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07-17-14, 6:14 AM
1, 1994
January 16, 2012
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About Naoki_katsura
I'm trying to balance medicine and my own passion. is really learning to love medicine.
will never try to forget anime and JRPG because they are my childhood.

is trying to forget a guy I have crush on because I know we're not going to be together.
and I'M looking forward to see myself reaching what I am searching for.

Time will tell.

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how to be better in piano improvisation
07-13-14, 11:10 AM Edited 07-13-14, 11:11 AM

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Onee_SAMA | 07-17-14, 4:39 PM
Nah It's okay :).Are you better now??I hope so.
Well you should sleep more

LOL I heard that too.Germans are very efficient in everything,so that what made them win it

aaaaaaaaw don't worry i think It isn't really that gory :).I hope you enjoyed it(Sorry i'm late I got banned lol).

You got to try things to know it :).This is how life meant to be so take your chances and watch it!!!!!!!!!

Onee_SAMA | 07-13-14, 5:16 PM
I'm not skinny :),but in the end of ramadan I' would be skinny :P

Well good luck with it and I hope you enjoy it :D

Yep :).Today's game was the last game and Germany won!!!!I'm so happy

Onee_SAMA | 07-08-14, 5:02 PM
Yeah and I didn't eat much :).

I hope It will stop and In the end bad people will get punished so don't worry :).All we can do is d'ua like you said.

I know :).I hope I can enjoy it all

2 weeks.You have plenty of time studying so good luck and aim for the A+ okay :)

I didn't watch it,but many people say it's decent and it haven't got much gore so give it a try .I think It isn't really scary :)

Onee_SAMA | 07-06-14, 8:09 PM
Well I'm losing wait instead of gaining lol.I don't know why,so i don't need to do exercise :)

Glad you have the ramadan spirit as well:),but traffic jams I just hate it.

That's the 1st time I hear about it,so I think it isn't affecting us in anyway.Like u know all muslim countries mind their business(selfish) ;(.What did happen between them???

I heard it's good :).I'll give it a try :).I'm watching Slam dunk :),It's really awesome!

1 month and 18 days I think :)

When are your exams starts??

Onee_SAMA | 07-01-14, 8:00 PM
I know:). Friends can be as good as family :),but i bet that all of you miss your parents food :).Like I said I'm glad that you have It easy :)

So far so good.I hope i won't gain wait,but here things are lively :) how's the ramadan spirit there???.I hope it's good :)

I know For me it's Tokyo Ghoul,Zankyou no Terror,Psycho-Pass New Edit Version,Glasslip and akame ga kill.I think all of them has big potentials to become good.


Tachii | 07-01-14, 5:06 PM
School starts in September, I think I'm more interested in helping the elderly than kids though, lol. Gonna be a new experience either way since I'll be living alone for the first time!

Tachii | 06-28-14, 1:18 PM
lolno, it's occupational therapy. My dream career is in health care but not with too much work like doctors or nurses, so it's perfect for me.

Onee_SAMA | 06-27-14, 5:51 PM
Mashallah,you fast Mondays and Thursdays .respect you for that(only my mom does it):).That's very good finishing class and after it you eat.Gladly you have it easy :)

I think they fast for 17-19 hours.I feel sorry for them

I see :).Better celebrating with friends then none :)

Anyways only 1 day till ramadhan!!!!!!!!!!!

Tachii | 06-24-14, 8:54 AM
Heh, I just got accepted into a graduate program. No more NEETness. :D

Kondo-Isao | 06-24-14, 6:45 AM
HA, I'm not that far yet :p I'm a very slow learner and I also have the worst focus and motivation. So self learning Japanese would take me a while.

Onee_SAMA | 06-24-14, 4:49 AM

I know Mal is really addicting :).Good 4 you to not login to much

Lol maybe true,but at least you will do something productive :)

thx :)

what i meant is will it be difficult for you to go to the uni while fasting :)>

12-14 hours I think so we are pretty close :).People in the U.K and U.S.A have it the hardest.

Will you spend most of ramadan without your family???

Onee_SAMA | 06-23-14, 12:12 PM
Hi !!!!

Yep where did you disappear lol I guess studying made you busy :)

Hahaha so far so good lots of sleep,watching anime,internet and eating :).How is your college :)?I hope you are doing good

Yep!!!!!!!!One week and Ramadan would start.Happy Ramadan my friend :) .You will have it hard or they give you a holiday or something :) and how many hours do you fast there :)?

Kondo-Isao | 06-23-14, 2:24 AM
Nah nah, the course is to learn Japanese. Right now I'm pretty average with it. I can make sense of a decent amount of kana sentences with kanji.

I believe it's nihongo wa hanashimasu ka if you're trying to say if I speak Japanese.

Tachii | 06-02-14, 4:33 AM
Male. 23. Graduated from University, been living NEET life for a year. You?

Kondo-Isao | 05-27-14, 6:34 AM
My best friend was in the same class; constantly talking y'know.

Oh wow, you're making me feel lucky in that case.

Oh god yeah, I've seen some of the stuff in engineering course and just... I do not want to touch that. And if both engineering and medicine is all memory based, then I would so fail :L I can't even remember what I had for dinner yesterday lol.

Definitely want to be an English teacher in Japan. I mean, fluent English is a natural skill, the Japanese course I'll be taking is the equivalent to a teaching course, and well... Of course I want to experience Japanese school life (even if I'm not a student).

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