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Sep 21, 2011 9:10 PM
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Bobbing between 1.5 and the fourth wall.
December 26, 2008
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About Cestralisk
The following is from the very best facebook page ever and is not to be confused with the best facebook page ever. I so kindly thought to share it and will accept thanks via your leaving me alone. (^_^)v

* * *

Beauty is for the mantel for all to behold while cute is best kept hidden for none but one to cherish. I also like nom nom.

Religion: I believe in the one and only true god, Creve Cestralisk. I suppose that is a given but I figure if you somehow manage to stumble on this page then I might as well let you know in case you are so feeble in mind that it escapes you.

By the way, anyone who dies without knowing that I am the true god will spend eternity playing the worst Final Fantasy games to ever come into being...unless they like that sort of thing in which case something is seriously wrong with them and I will ponder mercy and then erase them from existence for being so seriously flawed.

Sexuality: I like a very specific type of female human (the kind that doesn't wave a sign saying "Stupid here.") ...basically any girl that uses Facebook is not my type of female human. She must also be a virgin in every way. You would not expect, I, the one true god to go for anything less than a virgin in every way (including a virgin to cyber-sex or any pleasant sexual fantasy that does not include me as the receiver)...would you? Further proof that I am god.

(^_^)v <=== Smiley approved by god.

Hell: Some might be concerned that I give out such swift punishment in this world and the next but fear not, humans. I also give you, so fortunate to stumble across this account (by my divine will), comfort in allowing you to know that you have no soul and that it is okay for you to suffer by my hands. In knowing this you should not feel as though damage to anything substantial was done. Praise the lord, me. Amen.

* * *

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