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Jun 16, 2008
Aqua (Manga) add (All reviews)
Aqua is a great manga that takes place in literally a new world. It would be a good choice for people that wish to visit Italy, expecially Venice in particular.


I gave this story a 10 for a couple reasons. The first reason is because I really thought it had a unique plot. It's not often that you find a manga taking place on Mars (now called "Aqua" after 150 years of terraforming) in a city called Neo-Venezia, a replica of "Manhome's" (earth) city of Venice. It follows Akari Mizunashi, who is a teen girl coming from Manhome to find a job as an undine in read more
Dec 28, 2007
I enjoyed reading Alice 19th very much. The only genre I could think of giving this is Drama, so if you love a good romance then this is the manga for you!


I thought the story was pretty good. It certainly wasn't the most amazing manga I've ever read, but it was quite good. This manga obviously has a strong moral about words, and how you should use them for kindness and not rudeness. It follows a girl, whose sister has fallen to the emotional "darkness" of her soul, and needs to be rescued, and the story progresses from there. Also, relationships develop and become quite read more
Dec 3, 2007
The Castle of Cagliostro is a really great movie. It's obviously quite old, seeing as how the animation can be choppy at times, but the characters are great and the story is wonderful.


The storyline of this movie is well-developed and fast-paced. Unlike some Miyazaki movies, the Castle of Cagliostro has a fast-paced storyline that is very easy to understand.


The art in this movie is alright... It's certainly not the best from Hayao Miyazaki, considering it's one of his first films, but the art is still good. The backgrounds and
buildings, however, are very beautiful and realistic, and the characters look a little like cartoons. read more
Nov 21, 2007
Chobits (Manga) add (All reviews)
I gave everything about this manga a 10 because I felt that it was 100% deserving of it. I would gladly recommend this manga to anyone looking for romance, sci-fi, shonen, and an overall good read.


The story was quite amazing and well-developed. It develops smoothly as the manga progress. It's well balanced as it does not have tons of dramatic events, but it doesn't progress slowly. I think it's one of CLAMP's best works, and that's quite the statement considering CLAMP often has great story line's. I also thought the writing was realistic; the 19-year-old actually sounded like a 19-year-old, and not a 30-year-old or read more
Nov 21, 2007
+Anima (Manga) add (All reviews)
I'm very surprised there isn't already a review for +anima.

+Anima is a very unique manga in it's storyline and characters. Although +anima doesn't have a set storyling except for the characters exploring new places and meeting acquaintances, it is still very enjoyable.

The characters are very well developed. Frequently at the end of a volume, Natsumi Mukai will often have a page or two describing the characters. As you progress in the manga, you'll notice that the characters become more and more developed with traits that make them unique.

I really loved this manga for it's great art, wonderful characters, and it was very enjoyable. read more