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09-10-14, 12:45 AM
July 10, 1995
November 21, 2007
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RGaspar | 01-02-11, 8:14 PM
Hello there :D

I just read your Chobits review and I can say I liked what you had to say there.

While there are some points I don't agree with, I like to see that you can surpass the usual woahness kind of review of people that's too excited with something they have just read, and you can give lots of details and reasons to understand why you've found Chobits so interesting :D

FlameKissedHeart | 08-06-10, 7:50 AM

~Sorry for spamming ><~

hunikl | 01-17-09, 1:36 PM
good to meet u nara

kei-clone | 06-19-08, 1:50 PM
yea it's awesome :D

awwer | 05-13-08, 10:39 PM

jet2r0cks | 03-30-08, 3:15 AM
Yeah me too :D I only stopped because things at school got too busy, plus I have all these other hobbies (writing, singing, etc). I'm very artsy XD

I know! I didn't watch Miyazaki movies until early last year, and when I did I wished that I started watching those movies earlier because they're all fantastic! Do you also watch classic anime other than the ones from Studio Ghibli?

Yeah, in fact they have a lot of references from other anime, like Gundam and Fullmetal Alchemist. I see you have FMA on your plan to watch list. You should watch it soon - it's awesome.

jet2r0cks | 03-28-08, 8:27 PM
Thanks! I used to draw all the time, back when I was 11 but I stopped when I turned 17. I just started drawing again early this year..

That's true, but a lot of people think that 10-year old anime are already too old. I met a lot of people (through the internet) who wouldn't watch series that are made before 2004, and they think series made in 2000-2002 are already old school. I think that's ridiculous, because they're missing out on wonderful classics.

LOL. Ever heard of shounen and shoujo? Seinen is a lot like shounen, except it's targeted towards a more mature male audience. Examples are Lucky Star, Minami-ke, etc.

jet2r0cks | 03-27-08, 9:15 PM
Sure, but it's nothing special XD

I still think your taste is still mature though. You've seen more Miyazaki films than I have, and people your age don't usually watch Ghbili films cause they think it's "too old". You also seem to like seinen anime a lot.

jet2r0cks | 03-26-08, 8:40 PM
That's true, although I did show Liltrix one of my drawings once. I don't have a scanner, so I just took a picture with my camera phone XD

You seem to have a mature taste in anime (possibly more mature than me XD). How long have you been watching anime? I started when I was about 3, but I only got serious about it when I was 12.

h0riz0nLine | 03-26-08, 12:18 PM
Nope I've never likes the artworks in Okawari. I prefer the smoother color if you ask me. Well, I'm quite astonished that you cannot tell the differences about Hosaka from 1st season. 1st season Hosaka is better than Okawari version. He got a pure heart but only weird mind. At least he didn't thought some perverted things in his mind about Haruka. In Okawari, in my eyes he is just a pervert that thinks perverted things in his mind. Like perform a CPR on Haruka in perverted formetc. The new company totally ruined him. TT.TT

h0riz0nLine | 03-26-08, 2:45 AM
Hm... Yes, the artworks of Minami-ke characters declined tremendously. Not just in physical aspects, but mentally. You know what I mean? Hosaka sucks in Okawari. :(

liltrix7 | 03-25-08, 10:48 PM
I'VE HAD ENOUGH OF YOUR BACKASS SASS, YOUNG MAN. *flies to New Jersey (<-- I flew that time :D)*

jet2r0cks | 03-25-08, 9:03 PM
Are you both in the same grade too?

Haha I guess that's true, except MAL doesn't have a photo gallery. You can upload photos in your about me section, but having a gallery would be easier.

I've been told to watch Nausicaa first, because I won't like it if I watched Mononoke first (I have the DVD for that too, I just haven't seen it yet XD). Maybe you saw Nausicaa first, and that's why you like it better.

jet2r0cks | 03-25-08, 3:25 AM
Ah yeah I think she mentioned something like that. She said 2 of her MAL friends are her friends IRL. So you both go to the same school?

Haha yeah. Although MAL is sort of becoming like myspace too, but then again I guess MAL is sort of a myspace for anime fans.

I guess I'm like the others cause I like Spirited Away the best too XD I thought the animation was really flawless, and the story's really nice. Is Nausicaa that good? I haven't seen it yet, but I have the DVD.

jet2r0cks | 03-24-08, 4:07 AM
Ahaha I don't know if I'm fun to talk with, but Liltrix7 is nice and friendly so I enjoy exchanging messages with her :D

I actually don't have a DA YET, but I'll get an account as soon as I get more of my drawings scanned.

Really? I know a fair amount of people that have it on their list. I just saw it a few months ago. I loved it cause it was really funny.

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