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Kurt_Irving Jul 10, 2015 10:37 PM
Hello, so have you heard of a shoujo manga called God Child?
Monochrome May 26, 2015 2:32 PM
Finally replying!! I wanted to before the second half of the Fate anime started, buuuuut the past 2 months have been even worse at work x_x Things are finally calming down.

Fate anime first! I'm actually not that happy with the adaptation so far. As much as I dislike Shiro's inner monologues they are cutting way too much (not just with him), making it harder to fully understand Shiro or most characters actions. I feel like they lost a lot there. The anime-only stuff involving Caster's first master, Kuzuki, and some Shinji "comedic" moments seem like a waste of time for me, which would be better spent on other things, but don't fully hurt the series I guess ~_~ I never imagined Caster's first master as someone so...flashy either. The pacing is weird at times too and the soundtrack is fairly average.

But I guess those are my only complaints. The animation, Rin's adorable expressions, voice acting, and Archer are all glorious at least. I was looking forward to the anime, but my love for the VN might be getting in the way too much :c I didn't even want to buy it for ~$400 like I did with all of Fate/Zero haha >.> <.< >.>

I'm not sure what I expected with Mirai Fukuin. Maybe overall it was a little too 'light', especially the first part. Mana saved me from complete boredom though. Like you said her interacting with Mitsuru was very amusing.

Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica - The Different Story sounds interesting from what you said, and it's short too. Maybe I'll try it out. Haven't read much manga in about 2 years, trying to get back into it again.

With a full time job now I feel like I have zero free time haha ._. Out of the stuff I listed forever ago I probably watched...not even half of it orz. When you have so much it's hard to decide too, I can hardly even make a list of what I want to watch/read now.

since this reply it so late I recently saw a trailer for the Minion movie, so cute! Looks like it comes out in July. Still haven't seen the second movie, but I doubt it matters. Only the Minions matter :)
It was my first time going to Universal Studios (and Florida in general). Hopefully you're able to go someday, it is a lot of fun! Although of course I enjoyed the Marvel comics portion of it the most, and the Simpsons ride since Sideshow Bob always amuses me. And those turtles at Seaworld <3 Relating to Harry Potter, when I was there they were building the Hogwarts Express train that would take you to another section of the park. Sadly I wasn't able to try it, but as a fan you'd surly love it~
Monochrome Jan 3, 2015 9:01 PM
Happy Late New Year to you as well!! :) Hope 2015 is good to you~
Ahh and for replying your other message, I ended up getting a full-time job (in catering) around late September or so and since it takes a lot of energy & getting used to for me I pretty much fell behind on replying....most people I talk to online orz. I hope to change that soon though, especially since the first season of Fate ended! >_< But we are both bad with replying so at least you can understand lol
Monochrome Jun 3, 2014 6:25 PM
haha another late reply xD Life keeps me distracted. Everything good on you're end?

Shiki didn't really stand out to me tbh haha. She is a great character, like the regular Type-Moon, but Touko stood out to me more. The last movie, Mirai Fukuin, was kinda disappointing :( Talk of time travel/seeing into the future gets old fast to me.

As for other movies there's....AnoHana, Steins; Gate, Persona 3, Hunter x Hunter, there's always a few One Piece movies, also the 6th Naruto movie looks really interesting. Probably others I'm forgetting x_x And for non-anime there's Frozen and finally watched Despicable Me a couple weeks ago (I went to Universal Studios recently and merchandise is everywhere for it lol). It's hard to watch movies though! They're so long and not enough time
Monochrome Apr 30, 2014 9:58 PM
What did you think of the 3rd Madoka movie? :> Curious~

There are like 5 other movies I need to watch too >_< Kara no Kyoukai will probably be next though
Monochrome Jan 3, 2014 8:30 AM
Really really sorry I still haven't replied ;~; A lot changed in my life over the summer (nothing bad *v*) and I've lost a lot of free time as a result. Hope you had a good holiday and everything is still going well for you!
Monochrome Mar 14, 2013 9:20 PM
"I'll reply the rest in a couple days" More like a couple months D: I'll reply the PM here too since it would be really short anyway ~

That one job sounds like fun! I love simple designing like that, never cared to make a career out of it though. I just keep it as a "to do for fun" type of thing :)

At work holidays aren't so bad since there are extra people at the time to take the load off, and we usually just laugh off some bad moments. Only New Years was stressful because we had a normal amount of workers and an unexpectedly large amount of customers. I seriously didn't want to help anyone in the last hour, but what can ya do...

Recently . . . well OK since January I haven't felt like watching much and apparently would rather read instead .-. Still can't believe I read all 336 chapters of Zettai Karen Children in about a week. BUT ANYWAY I still don't have motivation for Harry Potter, but I am about to get into Magi (then hopefully I finish F/Z -.-). The anime seems terrible (bad animation, apparently rushed) so perhaps my weird mood is a good thing lol. You and a bunch of other people are really into it, hope I enjoy it too!

About Apocrypha ; I'm actually extremely disappointed by some of the stuff that was revealed. Well mostly the Kotomine Shiro thing. That, added with the genderbent heroic spirits, makes me think of this as a "bad fanfic". I'm still going to read it because I'm majorly in love with Jeanne, but right now I'm not as excited about it :[ I haven't looked up anything about it since December tho, should probably get back to it.

Xavier did get drunk in the movie, but I can't find a clip or picture :((( It does look like they plan to make a trilogy for First Class, awesome :D Man I hope the epic super hero movies never stop being made (even if they're rushed I loved them to pieces). Really can't wait for Iron Man 3 in May. Stark is one of my favorite heroes~~ Then there's Thor 2 in November aaahhhh /fangirls

And Fate/Zero our favorite topic, did you watch the BDs yet? I bought the sets (prob the only short series I would spend $700 on x__x) so I could watch it a while ago. The lack of new scenes was extremely disappointing, nothing else to comment on really :/

But the thing about Lancelot, I suggest you check out the Einzbern specials if you haven't already. It starts off boring, explaining stuff about the war fans already know, but once the servants appear they get into the interesting [and funny] stuff (even Lancer made me laugh :0). And the 6th episode focuses VERY heavily on Berserker and his thoughts on Saber, basically what should have been in the main series. Doesn't really make up for it, but it's better than nothing I guess. Unfortunately there's nothing about Gilgamesh and Enkidu :(

Also thank you for the link to the drama CDs. Hearing Gil's crazy laugh again was refreshing xD
Monochrome Jan 3, 2013 6:06 PM
Yes that's the one! Such a purty flower :) Though I don't really like how it turned out on the cake, I was rushing a bit as I did it right before family arrived. I did a better job when practicing at work.
Monochrome Jan 3, 2013 9:22 AM
Happy [late] New Year! And no worries, my life has been the same. I didn't even say Merry Christmas here! This is the only cake I've been able to make...tho mostly due to laziness lol

I'll reply the rest in a couple days :3
Skeletron4 Oct 16, 2012 8:11 AM
could you help me identify the anime from this photo :

Thank You !
Monochrome Jul 27, 2012 5:13 PM
I've been busy/tired here too -.- Didn't mean to reply this late though!!

:D This is the first and probably last time I'll change my avie with each episode. It was fun, but tiring at the end lol (hard to pick w/ less characters; didn't wanna use the same in a row). Mostly just went with the best moment or awaited character intro (JEEAAANNNEE <3). Hmmm I taught myself how to use photoshop, but can't say I ever came across something like that. I'm sure it is possible to make a gif.

Ah poor Kyouko, that does sound like that would be enough of a shock. Yep that's a very good description of her character. That's why I love her :) She was the most fun to watch fight, though I can't help loving the "unlimited blade/gun works" tehe~

I bake what I want! Mostly cookies and cake :3 I was able to find my cake decorating tools (hiding in the closet) and was thinking of practicing again soon. Maybe focusing on each FZ team because it would be easy to have fun while practicing various techniques (borders, coloring, roses, cursive). I already have an idea for teams Caster & Lancer, just need the extra time~ I'll show you some pictures if/when I get around to doing it :)

omg I hate having to talk on the phone too (glad texting was created). It seems like the phone at work was broken or something at some point too, because even when I yelled the other person had trouble hearing me =_=
Well good luck with everything :D What kind of stuff do you do at your jobs anyway? I work at a grocery store bakery (finally getting a lot of hours) and just help customers, take customer orders, bake & box some things. Oh and clean >_> But someone has to do it. Overall I'm really enjoying it, the people I work with are so fun and nice.

Ah I have heard some bad things about one of the Harry Potter movies, can't remember if it's the same you mentioned though. I'd have to think about what form of media to go with. Not sure if I'm interested enough to read those big books :x

I think I might just be too picky sometimes lol. First Class was still a lot of fun. Like seeing drunk Xavier xD I also thought the guy who played Mageneto did a magnificent job.

Aw Flash was my other favorite :D Every good series needs a lively character like that imo. I remember getting soooo upset when he almost died/disintegrated/ whatever ;^; I've always been a Superman fan since I was young so he's near the top of the list, also. I really liked the relationships that developed too, especially Hawkgirl and Green Lantern. Even though they had a lot of problems towards the end. J'onn and Diana do have a nice friendship :) They surely have an easy time understanding each other since they're both outsiders and more open. Comic characters are awesome~

I had trouble getting into Unlimited, because I was so used to seeing the one group of heroes and then they throw all these others at you, so I can't really say I have a specific favorite or anything. I hope to re-watch it sometime from a different perspective. But I do remember enjoying the episode with Question, he is hilarious!

Nao Fate/Zero! I had a lot of problems with episode 24. The pacing was terrible and once again I can't help comparing to the sound drama. Kotomine vs Kiritsugu was way more exciting and intense in the drama. I'm not into FZ for the fights, and it was good in the anime, but still...
There's also the stuff with Berserker, but right now I'm fine with what they added in the last episode. Too bad he and Gilgamesh didn't get a decent flashback :/ Maybe BD, idk, having to wait and see is so annoying! lol stupid Ufotable and their nice cut scenes and TV with its time restrictions. I also disliked how it seemed like Kariya died in ep 24 then we see him with Sakura in 25. It's good that he did get closure since that bothered me A LOT in 24, but that was a weird way to do it.

Still think an overly depressed face would have been better for Aoi...
pfft, the whole fiasco with Kariya/Tokiomi/Aoi is just filled with misunderstandings, which is annoying, but it's not like everyone, well mostly just Kariya, is sane by the second half. Why can't we be friends. I'm interested in seeing what happened with them, although it's probably just a love triangle where Kariya hesitated (Aoi: "You never loved anyone!!") and lost to sexy Tokiomi.
And poor Sakura! A lot of novel readers complained that her reaction to Kariya was portrayed inaccurately? I just saw it as her losing hope in escaping/getting a normal, happy life back after all the suffering and words from yucky Zoken. Plus she's obviously emotionally broken so it's hard for her to appreciate his efforts.

Rider vs Gilgamesh was great too. Seeing Rider charge with swords raining down upon him, and his final words ;_; So emotional. I love how respectful Gil was too; his character is so much better in FZ. Rider & Waver's relationship turned out to be so meaningful too, beautiful.
Lastly! The conversation between Waver and that grandfather = perfect. It reminded me of my own grandfather (the only one I've ever known) who passed away about 10 years ago. I seriously cried there a bit. Best grandpa ever ;^; That has never happened to me with any other series I watched either, heh.
Shuu Jul 22, 2012 12:37 AM
in most cases I watch the anime first, then read the manga. But sometimes there are awesome scenes and cliffhangers and I just want to know what happens next and check the next manga chapters, so annoying, but cant be helped =D

"tons of books that I bought that I havent read yet" THAT.TOTALLY. But Since grade 11-13 and started working, I have no time whatsoever to read books. Well Game of Thrones got me addicted and I managed to push it in, its annoying though xD
well so like always. Compared to when I was in school Im watching/reading so few anime/manga now, its really depressing T_T
xUsotsukiHana Jul 21, 2012 5:16 PM
LOL. It's weird, whenever he does I'm either just out the shower or just out of bed. ^^;

I'm jealous of you, here we still have rain, rain and more rain. It never stops! We even occasionally get snow during the summer but that's very rare. xD

Heheh. Well, I've read all three books and I have to say that I love them all but I swear I have to have more than one bookcase in my room because the amount of novels and manga I own is getting ridiculous. ^^:

Heheh. I can definitely see why you like Mitsuki, she's a really sweet and touching character, it's hard not to love her! I sometimes feel sorry for Takuto at times considering his growing feelings for a girl who's already in love with someone who's already dead.

Well, I do recommend watching it. It's really good, I love the new Avatar Korra, she's so badass. And yes, Fruit's Basket is one of my all time favourites, I can't help but love it. Kyooooooo~! <3
Shuu Jul 1, 2012 2:57 AM
well same here then :P

yeah, without the streaming sites it would be kinda hard to watch some stuff :/
Im doing my best not having to catch up again, last time it was like 60+ episodes, that was more than enough XD

you should rather watch it first and then read or just do one. The books are much better, they cut so much in the tv series, it really sucks x_X
lol not at all. They are currently making the third season, which will cover half of the third book. Fourth season will be second half. Until know it was S1 = Book 1, S2 = Book 2.
There are 5 books so far (in europe they made it into two parts per book, so like 10 books atm here), and 6 and 7 are planned.
xUsotsukiHana Jun 27, 2012 1:07 AM
Yeah, it's usually the postman though. He seems to love knocking on the door at the most inappropriate moments, though.

Yeah? Lately the little sun we get has disappeared and now we're back to our usual rain. I can't stand thunderstorms, it's not the lightning that bothers me though, it's the thunder.

Yeah, I walked there. It's not that there's no public transportation to McDonalds but it would take longer to actually wait for the bus than it would to walk there. That and we rarely get any sun here so we tend to go out as much as possible when we do get brief moments of sun.

Oooooh. You're reading the second book? After you finish reading this one you'll be dying to know what happen's in the third book. Trust me on that one! xD

You have the full set of Fullmoon? I'm so jealous! It's also one of the first series I read too! Mitsuki is really cute but I'd have to say that Takuto is my favourite character from the series, I adore him.

Yeah? Well, I'm actually thinking about buying a Western animation. Heard of Avatar: The Last Airbender? I've become re-obsessed with the series due to the new Avatar series 'The Legend of Korra'. I'm also currently trying to get my hands on all the Fruit Baskets manga, it's just my favourite manga of all time. xD
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