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saka - Apr 30, 2012
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shoxk - Mar 9, 2009
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sugarplumfairy - Jan 18, 2009
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How do you best enjoy watching anime
zieek - Sep 22
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Club Comments
kennikitty | Nov 16, 11:38 AM
@desertkona That's why, instead of Usagi Drop, I recommend "My Girl" by Yumeka Sumomo, if you want to read a manga about this topic.

desertkona | Nov 16, 2:05 AM
@roboto56 try Usagi Drop Manga version, and you will think that "Luckily the anime is not finished"

roboto56 | Nov 15, 10:51 PM
@jure try watching aria the animation, and haibane renmai, two really special slce of lifes, usagi drop is also a really good one! If you decide to watch aria the animation and like it, theres the natural and the origination to enjoy as well!

Jureonable | Oct 31, 3:56 PM
Need some romance/slice of life recommendations. Check my list for more info, thanks :)

kyouri | Sep 18, 11:38 AM
Quite the good list you've got going there.
You might look into:
Aldnoah Zero
Black Lagoon
One of the Fate/ series probably Zero to start
Full Metal Panic! is always a win
Everyone should see Mushishi
And as an Evangelion fan I have to recommend it.
That and your missing some classic oldies like Cowboy Bebop and GTO, and you need to get into the ghiblies more.
Gurren Lagann is a red flag for you as you aught to have seen it by now...
Finally you might have the taste to enjoy the Bakemonogatari series.

It's been a while since I've made a rec, get's so much harder the longer my list get's damn it.

SandaimeMaster | Sep 15, 12:27 AM
Hehey some recommendations? ^^

KoleiK | Sep 1, 1:58 PM
Hi everybody, check my profile and made comments about my profile and about my anime list if you wish, I would also make it :D good day or evening to all. ;)

MadAnnoyingShows | Sep 1, 3:37 AM
Hey I've got a youtube channel, where I review and talk about anime, go check it out:

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