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Nov 21, 2013
Summary: The author begins the story with some sort of siege. The main character is first introduced to us as a mistaken wife of some rich family to be sold off (aka human trafficking). Her real identity remains a mystery but it is indicated that she has had no real working experience. We come to know of her real personality (calculating) when some gentleman inquires about her Qin (instrument from ancient China) playing. With humorous undertones, their relationship develops, however, unknown to him are lurking secrets that she must keep if she wishes to keep her life. And, of course, lies upon lies form as read more
Sep 21, 2013
Although it isn't tagged as comedy, I think any one who reads it will agree that it is.

For staters, the art is probably some of the best I've seen and quite different from this author's other work, 1/2 Prince. If your looking for a manga similar to that, I wouldn't recommend reading this.

Most of the characters have outer facades they work hard on maintaining. Why? Because as a guardian/knight, they each have "images" to keep. The main protagonist is Creus Sun, the Sun knight. Usually, it's quite hard to place good sarcasm in manga but here, it's very, very amusing.

As for the plot, because of read more
Sep 6, 2013
I should first start by informing you that volume 2 is NOT a continuation of volume 1 but a revision. Personally, I think it's good enough to re-read it again but I enjoyed the first version better. Although, volume 2 is a re-write, the story is developed farther so I recommend that you read it.

The characters are fairly common with Choi Ha Ram as the female protagonist (violent and energetic) but the story, itself, is amusing and funny. The plot is slightly different from your regular shoujo manga especially because of the supernatural element and interesting twists that come along the way. I particularly read more