A club for shows in dire need of subtitles.

The goal of this club is to bring awareness to incomplete, old, rare and aired anime, so that 'fansubbers', licensees and other distribution networks can pick them up.

Manga equal here: SCANS FUCKING WHERE?

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Nov 19, 4:04 PM
Poll: Would you 'donate' money for anime?
alchemist11 - Feb 21, 2013
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Sticky: Anime Completely Translated, but not Subbed!
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alchemist11 - Feb 23, 2013
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Apr 15, 10:49 AM

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ShojoSamurai | Yesterday, 9:19 AM
Should I add Dr. Slump 1981 and 1997 (DB flavoured remake) series since the RAWs are available?
Though Italian dub for both series released, only 1997 series got any seeder (just one though, hanging between life and death). Too bad Colombo-BT died. They had released raws of many old anime.

1981 series got subbed by Ncha up to ep 24, with last release over a year ago. Then they disappeared.

alchemist11 | Nov 25, 10:59 AM
The pilot (aka prequel) is, but the series cannot be.

ShojoSamurai | Nov 24, 9:12 PM
I guess it makes sense to focus on culturally aspiring or significant/trope defining titles.

BTW why isn't Gokuu no Daibouken series on the list? was it ever dubbed or something?
All RAWs are on Nyaa by ARR (yeah, aniDB isn't reliable all the time). And so far, I only found 3 episodes being subbed.

alchemist11 | Nov 24, 6:23 PM
None of those count. Some of them you mentioned are completely subtitled in English. Others, yes, are licensed.

alchemist11 | Nov 24, 6:17 PM
I'm not going to have this discussion right now nor this year. It is something for the future depending on how big the list grows, if any, from now.

Maka | Nov 24, 3:49 PM
I think the debate of what anime deserves to be subbed is an odd one, but I am not an admin so it really is not my concern. I think this club is overall an objective club so making a discussion subjective will be a little interesting. I would at least say to make a forum topic with anime that will be removed, or if the admins are not willing to do that, is it alright if (when the time comes about removing anime because of quality) there is a list somewhere of the anime being removed so I can at least record it. I personally think all anime deserves to be translated regardless of how objectively good it is, and I would like to start a list of the rejects.

On to stuff I've found: Does this count? On ANN it says Disney broadcasted it but nothing else Pretty much same as above except distributed by Germany

alchemist11 | Nov 24, 2:35 PM
No. While the animation quality is superb, the character art style is inconsistent (horrendous, imo), but more so because of the manga it is based on. It is also slow paced and simply doesn't compare in terms of maturity and satisfying conclusion over the end of the two series versus similar baseball anime such as Major, Cross Game, etc. Nonetheless, as I mentioned below, if I were in my teens, I may have liked it more. I believe the anime is meant for young boys (10-17); one of those informative (sponsored, too) baseball anime meant to be watched once.

valoon | Nov 24, 1:42 PM
@alchemist11 Play Ball is indeed an interesting series, I also have the Raws + recollected hardly the 3 subbed episodes and re-released them. So you wouldn't sub it under any circumstances?

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