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Post your fanfics here!

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12-31-08, 8:08 AM

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Here is the place for you contestants to post your fanfics! There are a few rules you should follow when posting, however:

As prevent a whole ton of scrolling, we'd like it of you either

- post your fanfic on some other site (f.ex. and link to it
- encapsulate the fic in spoiler tags ([ spoiler ]text[ /spoiler ], just without the spaces within the brackets)

There will be no discussion of the fanfics in this thread! This thread will be used solely for posting the fics and, when the time comes, for the judges to post their scores. IF you want to discuss them, check this thread

Please and thank you =)
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12-31-08, 8:24 AM

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12-31-08, 1:28 PM

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You're a Best Friend Anyone Can Have.

A Haruhi x Tamaki story.
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01-01-09, 6:58 AM

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Here's mine. It's pretty long, but checks in just below the word limit.

It's a Star Wars crossover entitled Ouran High Wars, so I hope you've all seen or heard of Star Wars xD

01-01-09, 1:53 PM

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Here is my fic, but before reading, I have somethings to point out:

-It's an OOC (out of character)
- The only characters in this fic are, Kaoru, Hikaru, Tamaki, Haruhi, and Mori.

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01-01-09, 2:39 PM

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Midori-chan, the link doesn't work; you didn't get the right URL, I think. I fixed it for you ^^ (thank heavens for similar usernames =P)
02-02-09, 12:50 AM

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-Fairly heavy on Final Fantasy references. says it's over 5000 words, but MS Word said it was only about 4800~. If this is a problem let me know and I'll make some cuts here and there (already had to make alot of cuts and revisions to get it even there, but I can make a few more if necessary.).

Anyway, sorry it's so late, I've been REALLY busy. Thanks for waiting this long.