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Hias | 3 hours ago
It's okay, I replied late as well :( Been super busy and tired; same as you sounds like, haha. Got any Easter plans?

Really? You're not the first person who told me they get rid of their starter after a while....I was always under the assumption that people normally kept them through the whole game, lol. Greninja is actually pretty good, yeah. Decent stats and even learns a decent psychic attack in later levels. The grass one looks pretty bad, imo. Then again I dislike grass types in general.

Ice? That's an interesting pick. Ice pokemon are pretty cool, but can be hard to use since they have a lot of weaknesses. But some of them I like a lot; Cryogonal , Beartic and that ice cream pokemon. Froslass is by far my favorite, though. I one through GTS and liked using her.

I wonder why they never decided to let us have separate saves?

I agree on the Pokemon roster that gen, stat-wise, not a lot of them stood out that much. B/W is kind of double-edged for me, I like the story and the music a lot, but other things about are weak. Pokemon X and Y have the BEST battle system thus far, even though some people complained that the game was too easy. It was easy for me because I purposely grinded a lot. But the EXP share working for all 6 was great, made grinding certain pokemon a lot easier. Pokemons biggest weakness in leveling up is that some are just so weak that it's tedious and boring to raise them.

ToS was fun stuff, felt good to experience the fan favorite of the franchise. But it's not my favorite and I feel like other games have improved. But I liked the music and the characters, even though my personal gripe was that the game did no encourage you to grind that much, enemies never gave that much exp, only bosses did. Normally that's not an issue, but I like grinding every now and then so my party members actually feel more powerful.

Granted, too much grinding is a pain. But I don't a little, either.

It's worth a play for sure, though :)

Right now I'm playing FFX Remaster, loving it again. I dunno, but it seems like it'll just do what the first season did. Kind of hoping for more two-episode arcs, though.

rpn101 | 04-09-14, 12:06 PM
Oh yeah I forgot how bad the accents were...I remember Jack's being...interesting. I think the best part of the 4Kids dubs were the openings but I never heard the originals so I can't make a comparison...

I'll give the sub a go, even if the translations are bad. Thanks for the help! :x

rpn101 | 04-08-14, 10:42 AM
I'm going to bug you with a question I can probably just ask on the forums....but is the 5D's sub better than the dub? I never finished it and I've heard it's the best season o-o. Thanks!

bluethree | 04-08-14, 12:59 AM
Every season I'm going to complain that there's too much to watch.


BrokenKatana | 04-07-14, 2:10 AM
Judging from your favorite anime and characters, you seem to have good taste. Cheers for Raven and Gintoki in your top 10!

bluethree | 04-05-14, 8:40 PM
You can't prove that.

Hias | 03-17-14, 2:56 PM
Don't remind me :( Fuck Ougi, man.

Hmm, It was

Delphox(I somehow managed to get a rare female one through GTS!)

Not a bad party at all! But why Carbink or whatever? lol Yeah, Scizor is a cool Pokemon in general. His mega evolution especially is intimidating. I also was using Goodra before switching to Xerneas since I wanted a good Fairy Type for the Elite 4.

Also eventually got Dragonite and Salamance, Dragon types are one of my favorites as you could probably tell by now! I miss playing X already, I've considered just eventually buying Y so I could play a new game without deleting my X file.

Why did you dislike Black/White? I thought B2/W2 were improvements at least.

Episode 10 of Space Dandy had me laughing hard, haha. "USE GOOGLE, BAKA!" I've been playing Tales of Symphonia lately, so I haven't watched much :(

How about you?

bluethree | 03-15-14, 11:16 PM
Funny thing about Samurai Flamenco! After the 12 or so episodes of stupid bullshit ended the last arc or two have been really good. But it's hard to get that interested in it after all that's happened.

Hias | 02-23-14, 9:11 PM
That last arc is just stunning, I noticed you gave SS a 7, that's what I would have given it, had it not been for Kaikimonogatari.

Dude, the battle cafe is what got me OP for the rest of the game. Not only could you level up quickly, but you could make amazing profit from selling the big mushrooms. I don't know if there's someone in the game who gives you an amazing price for them, but I sold them at the Pokemon Centers and basically never had money issues after that.

My only gripe is that I felt that the story for X/Y was weaker compared to White/Black(has the best story out of all the gens, imo). Also wish the gym leaders had a bit more personality to them. But it's not a big deal. It still had some great moments and I thought Team Flare were better than Plasma or Galactic.

I see you're liking Space Dandy~

roderick806 | 02-19-14, 11:48 AM
Dropping by to tell you that I absolutely LOVE your Tales of Xillia signature. It is awesome.

Vensito | 02-17-14, 2:56 PM
Yooooooo~!! What's up!?

Hias | 02-16-14, 10:47 PM
Unfortunately :(

How's it going? I ended up loving X by the way!

Hias | 02-16-14, 7:50 PM

bluethree | 02-12-14, 1:23 AM
Late reply lol.

Episode 7 it suddenly, without warning, drops any pretense of realism and starts having the hero fight random monsters whose existence is never explained. It's pretty bad.

Aggron | 02-07-14, 9:50 AM
Yeah that does get kind of annoying, but its understandable even in the original Yugioh, Yugi would activate Polymerization declare which 2 monsters he was fusing then summon the monster. Extra deck monsters have always been a big deal it's just that in Zexal they are summoned every-single-episode; while they were summoned quite often in 5d's sychro-summoning looked cool (in my opinion) and in some duels they don't even use them. Actually your in the cowboy/minetown mini arc which doesn't end until episode 92, but after that the main plot will pick up again.

Yeah the story in the original fell flat near the end, but I thought they still did an outstanding job with what little material they had; at least the movie cleared some things up and we got to see Hughes again :D I also agree on the original doing a better job wiht the characters, I felt like I knew all the Humonculi better (the GluttonyxLust thing was cute too) and other characters got great development, however, I did like seeing Armstrong's sister in the second and the big guy got more screen time with the fight between him and Scar and with Sloth (It's been awhile did he have any big fights in the the first one?). Scar himself is a tricky one I felt like he was well developed in both series even though he lived in Bro and not the original. Ling had some decent development, but I felt like his whole introduction was kind of random, although it was great to have Greed back and he played a huge role. It's really hard for me to decide which of the 2 is better, I would have to re-watch both and do a comparison :P

Well if you have some extra time either start another ongoing or watch some 5D's, damn I loved that series I finished it in about 2 weeks I was averaging about 12 episodes a day 0_0

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