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how to be better in piano improvisation
07-13-14, 11:10 AM Edited 07-13-14, 11:11 AM

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ertplkjhgvcdfgz8 | 02-16-15, 12:24 PM
Naoki!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Long time no see how's life? how's your student life? I missed you :c

Tachii | 02-10-15, 7:58 PM
Ehh, was looking at my friends list just now. Totally didn't see that last comment!

And waait... what do you mean balance between medicine and your own passion?

ertplkjhgvcdfgz8 | 11-25-14, 6:52 AM
Well you have all your life to get on one,so you'll be in one I hope :).Well it was ok nothing special,but they had some stores inside/ a bar and a cinema.........It's like a small mall,so at night we stayed coz we are muslims and drunk people are bad :)
aaaaaaaaaaaaaaw ;-; well that happens so rarely and I bet it won't happen again,so don't worry about that too much :).
Yeah lol,but it's not that bad since you won't go out in the sun that much since all the fun stuff are indoors lol,so consider going there coz Dubai is just cool.

True I don't study that much like I feel sad and happy at the same time.Good 4 u I hope u enjoy it,so how many days/weeks is it?.Well at least you are at home lol and i'm still jealous that you know how to play the piano like I wanna learn it too lol.aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaw don't say that I bet they missed you like u missed them and you know it!

ertplkjhgvcdfgz8 | 11-14-14, 7:51 AM
It is,but she's old...he's a kid and he's a leader of the gang and knew that his 2 friends were involved and his GF got hurt because of him so it's prety sad lol.

We were in a was boring ;-;.
I know and it looks beautiful too!!! Koreans are cool and it's close to you also,so it won't cost ya <3.
Yeah Dubai is so so so beautiful,but in summer it's so horrible like it's so hot tha u will think that u entered hell lol.

Well decent enough lol.....I need to study more though;-;. what about you? how's you uni life?How's your life away from your family?

ertplkjhgvcdfgz8 | 11-12-14, 5:51 PM
Hi :D.
He is lol....yeah he is a troll like a big one lol.

I loved was somewhat boring and it became better.....I liked it had many important characters. Tbh I liked them all,but Kida-kun is one of the best since his story is so sad ;-;.

Well don't rush book a hotel earlier coz it will be cheaper...I think you can book 1 months early.Holland was meh....I was there for 3 hours....till this day I don't know the purpose of it lol.London,Paris,Rome,Athens,I heard that South Korea is wonderful....and DUBAI!! Like it's beautful except the weather and they don't have historical places.....I heard that California is good....I don't know lol. Paris,London and Dubai are the best choices I guess,but you and your friends have to agree lol.....but good luck with that and choose from the 195 countries wisely.I think many countries have decent nature and historic places in it.

ertplkjhgvcdfgz8 | 11-10-14, 1:45 PM
LOL it's Borat he's a funny dude lol.
It's decent,but I found the 1st 2 episodes boring it isn't the same as season 1....I'm a bit disappointed ;-;.

YUS!! It's a really really good it's so good so well done for watching it! yep lol.....repeating things over n over can be bad so a bit change won't be bad and oh I watched Durarara :).

This year no,but I went to England,France,Scotland and Holland,so I may not have a big experience.
that sounds awesome! So which country you want to go to? and are you going Solo or with people? coz travelling alone can be boring for many people.
It depends on you like Historic places? Nature? Entertaining stuff?

ertplkjhgvcdfgz8 | 11-04-14, 2:43 PM
Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey! and happy new hijri year (better late than never lol)
I'm watching Chihaya and FMA original and psycho-pass and that's it,but like I only watched 2 episodes like I need to step up my game.

i think many people liked it because it was intertsing and it's gonna have a 2nd season soon,so it's good ;). Nah,but I may consider it in the future ;)

ertplkjhgvcdfgz8 | 10-04-14, 5:30 PM
Great tha you are doing well!!!!!!
I'm struggling in my studies,but everything else is quite good ..I'm thankful :)...well EID was yesterday so happy late EID!!!!!!!!!

yep lol......I changed it because I was bored life isn't interesting lol.

ertplkjhgvcdfgz8 | 09-28-14, 5:17 PM
Naoki!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Long time no see how you doing?how's life?? how's everything??? I missed you ;(.

ertplkjhgvcdfgz8 | 07-17-14, 4:39 PM
Nah It's okay :).Are you better now??I hope so.
Well you should sleep more

LOL I heard that too.Germans are very efficient in everything,so that what made them win it

aaaaaaaaw don't worry i think It isn't really that gory :).I hope you enjoyed it(Sorry i'm late I got banned lol).

You got to try things to know it :).This is how life meant to be so take your chances and watch it!!!!!!!!!

ertplkjhgvcdfgz8 | 07-13-14, 5:16 PM
I'm not skinny :),but in the end of ramadan I' would be skinny :P

Well good luck with it and I hope you enjoy it :D

Yep :).Today's game was the last game and Germany won!!!!I'm so happy

ertplkjhgvcdfgz8 | 07-08-14, 5:02 PM
Yeah and I didn't eat much :).

I hope It will stop and In the end bad people will get punished so don't worry :).All we can do is d'ua like you said.

I know :).I hope I can enjoy it all

2 weeks.You have plenty of time studying so good luck and aim for the A+ okay :)

I didn't watch it,but many people say it's decent and it haven't got much gore so give it a try .I think It isn't really scary :)

ertplkjhgvcdfgz8 | 07-06-14, 8:09 PM
Well I'm losing wait instead of gaining lol.I don't know why,so i don't need to do exercise :)

Glad you have the ramadan spirit as well:),but traffic jams I just hate it.

That's the 1st time I hear about it,so I think it isn't affecting us in anyway.Like u know all muslim countries mind their business(selfish) ;(.What did happen between them???

I heard it's good :).I'll give it a try :).I'm watching Slam dunk :),It's really awesome!

1 month and 18 days I think :)

When are your exams starts??

ertplkjhgvcdfgz8 | 07-01-14, 8:00 PM
I know:). Friends can be as good as family :),but i bet that all of you miss your parents food :).Like I said I'm glad that you have It easy :)

So far so good.I hope i won't gain wait,but here things are lively :) how's the ramadan spirit there???.I hope it's good :)

I know For me it's Tokyo Ghoul,Zankyou no Terror,Psycho-Pass New Edit Version,Glasslip and akame ga kill.I think all of them has big potentials to become good.


Tachii | 07-01-14, 5:06 PM
School starts in September, I think I'm more interested in helping the elderly than kids though, lol. Gonna be a new experience either way since I'll be living alone for the first time!

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