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May 19, 2010
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A relatively recent anime viewer (only been watching anime for a little more than a year now).

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Rance-sama | 06-11-13, 2:42 AM
I see you've rated Ore no Imo a 9, you know that they've made another season for that right? It's currently airing in the spring 2013 lineup, it's almost finished.

SerasAshley | 04-16-12, 12:48 PM

AzureBlues | 02-03-12, 5:54 PM
Hmm, is the VN still fun to read, even if you know the story?

wherearethestars | 02-02-12, 6:24 PM
Hey, I saw your forum post and decided to answer here instead, so it isn't lost in the numerous replies. I am in a relatively similar boat as you. Growing up I only watched the first season of Digimon, and that was pretty much it until I started getting into Miyazaki a couple years ago (2 or 3, not sure which one).

I also missed out on some main stream anime, and after watching some of it, and many others as well, I'll be the first to say, a lot of mainstream isn't worth watching imo. It tends to be of much lesser quality and much more stereotypical. There are many exceptions, of course, (Code Gaess, Fullmetal Alchmist: Brothergood, Clannad, Kanon are all really good imo). But there are others that aren't really that worth watching.

The only bad thing is that sometimes you'll miss a lot of references, and if you are interested in more than just enjoying anime, and want to really get to know how it has developed as an art form then there are definitely some you'll want to see; however, again not all mainstream would be in this list.

Right now I would really just watch what you like, try out some main stream, but if you don't like it, feel fine to drop it right away.

AzureBlues | 02-02-12, 1:52 AM
Had there been no after story, I'd be inclined to agree with you =)

SerasAshley | 12-18-11, 9:58 AM

Ragna92 | 08-18-11, 12:42 PM
Good taste in characters. And nice profile pic. Rin FTW.

Leonard93 | 06-26-11, 10:59 AM
ok nice, 85% is indeed very nice.
i didnt go for the visual novel, mainly cause i cannot get into stuff like VN/Manga's even if they are very good.
Its just the style of reading it doesnt fit me.

clannad4ever | 08-12-10, 1:07 PM
haha already 9/24 it got you ^^

prepare yourself for the best'll see why is this considered a masterpiece starting with ep10 ;)

clannad4ever | 08-11-10, 4:46 AM
hey mate

I couldn't help but notice that you were active on the Clannad forums and that you gave it a 10 :-)

but since many people don't do this,i'm gonna tell you what I tell every person that liked the sequel (after-story),fast :D

it's 5x better than the first season(and the first season is already better than most of the other anime :p)

ratpaws | 08-02-10, 9:50 PM
Thank you C: And yeah, some people are like "I hate shonen, everyone who likes shonen sucks, shonen is the worst" when really, that's just their opinion :P I can't believe some of us are that immature.

ratpaws | 08-02-10, 10:56 AM
Aha, thanks for agreeing with my post on that 'Why do Anime Viewers Have Shitty Tastes' discussion. Looks like it was locked though XD

Yves | 07-18-10, 5:11 PM
No problem.

Death Note is one of those series that practically everyone on here has watched. Most like it. Clannad is great too. It may be sort of an acquired taste though. Its sequel, Clannad After Story, was ranked #1 on here for a while.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask me.

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