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Poll: Medaka Box Chapter 144 Discussion

05-04-12, 8:26 AM

Joined: May 2010
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Zenkichi is getting the spotlight. Yes! Come on Sevante or whatever martial art that you learn. I want to see you fight.
05-05-12, 3:33 AM

Joined: Mar 2009
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Zenkichi screen time? Zenkichi actually fighting? Wow!

Torai is first generation Flask. Hmm. I might need to refresh up on that.

Aww, Emukae. Total friendzone'd. Ouch.
05-05-12, 3:52 AM

Joined: Nov 2011
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Zakeru1221 said:
InfiniteDestiny said:
While reading this i couldn't help but feel disappointed that Zenkichi seemed that he didn't get stronger at all but it seems that could be proven wrong as early as next chapter XD; well that aside nice twist showing that the new girl is actually useful; Its getting good; tho time wise do people know how much time has passed since the last time we saw Medaka's group? Since they already moved on to the second stage some time must have passed right?

the guy has 1 f*cking skill and it's almost as useless as his french karate when up against the op characters in this manga.

though I do have high hopes for him next chapter, I have been wrong before....

Got to remember man. He rose to the occasion to not only stay strong enough to be by Medaka's side but even surpass her by beating her in the student president election. I personally think he probably got a hell lot stronger in order to become a president worthy of the school and all of its problems.However that's not always the case and he could end up not being all that much stronger so who knows! The way he is acting is certainly showing a lot of confidence though, so I'm putting my money on Zenkichi!
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01-16-14, 8:01 PM

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Meh, the old student council was better.
07-27-14, 1:51 AM

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Forgot to mention last chapter because of Ajimu awesomeness but I was actually a little disappointed when it showed us that Zenkichi was indeed, going to be playing a, seemingly important, role this arc. I like Zenkichi and all but I like the variety of cast changes, and minus Hanten & Medaka, I loved the cast we had going. But eh, I didn't hate this chapter or anything so maybe it'll be good.
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