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February 10, 2008
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Characters that give me Goddess vibes.
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Friends Policy.
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DarkWolf4 | 04-12-14, 10:56 AM
How often do you make a face like the one in your display picture? Haha

KAMIOPPAI | 03-27-14, 7:32 AM
Sounds like you really enjoyed that party. Glad to hear people like Ada's style. I always knew I had great taste!

I still want to finish the game, but been losing steam lately due to stress and work. Maybe I'll resume when things start to settle down. You want to get people emotional from your melodramatic writing? Sounds a bit evil to me :P

I wouldn't say "all" anime these days are like that. That won't be fair for those who actually try to do something decent. But I agree that the industry is trending that way for the last 5 or 6 years at least. Doing some research for FAL, seems like there are a few decent anime this coming season... hope they can capture my attention.

Hahahaha, I forgot what having class and doing assignment is like. Kinda nice to have a set of tasks all laid out for you.

Lyfa | 03-16-14, 6:51 AM
Well I would say when you got more time try watch what you watch all at once and see which one is more fun to continue, I have this problem atm myself to, I watch 75 anime and got yday intresed in 2 more... I don't think it's a smart move to start those 2 atm thought XD

I totally agree actually, the new animes also have a lack of episodes or incomplete stories, the only rlly good ones are the ones that are adepted from good manga's (Like Noragam is rlly good)
I seen it, I got so shocked in the middle when both Yoshino and Mahiro all of sudden died xD (or so it seemed), it was an amazing anime.

b0ss | 03-08-14, 8:37 PM
Why is she covered in blood with a crazy sex face?

b0ss | 03-04-14, 8:59 AM
Your icon is sexually arousing for some reason.

Lyfa | 03-04-14, 7:09 AM
LMAO, I know what you mean dear, even I myself who has allot more time have this problem :/ there's to much to watch...

Oh I see so I won't try it anytime soon for sure after hearing this XD

KAMIOPPAI | 03-01-14, 8:29 AM
You mean there are many people who dress like Ada? Or are you saying Ada's style is nothing special?! Wait till she hear about this...tsk tsk tsk. Oh? How exactly did you "rock" an outfit?

Thought I had enough paragon so wanted to try something to screw my face over. What better way is there than to delete some data (as oppose to letting people die etc). I think this is the most humane and safe way of doing things. I think I already got her loyalty anyway. And besides, Shep is smart enough to do it in a subtle way that will not piss Kasumi off, so the world is all good. Oh..then I will have to keep moving with the story and see. Horizon eh? Wonder what is there. You had a week off, why still not fair? I had a hellish work week... now that is not fair xD Get back to your study girl!

Well one could also argue that I am too ignorant to try the new anime this season (and a lot from the fall season). So I wouldn't go so far as to claim there is no good ones out there. I will make that statement after trying them all (which is probably never).

LOL I see you spent a lot of time there that could have gone to your MSG. Tsk tsk tsk. Time not used wisely. Now regret~

MomoDestro | 02-28-14, 4:28 PM
Ah cool. Sounds like I need to move it up my queue. There is always the Manga. ^_^

KAMIOPPAI | 02-28-14, 3:52 PM
Mmmm sorry to butt in, but I see you are debating in the forum on the religious matters. The person you are debating with is clearly an idiot who refuse to look for facts (or read them even when you presented the facts) and got brainwashed into thinking a certain way. You're wasting your time honey.

KAMIOPPAI | 02-28-14, 3:07 PM
Y-Y-You dress like Ada going outside? Damn girl, you must have thousands and thousands of dudes (and gals) hitting on you on a regular basis. *trying to picture what M-tan would be like*

I don't use bionic powers much (not even in the first game). I tend to bias towards raw weapon power and tech. Though since I now have the awesome gears for Jack, I might let her tag along my party so that she does not break my ship apart out of boredom :P I just deleted those data for Kasumi at the end of the loyalty mission without second thought. I'm like... okay, that's history, welcome aboard my harem ship. Data deleted. Mmmmm maybe I got Horizon confused with another place then. I should check again, haven't got time to touch the game for a week now.

Not really burned out, I am looking forward to some anime in April... just that this season there's nothing that catches my eyes. Maybe just a lack of good stories these days.

KAMIOPPAI | 02-28-14, 10:52 AM
Ada sure got a lot of influence over someone here :) You still trying to dress like her when you "grow up"?

Mmmm yeah I can sort of picture Ada's VA as Jack because of the character personality. Lovely? Mmmm I don't know your definition of lovely. Nope, I only did loyalty mission for Kasumi and Zaeed. I think they are DLC characters? Miranda is still cold like a popsicle to me. I still prefer my gf from ME1 over anybody else :) Nope, I'm not at Horizon yet. Can't go back to do other side quests after I enter, no?

I see. Kinda expected you would say that. Unfortunately I couldn't really get myself into anime mood these days. Wonder why...

KAMIOPPAI | 02-27-14, 12:01 PM
...okay I totally understand Ada is your queen. Welcome death with open arms is rather extreme though.

I know "basic" names like Leon and Ada... maybe Jill and Chris too, but other than that I am not too knowledgeable about names. Yes I have Jack. Giving her clothes to wear too xD

I did watch the first episode I think, but then I was too busy to follow up on it and then it just faded into the background. I can expect lots of bloody scenes and actions? Anything else? :)

KAMIOPPAI | 02-27-14, 11:45 AM
You wish to be stalked and then you can die as a happy woman? You are such a special girl :)

Wow, I've never heard of these names (Dulcinea and Kathleen). You have a vocab of names in your head or something? So awesome! Maybe I should ask you to name my characters from now on. I think I used the default name for Amell and used my own name on Shepperd since I want to be badass for once... I'm doing the loyalty missions for my crew. Since I have the DLC stuff to do as well (and I'm exploring all worlds for resources) this is taking a lot of time. The fact that the game is sooooo different from ME1 also make it difficult for me get used to (in the beginning).

Too bad MAL does not have a list of those people eh?

I see you finished Roberta's Blood Trail, how did you like it?

MomoDestro | 02-26-14, 6:34 PM
No I havent yet. I heard good things though. I have to get around to it.

Rukayex | 02-22-14, 9:11 AM
Hi there,

Thanks for letting me know! I'm glad you like them! :D

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