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04-07-14, 3:12 PM
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June 6, 2013
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Time (Days) 29.1
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About BlueBellBerry
Murr. If you're reading this than you (are wasting your time....haha) probably already know me but my real name is Lorianne but I go by Lorrie instead.

Some things you might (or might not) want to know:

~If you curse too much (as in, every other word), don't expect me to talk to you often....cus I won't know what the heck you're trying to say (-_-).
~Give me attitude and I will [politely ;)] throw it back at you.
~Recommends are always welcome (great way to score some brownie points....which mean nothing just like the phone bill =P).
~If you send me a random friend request, I will send you this picture:
Why? Because this isn't Facebook!!! If you're collecting strangers're weird. Smurr.
~If you still insist on being my friend, chat me up first. I'll think about it.

Other things you should know:

I'm really a quiet person....until you get to know me.

I'm not that interested in making "friends" cus I'm quite bad at it.
I mean we could talk about unimportant things I know neither one of us cares about. Sometimes, I might
pretend to care about it but chances are, I don't.

I appreciate people who try to understand me. I like you guys. Smurr.

When I'm on here at 3 in the morning, it's probably because I saw some horror movie trailer
and all of a sudden, I think there are at least
5 demons under my bed, Chuckie in my closet, and some psychopathic killer lurking out my window
even though I live on the third floor...
damn insomnia

I can be pretty blunt about things so if you think I'm a bi....*ahem* so be it. I couldn't care less.

Lastly, come to me with your problems
but ONLY if I like you otherwise, go away. I have my own shiz to deal with.

Advice for the Day:
Just Dance

A little something like this?

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QueenyLeAcH | 12-04-13, 7:48 PM
That's okay :) The manga is pretty slow to update, but the translated novellas are complete. They are really well done, and the ending is fantastic.

QueenyLeAcH | 11-21-13, 7:37 PM
Hi there! I just read your profile thingamajig... I loved it. :) Very relatable. Also, I see you've read Legend of the Sun Knight, so I have to ask if you've also read 1/2 Prince?

yujinr1m4 | 11-18-13, 6:26 PM
Haha thanks for the gif, it was adorable!

yujinr1m4 | 11-07-13, 6:06 PM
Cafe Dere

Sorry for the extremely late delivery! Use Ctrl+ F to find your cards HERE and if there are any problems feel free to message me! Have a nice day~

fururin | 11-01-13, 12:23 AM
Fururin's Delivery

Please save and re-host
Automatically delete after 2 weeks
Thank you for requesting!

Kannei | 10-24-13, 9:23 PM
your welcome :D
glad u like them :D

Kannei | 10-24-13, 9:32 AM
B.O.A. // M-Cards

~Hope you like them –
~Save & Rehost – gets deleted within 2 Days

DarkTempest | 10-20-13, 7:25 AM
DarkTempest's DELIVERY

Sorry for the long wait! You can find the bookmarks you requested from me at the Café Dere's 100+ LE on the link below:

Click here ^_^

Your username has been indicated on the image descriptions, which you can easily find using 'Ctrl+F'. Should there be any problems with the works, kindly let me know as soon as you can.

Please save and re-host; the above gallery will be deleted on Saturday, 26 October 2013; 22:00 (PH; UTC+8).

Thanks for requesting! XD

Hitsuzen24 | 10-06-13, 3:25 PM
~ Cafe Dere ~

Welcome my Master and my Lady and to all new customers!!

Come and visit the shop!

AcidRain1628 | 09-06-13, 4:18 PM
Thanks for the recommendations. Which do you recommend I watch first? And can you give me a bit of a synopsis for it?

lollyyo3 | 08-31-13, 1:55 AM
Would you like to join our club?

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