basara ends halfway through volume 25, and from then on, side stories (of what I would call varying quality, though the final final epilogue was nice). But the second one really gave more closure for me, and we got to see Sing as an adult! And hilariously tall!

But then I realized that I believe the hospital is the last time Ash and Eiji really see each other iirc, or the last one where they really got to connect one more time. I actually rather like characters like Eiji, the calming agent if you will. Tohru Honda is one in Fruits Basket, Noriko is one in From Far Away, and Sehara is one in the One Thousand and One Nights manhwa (also a bromance, I must admit, I have a thing for bromances)

FallnKnightFakir | 02-23-13, 8:24 PM
holy crap, when did you get Basara? I feel like my collection is being imitated, not that I mind, lol

And tell me what you thought of Banana Fish, man!

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