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My name is Gregory but I go by Greg because I think it sounds less pretentious but I will answer to my screen name Groz as well. I've been watching anime for years and started as far back as when I was in Kindergarten watching Americanized versions of anime like G-Force and Robotech and always noticed how they were superior to the other cartoons that were on tv. Many years later I'm still a fan and enjoy discovering new series and frequently revisit old favorites. I also really enjoy talking about and recommending great anime to all the friends I've made here on MAL thus far. If you want to be friends or think we share a common interest in anime feel free to message me or leave a comment! :D If you decide you want to talk off site then add me on MSN, I may get an AIM soon and when I do you can add me there as well and if we get along well we can become facebook friends too! :) I also recommend you visit my youtube channel sometime, I have a wide assortment of cool anime opening themes that I've collected so you may run across some shows you might be interested in. At this point I have 60 different opening themes from a variety of shows saved to my playlist.

Besides anime I like to watch Japanese language films mostly J-Horror films like Ringu and Ju-On to name a few and I highly recommend you check those out at your first convenience. I also watched just about all of the Godzilla films and recently re-watched the original subbed version of Gojira, the film that started it all. I've never really watched any Japanese drama shows besides the TV Drama adaption of Great Teacher Onizuka.

I watch all kinds of genres of anime ranging from light hearted slice of life, mecha, occasional harem or fanservice, comedy, romance, shoujo, shounen, seinen, josei but especially enjoy darker psychological or horror anime. I also enjoy visual novels! I have completed the following

1) Shuffle 2) School Days HQ 3) Saya No Uta 4) Crescendo 5) Yume Miru Kusurui 6) Kara no Shoujo 7) DEARDROPS
Games I haven't cleared 1) Katawa Shoujo 2) Swan Song
Want to play 1) Kana Little Sister 2) Kara no Shoujo 2 3) DEARDROPS 2 4) Tick Tock 5) Really Really!?

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Yukon | 11-19-14, 5:12 AM
Ah that's true :P. I didn't end up watching them because I forgot by the time it got to Halloween but I will in the upcoming days/weeks when I get chance or feel like it. Haha that already sounds funny. I find a lot of horrors funny really, they make lots of mistakes and some of the deaths sometimes are really funny, that and the acting a lot of the time is bad. Ah yes Uzumaki, I'd never heard of it until the day I started reading it (but I decided to read horror manga all through October because I heard horror manga's were better than anime). It was pretty good, I enjoyed the way everything build up over time into the finale. However I do feel like the main character was a bit dull at times and I wasn't bothered what happened to her. Not sure about the ending; I liked how everyone got entangled in the spiral and there was no happy ending but I wasn't sure about how the underground part, still pretty good and creepy at times. I also read Hideout which you had suggested which was also pretty good.

Yeah I've heard its quite dark and I suppose I can see it but you're right the art style doesn't give any hints at it being so. Well at least you get on, would suck if you didn't.

Nice. Haha yeah I cried, at first I was like nah man not going to cry sure its sad but I think I'll be okay and then Menma shouted "You found me" and everyone cried and then she said it again and disappeared I finally broke, IT'S TOO MUCH!

(I also recently started watching Trigun liked you've suggested, at least twice(?). After finally watching Cowboy Bebop a couple months ago I figured I'd give it a go, they're slightly similar how slippy the characters are when being shot at ;P).

Sorry for the slow reply haven't been on much.
Until the next time, I'm out.

EDIT: I burnt my dinner writing this reply >.>.

Yukon | 09-24-14, 5:59 AM
I didn't think about that :o. Fair point yeah a lot of Chinese Movies and Dramas get a lot of shit but some are not all bad I haven't seen many, one of the problems is though that a lot of them are based on the kingdoms and warriors or several of the same time periods.

I have seen the 'Grudge' american film series but I heard the Japanese one 'Ju-on' is the original and a lot scarier and it seems like that is the case. Worth a watch?

Ah that sounds awesome. Yeah I've watched about 8 episodes and thought it was really good but you know me and my commitment issues... C= (-。- ). I'm getting better now though I now see series to the end, once I start them. I've heard great things about Shinsekai Yori. You've completed it too...What did you think?

Yukon | 08-10-14, 3:28 PM
Yeah true however one thing I do notice about Japanese horror is, despite the advanced graphics they have, the horror aspects can sometimes look very fake which can be disappointing. Haha ah right, that doesn't surprise me and I wouldn't get myself into that situation anyway.

Haha yeah that's why I pointed it out because I thought the same :P.

Ohhh I get it. True.

I feel like I had something I was going to mention and now I've forgot...never mind...:p.

Yukon | 07-12-14, 11:41 AM
Anime Recommendation: Incoming

Yukon | 07-09-14, 6:31 AM The one I found creepy was #7: Visitor. I've always liked the supernatural tales of Japan and I found this video as I've been researching the culture a lot more than I have previously done. I've also started self teaching Japanese. I found a website where you can find a pen pal from Japan or whatever country you want to learn the language of and you can talk and help them improve their English via email or Skype. I digress; you should watch the video or at least number 7, there was also a weird one about a copy machine. There was another interesting video in the suggestions about a suicide forest in Japan (the uploaders username is Vice). You don't have to but if you feel like checking it out, do so. (A lot of them are laughable and the acting is dire at times or maybe more so the scripting/translations e.g. in the first story the kid says "I see a black person"'). There was also an interesting one regarding Tanuki and Fox spirits tricking humans.

That's true a few people I know from college have told me stories about stoners and druggies and just plain lazy arsed people not turning up or doing the work and getting kicked out. Haha. My schedule may be similar but I have an induction next Thursday hut I'm glad to hear you enjoyed yours.

Suppose so :p. Hahahah that sounds great. I hope you do it :D.

:o It was fate. True, I suppose a lot has.

Haha oh, that sucks. How did you realise or find out she was obsessed with work? That sounds great, we don't have clubs here like that, its really disappointing, if you wanted to meet likewise people interested in Anime and Japan you'd have to join a college course for the Japanese language and they can be quite expensive in my area. I went to Comic Con back in March/April, can't remember which month and it was pretty good but apart from the people selling at stalls and cosplayers my mate got pictures with people aren't that sociable. Haha I think I'd like that as well, shame the only girls that cosplay in my area are short haired lesbians that are into yaoi. There was a friend group of them that went to my school and they all at some point had been in a relationship with each other it got really incestuous, pretty much a love heptagon involving: 3 lesbians, 2 bi girls and 2 guys.

Yukon | 07-06-14, 12:02 AM
Ah that's great news! ^.^ I got accepted to a college because I applied there when I found out I only had to do 3 days a week instead of 5 like sixth form and school, or so I believed. I forgot that Sixth Form is an extension but different so I'll have half days of work possibly a day with no work so not a full 5 days again. I was prepared to endure the five full time days a week because I realised I'd have better job opportunities if I pursued th Sixth Form I was accepted at. At the college I applied for most people got kicked off of their courses for being lazy asses and I was applying for that reason so I knew it wouldn't be good for me.

Haha yeah probably best to wait or never do it. I burned my uniform! I recorded it but I wanted to burn it alone but I told me parents when they wondered why I was carrying my uniform and a lighter outside so the made me do it in an allotment so the video wasn't worth it.

Haha it's kind of a double edged sword because while its good you expect I won't reply for a while its bad that I've let it become the "norm" but as you said we both haven't been very active. Hah its fine but man that sucks. I was let down in a similar way recently; my mate's girlfriend has a best friend who is a lesbian but none of us except his girlfriend knew and she was saying I was cute and wanted to me to meet her by accompanying my mate to meet his girlfriend for the first time but then we found out she was a lesbian and just thought I was cute. Nonetheless she messaged me on Twitter and she turned out to be really irritating and I became blunt with her and ignored the last message she sent. At least if she breaks up with the girl you have shot considering she's bisexual ;D.

(Sorry if I rambled at times, it's been a while).

aceofwar20 | 04-21-14, 2:29 PM
Well my house is over an hour away so I just stay up there for the weekend. It's not too bad if you find a good deal on a hotel and split it 2 or 3 ways with friends.

aceofwar20 | 04-20-14, 6:48 PM
That's the main reason I always go with friends is so I don't feel out of place. I didn't really have an issue with there being a lot of annoying kids around. It's usually pretty chill if you ask me. There are times where you may be bored or something, but $40 for 3 days feels like my money's worth to me.

aceofwar20 | 04-20-14, 5:42 PM
At Yama-con last year, Johnny was ok, but he was more focused on selling his band albums than anime. I got him to sign some stuff, but wasn't too satisfied with the overall experience of meeting him. Sonny Strait was there as well, and even though I wasn't all that psyched about meeting him, he ended up being the highlight of that con for me. Johnny's band had their concert on the last night, which I really enjoyed because I love music and concerts.

I've been going to ASE since it started 2 years ago. The first year I didn't give a crap about the VAs that were there and missed out on Todd Haberkorn and Tiffany Grant, which I regret to this day. I've always had a good time at ASE. It's more laid back than Yama-con imo, and they have a sweet gaming room if your get bored with the panels that are going on.
I met Vic Mignogna at ASE last year, he was a really nice guy. At his Q&A he would take everyone's requests like singing some of his songs, doing a line from an anime, or taking pictures.

There's really not much else I can think of that stands out. It doesn't really sound like all that much fun, but I really enjoy it. Although, if your going in expecting the time of your life at a con then your going to be disappointed lol.

aceofwar20 | 04-20-14, 11:18 AM
There's Anime Southeast, which is the one Sonazki and I are meeting up at in May. Here's a link

I also go to Yama-con, which is pretty much in the same area as ASE. They usually have Johnny Bosch and his band there so you can go to that, and get to see a concert.

aceofwar20 | 04-18-14, 9:01 AM
Yeah, the main reason I don't cosplay is I just can't do it right. You've got to get a good wig and keep it maintained, make or buy a costume, and wear it all day. I just cant do that stuff. I've seen a fair share of sexy cosplays, and I took pictures of course.

I wouldn't count yourself out man, you never know. I was considering the cons in gatlinburg/sevierville area. Sonazki and I are planning to meet up with one since they are fairly close to us.

I prefer to buy fan art, but occasionally I'll go out of my way to get a nice looking wall scroll or poster.

aceofwar20 | 04-15-14, 7:34 PM
I've been to 3 cons now, and have really enjoyed them. I never really cosplay when I go, but have a lot of fun seeing other peoples costumes. Shopping in the market is fun, but I've developed a hobby of buy artwork. Some of the art I see at cons is amazing. Yeah, I know that it usually takes a year to process.

Yeah, even though they built up to operation Jormungand throughout the second season. It still felt kind of forced since they tried to compress it in 2 episodes. I was disappointed at that, but otherwise thoroughly enjoyed the show. I'm pretty sure the Deadman manga was finished up a few months back.

aceofwar20 | 04-14-14, 4:45 PM
Damn, I would be about two hours away from you if I wasn't leaving lol. When I come back for breaks or something, we should hit up a local con. That really sucks about them trying to charge you out of state. I'm probably going to apply for residency at my brother's place in Jersey so I don't go broke. Its at least double the cost for out of state there.

I didn't think Black Lagoon was that bad, but Jormungand is way better man. It really surprised me, because I went in thinking that it would be a Black Lagoon clone. Yeah, Pupa turned out pretty bad from what I've heard, but I never gave it a shot. I need to catch up on some manga since everything seems to be ending lately.

aceofwar20 | 04-14-14, 1:31 PM
Congratulations man. What was your first choice school? As for me, I'm going to be attending Rutgers University in New Jersey. My brother lives up there, so I wont be stranded but will also be out of the South. Things have kinda been hectic with getting all this financial aid crap done, school work, and now I find out I have to take a placement test for Rutgers.

I haven't really had much time to do a lot of anime watching. I just watched Jormungand and really enjoyed it. It's sort of like Black Lagoon, but the characterization is way better. I honestly didn't have a character I didn't like since they made it a point to give them all their own little episode. They're arms dealers so it gets pretty dark at times.

A dark and gritty anime is very rare these days. Especially one that's done well. I can think of some I watched a while back that you may have missed. These are what come to mind atm Shin Sekai Yori, Danganronpa, and Fate/Zero.

Yukon | 04-01-14, 1:19 PM
Haha that sounds like an experience. I've actually heard of that incident somewhere probably on the news but it was quite interesting to read especially since he kind of lost it mentally. I hope you get accepted! I got accepted to my Sixth Form so all I need is the grades and I'll be able to join.

Hahahaha well if you ever leave and you ever gain the stones tell me if you actually did it :P. Haha I will.

Man, sorry for the slow ass reply I've been really busy especially with my finals coming up, I know its not a great reply but I hope you forgive me for the delay .·´¯`(>▂<)´¯`·.

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