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05-17-15, 5:38 PM
July 21, 1992
June 26, 2007
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About DeadlyRain
What should i say about myself? m?
well im a boy thats likes to dream, and likes romance and ecchi anime ;P :D
ecchi anime is very funny ;P
im from lithuania and here arent many ppl that watches anime( atleast not many of ppl around me ) ;P
i realy like music
i like chating with ppl (specialy with girls ) :P
and i dont like to go to school ;P :D (so i wait for holidays and weekends ) :)
but im still young so i have to go to school alot ;P
well whatever about me ;P
See Ya ppl ;P

Answers from the quizes

My membership cards ;)

I dont change my profile cus its a pain but ill sai only one thing :)))
I luv luv luv luv luv hinagiku (for now xD)

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laketica | 01-10-12, 3:25 AM

1. Get your NEW official member cards along with new member ID # HERE! Even if you received previous cards, the numbering system has been restarted and everyone can claim NEW ID #'s and NEW cards.

2. We have surpassed 4000 members!!! Get your 4000+ LE cards HERE! The thread will officially open on 01/12/12 Thursday ~8AM PST. They are available for a limited time, so get them fast!

bleachman99 | 07-11-11, 6:36 PM
plz watch these funny videos i made with my friends outside of school there really funny and i need to help with the views thanks u

bleachman99 | 07-08-11, 3:23 PM
plz watch these funny videos i made with my friends outside of school there really funny and i need to help with the views thanks u

darkwerwolf | 06-15-11, 11:40 AM

aaronluis26 | 08-27-10, 7:58 PM
Here are some new updates to the shojo beat! club.

(Delete this and ignore it if you wish to do so)

Have a wonderful day/night.

- aaronluis26

Sylent | 04-21-10, 11:13 AM
Club for the Appreciation of Hellsing - Membercard delivery :>

TheHellsing | 12-06-09, 10:55 PM
I like hinagiku«Alucard*¥*

riann | 11-04-09, 9:51 PM
here is your card:

shinwa | 11-03-09, 5:05 AM
o hi thar~
here is your member card from Koihime Musou club, hope you like it...
don't forget to save it ;3

Prongs | 10-28-09, 6:57 PM
Hello, DeadlyRain. Your Shana Fanclub Member card is complete~

Please save and host the card on your own Photobucket, etc. I'll delete it after 2 weeks. If there's anything wrong, or if you want to change the design, just drop a comment or PM to me~

AnimeGoddess | 10-28-09, 4:43 PM
I think Clannad is very good. You should finish it.

AnimeGoddess | 10-10-09, 9:30 PM
not much, watching some animes, you know the usual. How about you? You know what? i wish they made a 3rd season of Hayate and a 3rd season of Clannad.

AnimeGoddess | 10-05-09, 4:24 PM
yea, konata is pretty awesome. ^^

AnimeGoddess | 10-01-09, 3:40 PM
I know, I love Konata too. I also like Kagami.

AnimeGoddess | 09-08-09, 4:33 PM
uhm.... why is Hina not on your favorites? ^^

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