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Jul 28, 5:48 AM
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AIKa R-16: Virgin Mission
AIKa R-16: Virgin Mission
Jul 28, 5:44 AM
Completed 3/3 · Scored 5
Aquarion Evol
Aquarion Evol
Jul 28, 5:43 AM
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Sayonara ga Chikai no de
Sayonara ga Chikai no de
Jul 28, 5:43 AM
Completed 1/1 · Scored 7
Jul 19, 9:42 AM
Reading 62/135 · Scored 9
Jan 27, 9:53 AM
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KaminaKai Yesterday, 8:04 AM
The profile is nice, but a bit outdated~ Are there no awesome yuri anime recently? Or none as hot as those two that you are shipping?

Yes, the first half of Kabaneri was good, but second half was meh. I feel the same as you in that Ikuma should have died at the end (and made the series good), but instead we got a shitty happily ever after ending. I dropped Kabaneri from a 10 (based on first few episodes) to a 8 at the end. Like you said, should have been a 7, but overall I averaged out to 8 :P

Never to much gaming? Well, you got the time for it now I guess :) Your feels are turning into typo :P
Shiznat Jul 28, 12:16 PM
ahahaha! Nice.

It was great though!! :)

Omg, did you see the WW trailer??
Shiznat Jul 20, 7:52 PM
I saw it :)
It was great!!
KaminaKai Jul 14, 7:56 PM
Mi-tan forgot about my July 11 message :(
KaminaKai Jul 14, 5:55 PM
Just did :)
KaminaKai Jul 12, 10:51 AM
When my big client work is finally done. I can dance like this
KaminaKai Jul 11, 7:44 PM
That's called running away from the problem. Something teenagers like to do~ I do that too... guess I'm still young hohoho

Kabaneri was decent... started out really well but the 2nd half didn't feel quite as exciting to watch. ReZero might get on my list later, but I got a lot of catching up to do first!

Yeah... wish they could write me something awesome like a truck of gold just parked in my garage one day or something :P

I'm waiting for Monster Hunter Generation... pre-ordered for my bro, but ended up I get to play it first lol. I think I've gamed too much already though. Not healthy!
MomoDestro Jul 10, 8:18 PM
I know that feeling.

I need to watch Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress and ReZero sometime. I heard they were good as well. The con was great. A good way to do something different than the everyday chores. Now onto going back to work. XD
Shiznat Jun 30, 8:30 AM
The same :D
I've been watching a lot of movies lately.
I'm excited for ghost busters, star trek, and suicide squad.
KaminaKai Jun 30, 8:12 AM
LOL less health coping methods? Want to share some with me? I can use it right now...
Yeah Kabaneri is good, I'm waiting for the last ep to be out (hopefully later today) and then it all in one go! I also had ReZero in mind, but I don't know yet... reviews have been kind of split so far IMO.
Superior life forms eh? I hope they will write me a good future because the plot writing so far is really shit!
Mi-tan is hipster accepting those ads they throw at you by tracking your gaming behaviour and history.

Shiznat Jun 27, 2:28 PM
What's up? :)
MomoDestro Jun 26, 6:49 PM
That is great. Good time to relax.

I liked the first season of Oreimo better but the second season is special... XD Shouwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu sounds familiar. It sounds interesting. I am just finishing Wolf's Rain and going through my queue that ever increases and never feel like it will decrease. I am going to Anime Expo next week so prepping for that.
KaminaKai Jun 22, 9:45 AM
Taking a break from anime is good, just remember it is there for you when you need anime to comfort you! It did that for me many times LOL
What currently airing anime you plan on starting?
She says irl character development -.- somehow I feel like an anime character already.
I don't like PSN tracking me all that stuff ;w; I stay away from PSN :( Steam is just the same to me :P I guess 3DS is the way to go to stay relatively hidden from these "monster" companies out there that track all your daily habits!
KaminaKai Jun 22, 6:27 AM
Spare time... yeah after June! I got tons to catch up and I barely watched anything at all this month, let alone login here. I'm doing fine so I get to keep my ass for now LOL. But in all honesty, I feel that I have matured a bit in recent months (don't hear me say that often lol).

Still gaming?! You got time for that?! I see... so game >>> anime. *kick mi-tan out of MAL* go login to your Gamesfaq or something :P jokin jokin

New blog? Okay I'll check it out!
Ikusagami Jun 15, 5:50 PM
Wow, that's some impressive multitasking in your About Me.
You loving Breaking Bad as much as I did?
And a warning, my sister has followed Supernatural from the start, and says it lives on long past the shark having jumped itself to a horrendous bloody death.
Also also, I just played Mass Effect 2 last month, and could not do it again, let along five times. It seems I'm the only one who doesn't love it, but there's no actual plot, and you basically just play an army recruiter. I actually put it on hold for other games like three times.