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Yesterday, 1:30 AM
June 17, 2008
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Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Comedy wa Machigatteiru. Zoku add
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Time (Days) 142.2
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Completed 527
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Plan to Watch 7
Total Entries 569

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About Eater-of-All
The stuff on my old profile was getting horribly outdated/boring, so I decided to purge most of them.
Loli Arietta, however, stays.

Tidbits about me

- Watches anime. yarly
- Has somehow never read manga before
- Has no idea why the Mangalist views are higher than the Animelist views. Oh hi qtip.
- Is a fan of KyoAni, Shaft, and ufotable
- Is somewhat of a visual novel person

Anime rating scale

I noticed that compared to some other users, my average ratings are ridiculously high with low variation (80% consisting of 7's and 8's). The lowest one I had given out is only a 5, completely rendering the lower part of the scale useless. If only I'm not as lazy as a Lazycanuck, I'd gladly rescale all the scores. Maybe one day.

So as of now:
10 = Perfect in many, if not all aspects of an anime (story-telling and themes; complimentary animation, music, etc.). Struck me heavily enough that it influences my life and/or philosophy.
9 = Awesome to epic. Capable of filling me with nostalgia everytime I recall it.
8 = Good to great. Makes me anticipate watching each episode.
7 = "Meh", boring, or just your average Joe. Not very motivated to watch.
6 = orz. An immense chore to watch.
5 = Killed my family, slaughtered my race, etc.
4 or below = Physical impossibility.

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Eisdrache | 11-15-14, 8:43 PM
Where are youuu

Tosa | 08-30-14, 6:58 AM
If You are interested in events like ISML or Japanease Saimoe, You should also be interested in European Saimoe event organized by the Senpuu Society. Give it a chance and vote for your favorite heroine in fierce battle of flames!

SalvatoreDoni | 01-13-14, 9:35 PM
Hello :-D
Would you like to join the Open Discussion Club?
If you don't want to, of course, that's fine, but if you'd like yo join, we'll welcome you with open arms :-D

meeplePeepol | 08-18-13, 12:32 PM
Sorry for intruding! (シ_ _)シ

Ohayo! Would you like to join our Humble Cafe? :D

We present a place where you can relax, chat with others and maybe enjoy a cup of coffee or tea with others. We offer Games, Cards, Badges, Contests & many more! Come join us now! :D

If you want to join our crew, then I’m sorry but recruitment for admins is temporarily closed, but you can check up on it as it may open again soon.

Thank you very much for letting me a take a bit of your time in reading this (Gomen if I somehow wasted your time! XD)
I hope you have a wonderful day!

dastardlylemon | 05-02-13, 10:32 PM
And I <3 you~!

uis | 12-24-12, 2:53 PM

Merry Christmas Eater~

uis | 02-13-12, 8:20 AM

Norman87 | 01-31-12, 8:43 PM
Hello~ We seem to have high anime compatibility. o:

I see you're played some visual novels too. What are some of your favorites?

Alwerien | 12-25-11, 10:48 AM
Merry Christmas BakaEater. Don't molest my Hikarin too much. :<

Yoshiko_Usagi | 12-24-11, 4:29 PM
omg, Eater. <3 Merry Christmas~

uis | 12-24-11, 12:47 PM

frustra | 12-24-11, 8:08 AM
Some cheatings, and some Christmas greetings!

Hope you have a good one

frustra | 09-13-11, 5:51 PM
el psy congroo

frustra | 09-12-11, 1:25 PM
massively behind on anime due to :saimoe:

ε=ε=ε=┌( ゚∀゚)┘

frustra | 09-09-11, 1:20 PM

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