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PrOxAnto | 02-13-15, 1:04 PM
Yeah I absolutely love Astral!

PrOxAnto | 02-12-15, 5:29 PM
Arc-V is currently well received, looking forward to it, not much hope for Zexal atm, character design is ... weird.
Animation is decent though.

PrOxAnto | 02-11-15, 4:03 PM
I laughed at your comment @ ep 144 of 5D's.
Delta Accel Synchro! haha

PrOxAnto | 02-06-15, 2:23 PM
I definitely liked 5D's a lot at the start, just a complete 180 from DM and GX, no highschool / friendship prevails all plot thats right in your face.
This sequel is more dark and mature imo.

Not sure after the Dark Signers, as I just started it, but I'm guessing it cant be as bad as GX ^^

PrOxAnto | 02-06-15, 7:30 AM
I hope you dont get bored with GX as much as I did.
Surprised you watched 5D's before GX though.

Im currently at episode 67 of 5D's

Hias | 01-04-15, 4:59 PM
I haven't, I'll have to look it up. When the exclusive was on pre-order, I noticed it had some really cool features, like interviews with the dub cast, a special where they all talk about their experience working on the show I think. Thankfully those features are still on the regular blurays.

Catering eh? That's hard work but hopefully there are parts of it that you enjoy! Sounds like some awkward conversations were had at the Monochrome family household this season :p Any big plans for next year?

sallym613 | 01-04-15, 12:30 PM
Thank you! Although the fact that it is January or 2015 hasn't hit me yet =_= Not sure what to make of that, but it probably will take some time before I stop writing down the date as 2014 instead of 2015 lol.

Anyhow, no worries! I didn't realize that you were working full-time, but I totally understand how it feels like to be quite exhausted or drained after a full day of work (especially catering or anything that involves working with customers). Thanks at least for giving me a heads up on this.

And yes, I perfectly understand haha. Speaking of that, I probably wouldnt be going on MAL much until May because I'll be going back soon for spring semester classes :/ Guess we can wait until then (or whenever we're both not so busy) to discuss about Ufotable's take on Fate UBW. Btw, that'll be around the time when second season will start, so we can start spazzing over the animation quality and everything then haha. Or talk about other random things :)

sallym613 | 01-02-15, 3:38 PM
Hi. I know it's a little late to say, but Happy New Year to you! Hope you've been doing well!

Hias | 12-29-14, 8:35 PM
Matter of fact, I did! Sadly I was too late for the exclusive edition, that one sold out really quick. Although it looks like Amazon is going to have more in stock soon.

Show holds up damn well to this day, people have praised the show to the moon and back for over a decade but it really is a one of a kind show.
How've you been? How was your Christmas? :)

hamandmoreham | 11-20-14, 6:18 PM
Then I can listen to Sugita yell a lot! It'll be like Gintama all over again sort of

OtakuNaoki | 11-17-14, 2:51 AM
I really like your about section. Archer's confident smirk just tells it all. xD

Hias | 11-02-14, 10:31 AM
No, I think Xillia 2 is pretty much it. Hope you and your bro enjoy it when you try it!

They said they'll be full remakes, so I think it'll more or less be the same, minus some added stuff perhaps. I really want this for some reason. lol. I want my Mudkip. I picked the fire starter when I played Gen 3 and I'm sick of fire/fighting dual types at this point.

Hias | 10-22-14, 9:17 PM
I bought it right when it came out actually. I think it's actually even better and probably one of the best Tales games out there so far. I had tons of fun being addicted to it :D

I'm never a huge fan of silent protagonist and 'making choices' in a game because they're usually so unrealistic and bi-polar, but it worked in Xillia 2.

I highly recommend playing it sometime!

Excited for Pokemon Gen III remakes? :)

Hias | 10-18-14, 11:57 AM
Nice Raven pic.

Also, I remember the convo we had quite a while ago. Sorry to say Vesperia, imo, actually had the worst story out of the Tales games, where I felt Xillia actually had the best.

Total opposite opinions, lol.

sallym613 | 09-15-14, 8:21 PM
Oh yeah! You excited for Fate UBW TV series coming this October? ;)

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