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September 15th, 2015
Anime Relations: Umineko no Naku Koro ni
Award Library War, Mushishi
Studio/Director Tokyo Ghoul(Pierrot)
Early Work Akira
1998 Cowboy Bebop, Serial Experiments Lain,Weiß Kreuz
Same Gender 3+ Tweeny Witches
Non-Romantic Rainbow
Children Tweeny Witches
Non-Human Death Parade
Comedy/Life Kino no Tabi, Tsuritama
Horror/Sci-fi/Fantasy Requiem, Night Head, Gungrave, Ghost Hound
Within Universe
3+ Cours Onizuka, Monster
8.0+ manga Zetsuen no Tempest, Tokyo Ghoul, Shinsekai Yori, Seirei no Moribito, Psycho-Pass
Novel/Game Yakushiji Ryouko, Umineko, Boogiepop
Live Ao Haru Ride, Boogiepop, Mushishi
Original Ghost Hound, Crystal Blaze, Glass Fleet, Cowboy Bebop
7.0- Touka Gettan, Crystal Blaze, Glass Fleet
Top 300 Onizuka, Gangsta, Cowboy Bebop, Mushishi, Yojouhou Shinwa, Shinsekai Yori, Gankutsuou, Phantom
10.0 friend
Recommended Steins Gate
Another User Mouryou no Hako, Tsuritama (Brand)
Highest Score
B Black Blood Brothers, Btooom!, Brave 10, Boogiepop
Verb Umineko
Staff Pick
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June 15th, 2014


should be done with a smille

Anyone else start their papers morning of o.O

Sleep with ~100 lbs weighing you down

get used to it =P

anti-social cat


Nyanko-sensei XD:

Sweets (I'm such a food junkie):

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