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Sep 24, 2012 11:32 AM
July 3, 1989
Rm. Valcea/Bucharest - Romania
November 14, 2009
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Hayama-Mizuki | Sep 7, 2012 11:59 PM
Hi!) I stumbled on your account and see that you like Locksmith Werner too )) - cool!))

MoonStalker | Sep 1, 2012 5:37 PM
butthole rape

FlashKurosaki | May 8, 2012 11:20 AM
Cipy said:
I just love NBA weekends, get to sit back and watch live games at decent hours

you treacherous bastard. I'm hoping to catch up with all 4 series I'm watching tonight.
And yeah, sucks for the Bulls. It seems this years isn't theirs either...

Cipy said:
Any particular album that you recommend?

I've yet to be disappointed by any of them but I'll say this, the last two have been a bit stagnant, still good stuff though.
Anyway, the albums I listened to the most from them would have to be In Absentia, Signify and Stupid Dream. I honestly think with Porcupine Tree it really comes down to which concept you enjoy more. Lightbulb Sun is maybe their weakest but fuck it, it has Russia on Ice, that song is eargasmic and for that I personally rank it better than the first three(which are fantastic in their own right). Anywho, the three albums I mentioned before are my favorites but honestly, all of them are great and it comes down to what the listener prefers. Also, hope you love space rock because these guys are amazing at it. If you listen to more and decided you really like the band I suggest looking into Steven Wilson's other projects too.

Cipy said:
I think I saw a commercial on Animax, but I didn’t get to watch any episodes. So they be funny, huh?

I haven't watched THAT much, as I said but from what I've seen, shit be funny, yo. I'd definitely rank it above the more recent seasons of South Park or Family Guy and definitely better than that crap, American Dad(if you haven't sen any episodes of it, I suggest you don't change that). What really peeves me about Boondocks is that every episode they have this dumb anime-like fight scene thrown in because "FIGHTAN IZ COOL". Other than that it's great, one of the characters(Grandad) is voice by John Witherspoon who you should known from Friday. Also, there's a character called "Uncle Ruckus" that's just h-h-hilarious. He's a hillbilly nigger who hates nigglets and believes he has re-vitiligo(the disease that Michale Jackson had where you're born with really dark skin)
here's a small sample
watch it till the end.

Cipy said:
Lose Yourself, Sing for the Moment or Mosh

well, Lose Yourself came out around the time The Eminem Show did and Sing For The Moment was on the album. I'll say this, though, he had two or maybe three good songs on Encore(Mosh and Like Toy Soldiers come to mind). I also really liked D12 and shit back in the day. Haven't listened to Recovery because he just fell so down in the toilet that I want to remember him for who he was. Oh and early Akon was pretty nice but he shortly sold out and started shitting out the worst pieces of shit I've ever heard...and I remember in one song he was saying "and I'm a be here for life, the ghetto's all that I know" riiiiight....filthy nigger...

Cipy said:
The man is unbelievable. Kagemusha and Yojimbo are awesome. Also Ran, which I think is the most recent movie I saw from him. They’re right there with Kobayashi’s Seppuku and Samurai Rebellion among my favorite samurai movies.

Masaki Kobayashi is also unbelievable, yes. You have been redeemed. Just like you haven't watched Rashomon, I haven't Seppuku(but at least I have the excuse that I was waiting for Miike's remake inb4 dumb call, yes, probably...I had planned on watching Kobayashi's version too but I just wanted to watch Miike's first for some reason...)
Also, if those are all the movies you've seen from him then you're lucky because you still have lots of kickass samurai flicks left to watch.

Cipy said:
Yeah, I saw when I googled your Apocalypse quote

I actually didn't rememebr that was an Apocalypse quote...I just knew I heard it on /co/ and shit.

Cipy said:
And really Apocalypse is lame in the comics? Isn’t he the big bad wolf, aka the last boss?

nah. He's supposed to be this big badass but he's always easily defeated in the most retarded way. He never succeeds in anything and just comes off as a douche who wants to do something big but he doesn't really know what he wants to do either. His animated appearances had some really good buildup and he was actually written half decent but they got canceled right around the time they were building him up so even then he wasn't that great.

oh, btw, you excited for Prometheus, nigger? I used to be pretty indifferent towards it and just say I'll watch it some time after it comes out and shit but I'm becoming more and more interested in it by the week and honestly, Ridley Scott CAN deliver. Big time.

FlashKurosaki | May 6, 2012 9:51 AM
Cipy said:
But how come you like Sting but you give me hell for Coldplay?

because Sting is a magnificent bastard, one of the better song writers and a talented individual. Also, charming motherfucker. But nah,seriously, he's kind of like "good Coldplay" if you will.

Cipy said:
But don’t tell me that you dislike Coldplay just because you like Radiohead; there seems to be some sort of rivalry at least fan base wise.

uh, no. And by fan base rivalry I hope you don't mean youtube losers and such. I don't really think the two bands are even close in style.
And since your'e a newbie I'mma present you with a really great progressive band called Porcupine Tree. Steven Wilson is a genius and all his projects are great but none shine brightly than this one. And so I leave you with the first song I ever heard from them

Cipy said:
Regarding nigger music, I still listen to it

good lord, why ya have tha' listen to dem chimpanzees foolin aroun' with a microphone in they hand? The white man didn't create tha wonderful art o' music for these filthy niggers tha shit it up.
Ever watched The Boondocks btw? I caught some episodes here and there and they're not bad. They can be quite clever sometimes and they actually make me chuckle.
Also, romanian hip hop is awful dude, I'm a bit disappointed to be honest.

Cipy said:
I still listen to Eminem (see how I effortlessly give you material to mock me for all eternity)

depends, nigger, are we talking about his early and underground stuff up until "The Eminem Show" or are we talking about his recetn garbage? if it's the former then I cannot, good sir. I was a huge fan when I was a kid and I still like his old stuff. If it's the latterm, however, then you should hear a piercing screech in the near future, that would be my high pitched laughter resonating from the deep seas where me, Cthulhu and Freddie Mercury are laughing our asses off.
Immortal Technique are baller though. Honestly, rap used to be pretty good, even our Fishdick loving friend has two really good albums(his first two), hell, even on Graduation he had a few bitching songs(one of them was with your husbando too) but my problem with rap is that like this clown, everyone seems to sell out after a bit of fame.

Cipy said:
The thing with rap is that it puts a lot of emphasis on lyrics so I understand your ignorance of J-rap.

Anti-Life justifies my ignorance.

Cipy said:
And also the faggot is cool; I mean riding a horse in Tokyo Dome for a concert intro

ok, it's over, it's over, Gackt is awesome. Horses are badass and by default Gackt is badass.

Cipy said:
Oh and I don’t know if he’ll be in the Berserk movies. All I know is he voiced some commercials for the movie

oh yeah, he only narated them, yes yes. I don't know why I remembered him voicing Gutts...
And it's only natural Gutts is a Berserk fan simply because if he wants to create more manly men in GRORIOUS NIPPON he must be manly himself, so in his free time he reads Berserk while riding his horse shirtless and singing Forces.

Cipy said:


Cipy said:
Oh yeah, I remember, you’re first manga, right?

one of my firsts, yes. I don't remember if it's the actual first I ever read till the end or just one of the first 5 or so.

Cipy said:
It involves a certain fat cat


Cipy said:
Why haven’t I seen this movie? Why? I ask you! Why?

Akira Kurosawa is one of the best directors of all time, his samurai flicks are amazing, all of them. You should watch them all if you haven't, I know you MUST have seen Seven Samurai and yes, it is a good movie, but I think it's a more overrated movie of his. Anyway, Rashomon is probably my favorite of his and has my favorite sword fight scene in cinema so...enjoy.

Cipy said:
Might have asked you this before, but have you seen the entire series? I only watched some random episodes on TV from this one, but I’ve seen the Evolution and Wolverine and the X-men series (too bad it was just one season).

I wasn't sure what you were talking about until I read Evolution and WaTXM. I did watch the 90s X-Men cartoon because I ahd a happy childhood and watched cartoons all day erry day but if you're asking me if you should watch it or not then then answr is pretty obvious

it suffers from the problems the 90s Spider-man cartoon had with censorship, it wasn't as bad as the Spidey one(y'know, using the old DBZ "he's been sent to another dimension" instead of "he died" and saying plasma instead of blood) mainly because they fought giant robots most of the time, but it was still pretty bad. Also, no punching was aloud and Wolverine did one thing every episode, growl like a retard, get his claws out and jump at someone only to be thrown away effortlessly into a wall or something. Also, the voice acting is laughable and by laughable I mean so fucking awful that you can't help but laugh. Here's an example
and here's a classic gem
Evolution was really good despite it's premise of eageing most of the cast and putting them in high school. But, of course, as with every Marvel cartoon it got canceled and of course, as with every X-men cartoon, it got canceled around the time Apocalypse pops up. At least in the cartoons he was pretty okay, in the comics he's a complete loser.

if you want to watch cartoons then watch the DC animated feature films and JL\U, brah.

Cipy said:
Duuude!!! What the fuck are we doing? The playoffs have started and we sit here discussing all sorts of crap. What is this blasphemy?

yeah...pretty faggy of us to be honest. Of course I skipped a lot of matches that I missed when I was away because it was hard to see them all so I'm "up to date" so to speak. I've been watching the Miami/New York and Chicago/Philly series. I also saw G3 of the Denver/Lakers series and G3 of the Boston/Atlanta one. I'll continue with these four series but I'm sad that I didn't catch the first two games of the latter mentioned series. I'm also sad I didn't watch any of the Dallas/OKC games, especially since they had a great series last year but I just haven't really had the time. Haven't watched any SnA episodes since the first either. Anyway, i might watch some series that I didn't get too after The Finals and all so there's that.

Cipy said:
Oh by the way, have you seen our boy Meta World Peace spreading the love on poor Harden? Really felt sorry for The Bearded One

sadly, I did not, but I assume Jeff van Gundy raced on the court with a broom and chased off Ron Art our homie, Metta Warudo Peace for harming The Beard.

FlashKurosaki | Apr 30, 2012 2:51 PM
Cipy said:
Cipy no Kami

I'd read it.

Cipy said:
One of my favorite bands is Coldplay

oh yeah, Coldplay are awesome, I just love how all their songs sound the same.

But I'm not as hateful towards electronic music as I was...I like a small mix of it in my alternative rock and shit. What I hate is that club style house and trance and drum n bass and those kinds of shit(and I do mean shit).

Cipy said:
I’m hoping your shallow bastardness can get pass the fact they were a visual kei band

nope, sorry, can't do that.

Cipy said:
You should know Gackt (piano) from the ED of Texhnolyze

oh that was him? I honestly never heard much about him aside from the fact that he'll be in the Berserk movies...always wrote him off as some idol that gets a lot of fame and bitches because he's a pretty boy. Seeing as how you like him so much(you even have him on your favorites here on MAL) maybe I should have given you the benefit of the doubt ? then again you are a Coldplay fan...

also, what's pure rock? is that supposed to be dadrock? I mean come should at least know the basic genres, like alternative, dadrock, progressive, nu metal(lawl)...

still one of my favorite things about the music I like is that it sounds better live than in the studio. Here, have an example, hope you like The Police(and how could you not? Sting's the man)

Cipy said:
In my case I made contact first with J-music and then with anime. other words, you've been a weeabo long before you actually became a weeaboo. Goddamn, that's pretty impressive.
I used to listen to nigger music when I was a toddler. I kinda stopped around the time I entered highschool. Trash started to fill the genre so i just said "fuck it"and took off. I don't know much about j-rap but I honestly just can't bring myself to listen to rap these just slowly left my body and I can't even listen to the classic now. It's okay though, I still listen to a lot of Rage Against The Machine(that's where it's at) so i guess I get my rap fix from stuff that isn't "pure rap". Also, love me some good trip-hop.
Oh and btw, I read both stories, what's my prize?

Cipy said:
Actually she’s a right winger at a handball club.

sad to hear that, man. I usually avoid athlete dames because i don't like dating women that can kick my ass. Then again, sex with a strong woman would probably be awesome. I'm a bit scared a strong woman would break me but

Big ups, playa.

Cipy said:
See what you’ve done dude, you’ve poisoned me with, with, with your shit and shit.

It begins.

Cipy said:
what do you think of the upcoming Rurouni Kenshin movie?

I honestly didn't watch the trailer until now and I gotta say: hot damn! I was hoping it would be good ever since I heard about it because I'm a pretty big Kenshin fanboy but that trailer looks sweet-de gozaru. I was also expecting it to have a decent original story but I saw Saitou and Sano in the trailer so they might base it off the manga more than I was expecting(which is a glorious idea) and...really, it might actually prove to be a good watch and shit-de gozaru. It'll surely not be a masterpiece like Rashomon but it might actually prove to be a nice film. Here's hoping it'll be a trilogy. Haven't sen the new animated feature but I've been hearing a lot of bad things about it feelsbatman.jpg

Cipy said:
Ok bastard, I give in, so please do tell. I’m actually curious

well Kontroll is actually one of my absolute favorite movies ever. I haven't see THAT many but I have seen a few that I can recommend if you want. What you should really watch though is Werckmeister Harmonies, it's my second most favorite bozgorian movie ever.

Cipy said:
Cat poate sa tina o unguroaica cacatul in ea:
9 luni

hehehe, classic

Cipy said:
Well, in the eyes of the great Cipy no Jiji you are nothing more than a toddler...

walked right into that one, didn't I?

Cipy said:
And wouldn’t Ame be a better fit for Pedobear?

wait, you don't know? Ame is best buddies with Pedobear, they go on hunting trips together and shit, how could he be Pedobear...unless...Pedobear is Ame from the future who's come back to teach his foolish and brash self how to properly hunt for young flesh.

Cipy said:
you can be the Grinch.

I'll take it, motherfucker.

I am the rocks of the eternal shore, crush against me and be broken.
Your foolish struggle is futile, Santa. I cannot be harmed, I cannot be stopped, surrender your will and watch me as I bring pure oblivion.
I bring ruin.
I.Am.The Storm.

FlashKurosaki | Apr 21, 2012 7:19 AM
Cipy said:

Well, if I wouldn’t, then wouldn’t you get all lonely and sad and depressed and then kill yourself in a distant dark corner of my mind?

no, Cipy, You are the fiction.

Cipy said:
no one expected them to bounce this much back.

I guess...still, you were worried they wouldn't even make the playoffs and shit. Seriously speaking, I understand worrying more about your team than you should, but on the other hand, I was a more loyal and trusting Celtic fan than you. You bring shame to the city of Boston, I am wery disappointed in you...we all are.
But nah, Doc is one of the best coaches in the league man, we've said it quite a few times and we weren't just running our mouths(or in this case fingers), of course, I'm talking about me because you may have praised him in the past just because he's the Celtics coach but I sure didn't.
Anywho, I really like his relationship with Rondo, being a mentor and all.
Also, curious to see if he's son is really all that or he just made a bad decision when he dropped out of college.

Cipy said:
The only crappy thing about the whole experience was that I had to again go to crappy Paris, but at least the venue was better and bigger than what I saw from the London gig.

ugh, I actually though they came to our crappy country...didn't think you'd go aboard to see them. That's highclass weeaboo stuff right there, man.

Cipy said:
Anyway, what do you have against L’arc? It’s not like they’re some crappy idol or pop group.

but they are...
enjoy your pretty boys in tight clothing, dude.

and yeah, France is a shitty country and Paris is really shitty too

Cipy said:
And of course I dragged someone along; unwilling at first, but she was grateful afterwards

oh, sounds like a keeper, dude

Cipy said:
Or would you rather have me go to the Linking Park gig, actually I might be the one who get’s dragged to this one

by the same lass you dragged to L'arc? if so then scratch that what I said about her being a keeper.
Have fun with that crowd of edgy and badass teenagers under the age of 14 that are just misunderstood by the world. You know what goes hand in hand with linkin park? Naruto. You should probably bring your SasukexNaruto shirt with you so you can make new best friends while you're there.

Cipy said:
pretty old school

yeah, classic jazz, dawg. The songs you gave me were more modern, post-jazz fusion or..whatever...never really was that great with all the subgenres, even for rock.
Anyway, I think she was posted in the thread I was talking bout but I was in a rush so I only skimmed through the whole thing and picked that song of. Thanks though, she's really really talented and I'm kinda sorry you didn't get to see her live, she seems like she was really worth it.
Cipy said:
Anyway, didn’t know you liked jazz, or is it just because of SnA?

nah, I've always liked jazz, I just never was a huge fan because aside from the master, Miles Davis, I never really knew many artists and songs except for a few more classics and some new(ish) jazz influenced rock pieces like Everything in its right place from Radiohead, so...yeah, when I said thanks for bringing that dame to my attention, I meant it.
So..anyway, what's up, you really THAT into japanese music or are you just a damn weeaboo that only listens to music from GRORIOUS NIPPON?

Cipy said:
Yep, the movie is good dude, but not great.

well no shit, dude. Wait...I hope you didn't go in with high expectations for it and shit, I mean the story with me is that when I heard they were adapting the Solanin manga I was a bit underwhelmed because the manga was so great and japs really screw up with their modern movies, especially if they're manga adaptations but I heard this one was quite decent and heard the song so I said "cool" but...that's about it.

Cipy said:
You should really try and widen your horizon

bitch please, I never let the country dictate if the product's good or not(unless we're talking about romania). I greatly dislike the french yet I think Moebius was a motherfucking legend and I hate hungarians but one of my all time favorite movies is from that country.
Anywho, here's a really great song from a really great icelandic band

Cipy said:
Am I ignorant that I have no idea what so ever who Darkseid is?

motherfucker, YES. He's our lord and savior, the entity that people go to church and pray to, the very essence of all is, was and ever will be. Bitch, kneel, kneel and submit your will to Almighty Darkseid.

but hey, didn't you watch the Justice League cartoon? he appeared in a few episodes of that, sure, he was a bit revamped and depowered to fit with the show but you should still know who your master is. Darkseid Is.

Cipy said:
potty trained

oh coke on, surely you could've done betetr than that. Only toddlers refer to poop as chocolate.

Cipy said:
He usually did and the two of us and Pedobear would wreak havoc on the world, but this year he didn’t show up. also hang out with Pedobear? but...but that can only mean one thing...Ame is the easter bunny. Oh my Darkseid, it all makes sense now, pays visits to children every year, gives them chocolate...oh my...
and you? you're in his posse, helping him out and
But wait, if you're in his gang...does that make you

FlashKurosaki | Apr 19, 2012 10:52 AM
Cipy said:
Oh fuck! He’s back. Quick go distract him, I’ll get out the window.

having fun with your imaginary friends again? that can't be healthy...

Cipy said:
This team is taking it to another level. They make you look bad.

heh, sounds like fun. Gonna be watching lots of Boston games in the coming days it seems. I remember your whining from the starts of the season...pretty stupid to expect more from them at the start, especially considering their problems at the time. I'll be honest though, as much as I missed basketabll, I missed the four horsemen even more(you know who I'm talking' bout, nigger)

Cipy said:
Well, there’s no hurry

wouldn't have expected you to anyway. Going the ol' bitch road, eh? Heard a rumor it might even end up having 48 episodes or so...anyway, I've been hearing good stuff about it so I'm a bit excited, i won't lie.

Cipy said:
After seeing Laruku (call me a weaboo all you want, but the concert was fucking awesome)

first, I had to google "Laruku", then I took three steps back, jump and did a triple backflip, landed on my back, started rolling and laughing. Weeaboo much, dawg?
haha...anyway, so let me get this straight, you actually went and saw them live in concert? In that case

did you go alone?
Allow me to educate you, here's a nice jazz piece I picked off from the SnA thread on /a/ssland, it's by a japanese guy so it won't shock you like an electric eel

Cipy said:
but I think I’ll just watch Solanin.

aw shit nigger, totally forgot all about this film. I've been meaning to watch it for the longest time, heard its pretty good and the song felt really powerful. Downloadin' as we speak.

Cipy said:
I reckon you’re a fan because of his comics?

eh, I really haven't read nearly as many comics as you might think I have. It's just that I've read some and I don't disregard the medium like an ignorant prick but just as I don't have the time/mood for manga, I don't for comics either. I just always knew about him being a really great, influential and respected artist who's drawings I liked to look at. Sadly, I didn't read that many of his comics yet...
Still, the guy was a living legends, everyone respected and looked up to him, from William Gibson to Miyazaki to Paulo Coelho to...pretty much any artist to ever walk this earth. No, really, every artist, be it comics, manga and beyond looked up to him and we're , more or less, influenced by him. I'm sure, ma' boy, Nihei was sad and expressed his condolences on twitter too but I don't have a twitter myself to follow him, nor do I speak japanese so..yeah. Still, the guy really was one of the best of the best and it's really sad he went and joined the stars. It's always sad when someone who only produced quality stuff dies and there are so many shitheads that don't give a shit and create the dumbest shit ever fucking created just so they can fucking get paid by fucking retards with so shit taste they're a menace to society and should hang themselves. Yes, I mad.

Cipy said:
I saw that he was also credited in sci-fi movies such as Alien or Star Wars.

Several months ago I would've said "surely you meant Giger" but I found out(yes, that late) that he also worked on those. I'm telling you, prints of this guy can be found on everything.

Fun fact: did you know Star Wars(the original trilogy at least) drew a lot from comics books? Also, Vader was heavily influenced by Dr. Doom and most of all, Darkseid?

Cipy said:
Motherfucker, where's my chocolate?

in my pants.

FlashKurosaki | Apr 13, 2012 1:33 PM
goddamn, it's been a months, motherfucker. My trip actually took longer than it should have and when I got home a friend of mine had a death in the family. Had a lot of shit on my head lately and I didn't have time to log in MAL and shit.
but now that that's all done with: honeeeey, I'm hooooome

but duuuude, I haven't watched any basketball games in such a long time it's not even funny. I probably missed a shitload of great games, goddamn.
Also, regarding the trades, I was honestly underwhelmed. One thing that I'd like to note is that Fisher got traded...wasn't expecting that, the fucker's been with them for so long, he's been there through thick and thin and he's been a consistent top tier point guard for such a long time...I feel like this is the end of an era, old school point guards are dying out and the new style is taking over the league. This makes me sad.
On second though, we all talking about the Lakers so they were probably just being dicks.
But yeah, new school point guards are talented basketball players but...they're just not my point guards...

Cipy said:
Also, I skipped class just when all the class did


but nah, man, I was talking about a simpler time when you had no responsibilities and you could just dick around all day and maybe wake up in the morning and go to school if you felt like it(I always had class in the morning in hs, so that was really awesome)
As a whole, highscool wasn't that great and I really wanted to egt out while I was still in it, but now...that period was probably the best of my life, it's just that...the really awesome parts had nothing to do with school. Ya feel me, brah?

Cipy said:

but yeah, the thing is, my classmates all had shit taste and shit interests and shitty faggy attitudes and I didn't enjoy engaging them in conversations that much.

Cipy said:
And in most cases than not it was all ball, if you catch my drift...
And in most cases than not it was all ball, if you catch my drift...

you slick bastard, I hope they were at least cute and not obese ugos.

Cipy said:
I’m not experienced enough to drive here and sure as hell I’m not going to gain it in this city

man up, nigger, it's not really as ab as you make it out to be. Some drivers are fucking retarded(especially the taxi drivers) and there are some really shitty but it's all manageable. And really, I'd take dumb people in traffic over public transportation any day.

also, good job on that Star Wards joke, I bet you use it a lot, what with Star Wards having a special place in your heard. Didn't Empire Strikes Back come out the same year you did?

oh, btw nigger, I just watched the first episode of Sakamichi no Apollon. Good stuff, dawg. It managed to be a really good slice of life and not make me cringe while watching ti(which is hard for slice of life anime, especially the ones set in high school) and it seems to go down the ol' Beck road of really putting the spotlight on the music. Also, sick ass OST. Also, drum solo made me come back and watch it again. Overall, so far so good. Did you catch any Uchuu Kyoudai? or you just gonna pussy out and wait for it to be finished until you watch it?
Oh, dude...due to not watchign any anime for such a long time, do you have any idea how weird I felt watching SnA? like...really weird, fingers in your nose while riding a bike in a casino kinda weird.

as a final note, it's been a while and I don't know if you're familiar with him, but Moebius passed away. Damn, shame, man. He was a really talented man and an inspiration to many all around the world. Not gonna be a douche and say I've been his biggest fan or anything but his art is really great and sometimes it just looked majestic.
Still, 'twas a sad sad day in the world of artists when he passed away.

FlashKurosaki | Mar 14, 2012 4:34 PM
Cipy said:
I’m amazed every time I hear Kenny didn’t get to be an All Star

eh, different era... there was competition back then and sadly, our bald little dunk master and pioneer of the modern point guard position in basketball wasn't as All Star bound as you'd like to believe. Now, mind you, I wasn't born at the time but I did see a lot of the damn matches and Kenny was a really good point guard, the kind you'd want to have in your team, but he was never a superstar.
Still, he was and is a very smart man when it comes to basketball, made some big plays in his lifetime and apparently, he aims high. Though I'm sure you've seen more of his games 'cause you were actually born before he even started his NBA career.

and yeah, Kerr really has his moments "I averaged 6 points per game, man" but some of his selections...bitch more, Kerr, bitch move. To be fair though he did say he was in it to win it. Also, I voted btw, I cheated and voted for both Kenny and Reggie's teams.

Cipy said:
Oh, I really hope they’re going to make more of Open Court.

all this motherfuckers just have so much chemistry...I really miss GP to...

Cipy said:
our Big Ghita

well, I'm no patriot, and I sure as hell wouldn't feel happy about him getting mentioned just because he was born in the same shitty country as me, but the fucker was actually a good player, not extraordinary, but goddamn it, he was a good player and deserved the break, so yeah, I'm proud of his name and all but just because he earned his spot in the NBA. Also

Cipy said:
Otherwise it would be better to keep them for this playoff

well, I'm still hoping for them to win it this year, so yeah. Would be a good idea to start Allen on the bench and all since he's a shooter. Don't think you can start KG on the bench though, he has to warm up first and feel the flow of the game and he ain't no youngster anymore.

Cipy said:
Do you see anything going down with Howard and J. Smith? I reckon Howard will be traded, I don’t think Orlando will stand going through another Shaq. It would also be pretty hard to keep him; they’d have to get a pretty good player to convince Howard to stay

what if they bring Josh in Orlando? I don't know what to say about Howard, I really don't but I see them try their best to hold him there and I seriously don't see J-Smith staying in Atlanta any longer, sadly...season started really well for my guys but they need more depth, especially with Joe just getting older and making and falling back a few steps each season.
So, yeah, I see Josh going, who knows, maybe even in Orlando. I may be wrong though and Josh stays with the Hawkes but if I had a spare buck that I had to bet, I'd bet it on him "taking his talents" elsewhere.
Also, Melo should be traded from NY as well, they've been losing like the Bobcats ever since he came back. Knicks are pretty fucked.
Also, Warriors got fucked, man...Ellis too. Was hoping he'd make his way to a top team/
Also, Crawford's going to get traded, I'm 65% or so sure he will...I just don't know where

Shit gets real in the last 24 hours, man. Every.Damn.Season.

Cipy said:
my initials are CP

Child Pornography? sick, dude...but I'll give you the benefit of the doubt and assume your CP stands for something else

Cipy said:
but now when I think about it, it was a really great time.

are you talking about basketball in high school? because I can't relate, most of us stopped playing somewhere in the tenth grade and even so, 80% of my colleagues didn't even know the damn rules so it was really frustrating...lucky the 20% that knew the rules had other friends that knew them so we could play with them.
If you're talking about high school in general, then yea. Although I hated it back then and was more bothered by my classmates' attempts to talk to me, it was still a fun time in my life. Also, all those days where I just skipped school and did really retarded things because I coul- hey! fuck you and your jijitsu! now you've got me, at least I don't have any gray hairs like you.

Cipy said:
the fact that we had mixed teams (guys and girls) also helped

did you just seriously try to imply that girls can be competent? or were you just happy to cop a feel?

Cipy said:
And jogging in Bucharest? Dude, it’s more like a survival race with all those dogs around. I’ve settled to walking. So instead of taking the tram I just take a 5 stop walk. It’s not much, but I keep some endurance.

you can find yourself a dog free route if you wanted to, dawg, but I guess you don't need it since you seem to be a public transport bitch. How does it feel to sit next to a sweaty old man that smells like din- nevermind, I guess I should be asking the kids this, not you.
Also, are you a nice little boy old man and give your seat up to old women potential lovers?
Man, I always hated public transportation like a motherfucking doctor hates patients that use google and think they know better than the fucking guy who went to fucking four years of college and fucking four years of medical school.

Cipy said:
You ruined all the fun

It's what I do.

Cipy said:
Watashi ga seigi da!

Omae wa mo shindeiru

Cipy said:
And as a special bonus I’ll give you a rare glance at the awesomeness that is Cipy no jiji

>mfw you're bald

also, I'm leaving for Switzerland tomorrow, going on a trip so I don't know If I'll reply for some time but motherfucker, if something really awesome happens while I'm gone(talking bout the NBA), I'm gonna be pissed.
And no, it's not really a vacation, I'm helping someone with something but it's gonna be kickass to see the country too.

on my way out, I shall leave you with something cool

FlashKurosaki | Mar 12, 2012 3:08 PM
Cipy said:
the Shaq vs. Chuck thing[/uote]
goddamn, Chuck was acting so much like a GM, I think he was really sad after the whole thing was over. Sad to hear about Rubio's injury...he looks like quite a future star.
speaking of these guys feeling like GMs, did you see that "All Star draft" thing they did for charity last year? It was Chuck, Kenny, Reggie, Kevin Mchale, C-Webb and Steve Kerr drafting players from a pool of players that had at least 6 iirc All Star selections (and a few wild cards), it was nothing exciting but the guys are just so naturally funny and seeing them mock eachother's picks or be afraid was just really entertaining for me.
If you haven't seen it, here's the link btw
it's 40 min long. Oh and if you haven't, shame on you.

Cipy said:
if you’re ever in the mood for a good offensive game try OKS vs. GSW from February 7th

again, thanks. I probably wouldn't have watched it and would have missed out on an exiting game. OKC play great and it's great seeing Mark's team.

Cipy said:
go ahead and have your “Keikaku Doori” moment.

oh I will, motherfucker

I don't really check the website that often to be honest...I check it, like, once every 2 days or so.

anyway, if Rondo gets traded then I'll fucking put my own foot in my ass, dude. As I've told you in the past, I've always liked Boston and I'm a fan of all 5 their starters but as you said, they have to rebuild. Jermaine hasn't been that great for a few seasons now(but it's mostly 'cause of the injuries, man was a BEAST in Indiana), KG and Ray got old and Pierce..well, allow me to laugh in your face for even thinking there was a probability for him to get traded. The guy's the heart and soul of the franchise and has stuck with Boston through thin and thick, he's probably going to retire at Boston and I wouldn't have it any other way(would be best to go out while he's still a top tier player...which means at most another 2 seasons imo)
Anyway, I think Ray's the least consistent these days but I'd say both him and KG should go. Love them both but they just can't perform at the level they should constantly and due to their old bodies(I'm sure you can relate) they'll be really tired come the playoffs. If not, Jermaine has to go and one of them can stay. Would be cool if they win it this year, just as a last "fuck you, bitches, we still got it" but they need a stronger bench imo, KG, Pierce and Allen are both crafty old dogs and they can still do great things, they just need backup. Rondo's a great point guard and Boston should be happy to have him, they really gotta keep him there. He's really at the top right now.

Cipy said:
I get sick while reading in a car

Cipy said:
You should hear Frank Muller

I probably should, I'm a sucker for epic voices. Rob motherfucking Inglis sure sent a chill throughout my entire body/ Not sure about Fry but I'm not going to bust your balls, he may be using a really kickass voice in those audiobooks you listened too so I'll give you the benefit of the doubt.

Cipy said:
I don’t know what you’re taking or in what amounts, though I can pretty much guess on, or should I say up, which hole you’re taking it, but dude, that shit is not to be fucked with.

I don't do that shit, yo. Hear it works wonders for women though, gives ya curves and shit, bro. Besides, it was a mere suggestions, why you getting your panties in a bunch, dawg?

Cipy said:
which was before going to high school quit before high school? weak, dude. No wonder you never made it to the NBA. You should be ashamed of yourself.
Also, home training or gym like a dumb gypsy? probably the former 'cause if it was the latter you'd be probably taking proteins and shit and you wouldn't have "weight problems" like a little girl. Anyway, home training is better, dude. Also, if you want to take on weight you should stop jogging if you do.

Cipy said:
Polite enough for you? And you have some nerve after that whole faggotry you so gracefully displayed earlier.

well, yeah, but I'm an asshole and apparently a shallow bastard, what'd you expect?
also, how come you're not in jail? motherfucker. I fucking called the damn cops, what the flying fuck?

FlashKurosaki | Mar 8, 2012 3:01 PM
So I decided to watch the game before replying and then MAL gave me that bullshit about having some maintenance issues and couldn't reply till now. That's pretty fucked up.

Cipy said:
And the All Star MVP goes to Durant. And the funny thing is KD usually scores that much in a regular season game.

And you’re right about the Dunk contest (too late, I already saw it), the best thing about it was the commentary.

eh, KD kinda had his try hard pants on too but he's a scorer and the kid's really talented and really just wants to prove himself, you might say he really doesn't have to anymore but he's aiming for true greatness, so...yeah.

And the commentary was great for the entire weekend, I also loved how they pointed out that these "unknowns" suck. Btw, did you see Kenny in the Haier Shooting Stars? motherfucker still got skillz, yo. I was laughing my ass off.

Cipy said:
But duuude, dude, dude, DUDE, DUUUDE, you have to watch yesterday’s game between NYK and Boston. One of the best games I’ve seen so far. You can pretty much guess the outcome from my reaction, so sorry for the spoiler. Even so, you’ll still have plenty to see...

actually, before the bolded part I didn't. I mean, surely you can appreciate a good game, regardless if your team loses or wins. It really was a good and entertaining game so thank you for the recommendation, I don't think I would've watched it if you wouldn't have told me about it. I actually even fell behind and hadn't watched a game all month and shit so thanks. Pierce and Rondo were fucking amazing, dude, especially motherfucking Rondo which I guess isn't as great since, y'know...I do believe you've heard about it by the time you read this, even though it just happened but

so...things are looking pretty grim. You could see Ray was still not 100%, I mean, motherfucker threw an airball and shit, probably his third in his entire career. But anyway, everyone else played really well, and when I say everyone else, I'm talking bout the starters. The bench was horrendous, dude.
New York seem to be having backcourt problems again, Lin played poorly and I understand Baron Davis coming after an injury but he surely made some really dumb plays, injuries and age have been really eating away at him but still...

Cipy said:
sorry for the LotR rant man

>apologizing for a LoTMFR rant
aw shit, nigga, what are you doing? that's Are you going to apologize for being a Boston Celtic fan next? I mean, 'the fuck?

but nah, on a serious note, I was asking because I only see LoTMR and The Hobbit being highly praised and since it's the actual writing that's so unbelievable I was thinking it's impossible for this guy not to have more underappreciated gems. Thanks for that. His worldbuilding is so great that you could say it's
( •_•)
( •_•)>⌐■-■
out of this world.

I'mma a read The Hobbit, don't worry. Also, can't blame you for being a bit lost, his writing can be a bit overwhelming so I might find myself a bit lost too, the names can be really brain raping sometimes.

Cipy said:
Anyway, I’ll leave you with one of the best poems from the LotR books

I disagree fuck you, I can't disagree. Love this motherfucking poem like a motherfucking nigger loves fried chicken. Truly a master.
I just remembered you listened to the audiobooks. Is this the voice for them? it sounds really good actually but I'm still not a fan, I mean...I'd probably enjoy them now that I've read the books but before, nah.

Cipy said:
An Adevarul book buying jiji, but I later realized I was that one. Yeah, I have the Romanian translated books.

actually, iirc they've had some really great books so I can't blame you for that, jiji. As for them being in romanian, well...reading a physical copy is a lot cooler and, we're living in shitty romania so...whatever. I'll read romanian translated books, it's not biggie, but I'll prefer english a lot lot more and I've read a lot lot more in english too but I own some romanian stuff too, even though I don't have a subscription to your fancy paper so I'm not an "Avevarul buying jiji lad" but I do have some romanian translated books. I just really like seing them on my shelves and shit..Iunno, I like having physical copies of books for some it a fetish. And hey, sometimes it's worth it, like, I picked up a bunch of Phillip K Dick books quite a long time ago for, like, 7 ron each or something like that so that was cool. I also have Musashi's Book of Five Rings which I got for 3 bucks I think (suck it bitch, I read it in english a loooong time before I bought it). So, before I rant like a retard more, what I'm trying to say is, I'll buy them if they're cheap because I like to own physical copies but if the translation to romanian really hurts the writing(it always does but sometimes it's really manageable) then I'll just read a damn pdf...or order them in english, which I've done with certain things.

Cipy said:
I guess so, but I didn’t really have a problem with Scar either

I'm being highly critical because even though the episodes are watchable, the show is just too great for barely watchable episodes. As for Scar, that and Black Market were really terrible episodes. They threw out character development out the window and the characters were just being annoying because the plot required them to do it at that point, and the problem is, the plot wasn't good enough to do that. Kat had a nice moment in the episode with the press where she actually showed character and made herself stand out and be someone instead of "just another pilot" and then in Scar she reverts back to that status, continues being annoying and...really, for the amount of minutes I have to bear through with this bitch...there really isn't any payoff. And Black market again, it just shits over character development, tries out an idea that really isn't a good one anyway and executes it badly too. Up until then I tough Lee was okay, had nice interactions with the other characters and had his spot in the grand picture but that episode made me dislike him a little.
anyway, sorry for the rant, I just think these two episodes were a waste of time but other than that, I don't mind "filler" episodes that much.

Cipy said:
And finally, yeah I guess you’re right, but not really. When I first told you about the show I think I was almost half done with the 4th season

I don't appreciate cheaters, buddy. I just called the cops, enjoy your time in jail. Motherfucker.

Cipy said:
I could use a few pounds.

I heard taking dick up the ass helps so that jail time is going to work in your favor I guess. Also, eating stuff really late. And by stuff I mean dick.
but maaan, weren't you a professional athlete? how can you be skinny enough to need a few pounds? is the lack of gym time that you have now when you're a wrinkly old man compared to when you were a young stud that noticeable?

Cipy said:
You know you’re still a shallow bastard, don’t you?

no need for bad manners, bro. You don't see me cussing, now do you?
and yes, I know but my sick tango moves make up for it.

but nah, seriously, if you like this show so much then it must be good. Now, I sure as hell have other things that I've put aside for too long but I have put Boston Legal on my list and I will definitely watch the shit out of this show sometimes this year...I think.

FlashKurosaki | Mar 4, 2012 11:50 AM
Cipy said:
but I consider them less appealing than a regular playoff game

well no shit, nigger. Playoff games are THE greatest basketball games ever...the comparison is not a fair one to say the least.
I for one like the vibe...everyone just wants to have fun and put on a show, sure, they're not usually great basketball games(although sometimes they are, just...not lately) but they're highly entertaining. Mostly, I like to watch certain players go out and do crazy stuff and put on a show, it's okay if they don't give it they're all, that's not what I'm watching All Star games for. Kobe and Lebiatch always give it they're all though, it's like they're saying to themselves "MUST...WIN...THIS...MATCH!!!!1 MUST...SCORE...MOST...POINTS!!!11
the 2003 one was really awesome, pretty much the best of the 00s.
Also, part of my comment got deleted(or maybe I just forgot to write it?) so I'mma say it again, don't bother with the Dunk contest, it was, again, a very disappointing display. Preshow was quite entertaining, those fellas sure know how to put a smile on your face.

Cipy said:
And here’s a present for you. And don’t go and say you have already seen it, because you just know I’ll disagree.

holy fucking shit that's fucking amazing! Muchas gracias, senor. I didn't know about this one.

Cipy said:
Damn you dude, now I feel like rereading Tolkien’s masterpieces.

haha, my evil plan is entering it's second phase, mwhahahahah
have you read anything else by him btw? His writing is just so damn good, man. Dude knew his craft and I actually think my evil plan was a big fail and shit 'cause you were just waiting for a reason to reread his masterpieces.

I haven't read The Hobbit though, so...I'm not THAT excited about the film as you. I'm a bit scared of the fact that it's being marketed as a blockbuster and it might not actually prove to be a good movie what with all the recent blockbusters being really shitty, so...I'll do what I always do, sent you in the first line to gather info and report back. In the meantime I'll read the novel(I'll have plenty of time to do that before the movie's out it seems)

Cipy said:
And if so, please tell me you read the English version and experienced Tolkien’s genius

I feel a bit insulted, I mean....JUST WHO THE HELL DO YOU THINK I AM?

Cipy said:
Anyway, still keep the filler alert, I think there are more such episodes in S03, some are pretty good though and others... well, let’s just say they’re in the vicinity of Scar. But even so, I appreciated those filler episodes. They may be pointless plot-wise, but they make up on the character side

hmm...are they at least better than the S2 fillers? I mean Scar was just awful, no redeeming points whatsoever and Black Market was just as bad.
Cipy said:
On the other hand, you have yet to see the best of what BsG has to offer.

Cipy said:
I have five more episodes of Boston Legal

well, you sure as hell ate Boston Legal like a fat rich kids at mcdonalds. Fucker, you went through 96 episodes with such a speed that you almost went back in time. I think that's some kind of a hint that I should probably get my hands on it in the upcoming months or so.

Cipy said:
Shallow bastard, way to go and stump on all my enthusiasm

well, that's just my experience with television stuff, I may b wrong but I doubt it
Now, if I'm wrong, I'll just end up looking like a fool, so I hope it's as I said. Motherfucker.
But nah, seriously, from my experience, when it's made for tv, they don't really seem to put any effort in it. If it's good then that's really something to write home about. Still, I'd really look like an ass clown by not knowing about it since it's with ma' boy, Musashi.

Cipy said:
I don’t really know if I’m that eager to watch this one. I saw the original form 1962 (Seppuku) and I love that one. It’s one of my favorite Japanese/ samurai movies or even movies in general.

you see, I never saw that one. Big fan of Masashi Kobayashi but I just never got around to watching it and then Miike's remake came out and I said "well gee...I'll just watch Miike's then". Sure, I wrestled with the urge to watch the original plenty of time but I held my ground. I'm really starting to think if it's worth it, I's already been so long and it's not like I ever heard anything bad about the original, so...

FlashKurosaki | Mar 2, 2012 11:56 AM
Cipy said:
Reading anime sucks, bro... so I’ll teach you. It’s quite easy; all you have to do is mute your anime. But if you really want to go hardcore, and I know you do, turn off the subtitles and lip read

well played, old man, well played

Cipy said:
I’m not really a fan of the All Star games, I usually watch them well after the season is over

oh...well, I'm like a dumb child, when I heard All Star I start jumping up and down and shit.

Cipy said:
I mean let’s face it, they’re not great games, they’re just fun

I disagree. Lately, that's what they've been, just fun games and shit but some All Star games have really just been great games. I'll agree that the last couple of years haven't been anything to write about though...last one that really got my panties wet though was 2006, that was a really good game, exciting on the offense, exciting on the defense, smart but with a lot of flash too.

anyway, yeah, All Star games are always worth the watch imo.

Cipy said:
Maybe I should have said it from the get-go; most of this rereading takes place while I’m actually reading the manga

oh, well I can relate to that. I told you that when I read Vagabond I was waiting for a couple of chapters to pile up and before getting to another pack, I'd reread the previous pack and shit. Also, when reading certain manga I just spend so much time on just one chapter that you could say I was reading it multiple once.
Cipy said:
So, rereading a volume or two is more to get back that sense of continuity

usually when you took a break from something you have to do this, my problem sometimes is that I'm so out of it, I have to reread so much that I might as well could just reread the whole thing again.

Cipy said:
On the other hand, I don’t think I could rewatch let’s say Scrubs (if I had seen it), or any other comedy series. I don’t know, I get that feeling of ”been there, done that” which ruins most of the fun

true dat, mah nigaa. what I left out is that I can rewatch comedy shows like Scrubs and Seinfeld with friends because the jokes are still funny(even though not as the first time but as I said "first read is best read"). Watching stuff with friends means you're not 100% paying attention to the movie so it's best to go with comedy or something with less substance. I'm not gonna watch Blade Runner with my dumb friends for example, but I can put on Scrubs, smile at the jokes, talk to the chumps and chumpettes and not miss the glory of the movie. Also, the former isn't a film my closer friends would appreciate, sadly...

Cipy said:
BsG (any progress?)

you mean the worst television of all time? BattleSuck Galactica?
Rewatched parts of the previous episodes and started it again quite recently. So there I was, watching through the fillerish episodes when I noticed I only have three more episodes left in the season. I grabbed my good pants, put them on and said "I'll watch 18 and prepare myself for 19 and 20, the might prove to be two parter" . Godfucking dammit, it's been too long since I've experienced a good BsG epsiode and as I said previously, when this show is good, motherfucker, it's fucking incredible. The 18th was the one that starts with the resurrections of six and eight. Yeah, before the glorious opening hit I was hooked and during it, all I could this is "dis gunn be gud".So, all in all, what can I say...I missed this show and the break was well needed because:
1. there were a couple of back to back crappy episodes
2. I can actually appreciate it better now, I think. It really reminded myself that the praise I give this show really come from the heart. I'm a bit scared to watch the last two episodes 'cause then I'll be halfway through and...y'know...

Cipy said:
Oh, by the way, because you brought up Eiji Yoshikawa's Musashi a while back, I did some snooping around and there seems to be a TV series (49 episode taiga drama from 2003) made after the book

chinese and japanese television series set in those periods aren't all. I know I tried some romance of The Three Kingdoms and other stuff and they all just don't look good at all and by that I mean the characters don't seem very well written(not that I watched much of them) and they're pretty "soap operaish" in dialogue. Also, in some cases the fight scenes are retarded(and by retarded I mean they try to make them look like battle shonen fights. I shit you not). Also, if you can't make it look good, then what's the purpose of making it in the first place? The novel was great, if you can provide good visuals then why would I watch your crappy movie? Take LoTMR for example, the books are so much better but the films are visually impressive with quality actors doing a great job and a good soundtrack and for that, they're great movies.
Inb4 you call me a shallow bastard
sorry, but if you're adapting a good novel then you HAVE to give me a reasons why I'd watch it if I already read the thing.
But speaking of samurai flicks, I heard there Lone Wolf and Cub movies are pretty damn good, I never bothered with them because I plan on watching the manga.
Also, still no torrent of Miike's Harakiri. Are you as sad as me?

FlashKurosaki | Feb 24, 2012 9:31 AM
Cipy said:
Anyway, if I recall correctly, you went on such a trip last year too; cool if it's a thing. Kudos for snowboarding, even if my ass still hurts from the last time I did it, and that was a long time ago. At least it’s more fun than skiing/

kind of a thing, yes. Was a bit late this year though. As for the ass pains...I feel ya, brah. I didn't remember sucking so much, they say not practicing for a long time does that to you but still... I got the hang of it back after the first day though so it all worked out.

Cipy said:
Too bad I pretty much have given up on these winter activities. I resemble more an old retired jiji, I simply go for some R&R.

so...the old man jokes aren't actually just jokes, huh? Have fu, dude...that is....if you still remember how to have fun, gramps.

but yeah, the R&R helps., dunno if it's the trip or what but I'm feeling a lot more alive now. I'm also in the mood for some more manga and (if you can believe it) anime. Don't think the trip's gonna make much difference for your tired soul though.

Cipy said:
In the current setting and given the choice, would you not consider taking the blue pill?

given the current setting, no. I really would love to watch manga, hell if you could, I'd appreciate it if you'd teach me how to read anime too.

Also, I ain't much of a coward. I know what you meant about overthinking stuff but I sometimes just charge in like an idiot and make up a plan on the run, if ya know what I'm saying

FlashKurosaki | Feb 20, 2012 9:39 AM
Cipy said:
well he couldn’t have said his team sucks and that they would have lost those games without him

I guess, but I liked that he didn't just say "yeah, I had a good game but these guys also played great and the victory was a team effort", the guys just outright praised his teammates and said that they've been doing it big time for a long time now. he really took the spotlight off of himself and considering how hard he he fought for his place,'s pretty admirable.
Hell, I come home after my trip skiing snowboarding, look up the scores for the matches I missed and this motherfucker is still carrying. New York actually looks strong now and shit.

Cipy said:
I guess... but even if I was up to date like you and Skizzo, I’d probably still reread some volumes.

I guess...thing is, rather than waste my time rereading something I've already read, i could waste it reading something I haven't read yet, I mean shit, I got a lot to choose from anyway.
I'd definitely want to reread Vagabond after it's all done but...I've been saying the same about Blame and others for a long time. Iunno, I used to reread or rewatch stuff that I loved a lot more in the past, but I just haven't for a long while now. I keep telling myself that it's because if I wait more, I'll forget a lot more about the story and I'll enjoy it more when I reread it but whatever.

Also, first read is best read, dawg.

Cipy said:
I don’t like reading PDFs that much

I hear you, dude, i don't like it either, especially if it's a really good read that I can't stop and have a break. Shit hurts my eyes but sometimes, I just really want to read certain books and shit and I have no choice. Maybe I should get myself one of those fancy Ipads, i think reading PDFs would be a lot easier and pleasant that way.

Ci[y said:
And I guess the image of Musashi leading his boat into nothingness is a good way to end it

It is a good ending.
And yeah, the day Vagabond ends will be a sad day for me...I know there's not much left and he has to end it but I just have to disagree agree with you, it's a series I'd just read forever.

Cipy said:
Or you can take the blue pill...

sir, is this a jest ? I am deeply offended by your assumptions. Have at thee.

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