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I've decided to make a little hobby out of watching every subtitled mecha anime, excepting things like recaps and specials. Don't know if I'll ever accomplish this amazing feat (yeah right), but for some reason I want to try it anyway. I'll probably be watching at a slow but steady pace. If you have any recommendations, or you see a mecha anime that isn't already on my list, please do share that information with me.

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Quixotes_Solace | 01-15-15, 8:10 PM
>Know anything like that which actually does have English subtitles?
Ummmmm, Mainichi Kaasan is completely subbed, but it lacks something that Crayon Shin-chan has, namely its orientation to comedy, but I like Mainichi Kaasan in its own way, though it is more slice-of-life centric than Shin-chan. Keroro Gunsou is a lot of fun and I think there are 150 episodes subbed. Urusei Yatsura is completely subbed whether you like the comedy in that I'll leave up to you to decide, it's more traditionally slapstick orientated and driving force behind the plot is less misunderstanding orientated than other Takahashi works. I suppose Line: Offline Salaryman, and Peeping Life, if you like gag anime. I wasn't too much of a fan of Dr. Slump: Arale-Chan (only some of the episodes have been subbed for this though i watched it raw) and kinda regret watching the whole thing. Maiching Macchiko Sensei is currently getting subbed, it seems ok if you like lewd humor.

That's a few I can think of right now, i might get back to you on that question.

I'm going to have to agree with you, there aren't many Mahou Shoujo anime that I have really found a comfortable groove in, I'm hoping Cutey Honey will change that though. Esper Mami was quite good as well though it's unfortunate that it won't be remembered for the right reasons (esper mami isn't subbed I watched it raw), Ashita no Nadja was pretty good as well of the bits and pieces of it that I have seen. Ojamajo Doremi looks good as well but mainly because of the writing staff behind the series.

Quixotes_Solace | 01-15-15, 3:18 PM
>I'd really like to see the Jarinko Chie series which was also directed by Takahata.

Same, I'd honestly really like to see what Takahata has done with his longer anime. Most specifically Himitsu no Akko-chan (this one I am especially curious about as I wonder how Takahata would approach a magical girl series) and Moorestu Ataro.

>Looks like it might not be subtitled for a very long time though. Japanese centric comedies with lots of episodes are often ignored by fansubbers.

It's a shame that that is the case, but unfortunately I would say that it is understandable considering a lot of popular Japanese comedy is made up of word-play jokes that will go over most people's heads if they live in the West. They honestly don't translate well at all.

Another long anime that I'm interested in is Azuki-chan but hasn't got any connection with Isao Takahata as far as I'm aware, but that one is slightly easier to find than the other two.

Quixotes_Solace | 01-15-15, 1:55 PM
Oh, I forgot to mention. This is some news that will probably interest you:

Is currently getting subbed, I think they are now on Episode 16. It is currently being released on youtube.

Quixotes_Solace | 01-15-15, 1:45 PM
Ah that makes sense.

I honestly felt like I couldn't breath for the last 10 episodes of Marco, so yeah it does get better and better. I was honestly just thinking about nominating it for the enlightenment list in the club, but the only one who would support it is Corwin. Lol

You're helping fansub? What group are you in?

I hope you enjoy Heidi, I'm currently 15 episodes in and I would say it is meeting my expectations.
Don't forget to watch the 2009 spin-off series! :D

Quixotes_Solace | 01-15-15, 1:18 PM
Did you drop Marco because lack of quality subs?

Or because it is too slow for its own good? (Especially for the first 25 or so episodes)

HisokaHajime | 01-13-15, 6:00 PM
I really wouldn't doubt that about the lottery. Look no further than Rose being drafted by the Bulls when they had no business being able to. People have long speculated about Ewing and the frozen envelope lol. Maybe they can throw us another bone. It's been 30 years!

The best thing about having Phil is that Dolan finally decided to step away and leave everything to professionals. It will be a few years before we can give him a grade. All he can do right now is tear it down so that he can start over. Next order of business is to shut Melo down for good and have him ready to go for next season.

Love saying he's not going to opt out is good news. Even though it just prolongs the process heh. Who doesn't love another year worth of free agency talk? But it might be enough time to sway him into sticking around.

I can't help but chuckle about Prokhorov already looking to sell the Nets. Brooooookllyyyyn! The whole battle for NY thing was a joke. He was so confident that he was going to convert Knicks fans into Nets fan. That's funny. His guarantee of delivering a championship within 5 years didn't work out so well either. His billions would have impacted a baseball franchise more since there isn't a cap to deal with.

HisokaHajime | 01-11-15, 12:36 PM
Two first rounders for Mozgov was pretty steep. But they really didn't have any other choice. I caught some of the game against the Warriors and could already see the positives that he'll bring.

The problem with Shumpert is that he has a reputation as a defensive player (I've seen flashes of great defense) but it's never been consistent and he's missed a ton of games. I loved his attitude when he first came into the league. But after a while he became more talk and less walk.

Can't say I have anything against the Thunder even though I miss having the SuperSonics around. Just like I'm happy to finally have the Hornets back in their rightful place. That's so much better than the Bobcats. Maybe Durant to the Wizards has more legs than it used to with them being a really good team already.

The Knicks are on the right track. Phil has adjusted accordingly and I loved what he mentioned the other day about rebuilding the right way rather than trying to rely on only big name free agency miracles. I would appreciate those words even more if Melo's contract wasn't massive. Hopefully the Rockets still want him since they have lots of good pieces and plenty of picks. Unfortunately the worst team in the league has rarely won the lottery. Kinda weird considering how many more ping pong balls are in there. So between that and nothing ever going right for the Knicks, I've mentally prepared myself for the 3rd or 4th pick lol. But who knows... Need some of that Cavs lotto luck!

A good hype vid for the HW fight on the 17th. First time I've been somewhat pumped for a HW fight in at least a few years. I like both guys, but it's better for the division and sport if Wilder wins.

Kellhus | 01-10-15, 1:23 PM
So it appears that you really liked Dunbine going by your score, nice. It's a really under appreciated title.

HisokaHajime | 01-05-15, 6:44 PM
My biggest concern for the Cavs was the health of Love and Irving. Both of them have missed a considerable amount of the past few seasons and seem somewhat injury prone. Going anywhere depends on all three being healthy and on the court at the same time. They're not going to improve if one of them is always missing. I didn't anticipate LeBron having to sit out either since he's been an iron man for the bulk of his career. But this is the first season that he's looking a bit more human. Not as much lift and explosion from the games I've caught so far. But even still... he's got at least a few more years before being dethroned as best player.

Do you think there is any chance that Love walks in the off season? I would have never imagined that scenario. But if he continues to feel like third fiddle and can't fit in properly... it's a possibility. I guess it will all depend on how everything goes by playoff time. If the team starts clicking and they get decently far, he'll probably stay. I agree that a defensive big man can help hide some of his weaknesses.

Interesting trade just went down with our teams. Cavs getting desperate for bench production and taking a risk on JR Smith and Shumpert. Glad to have JR's contract off the books. When he's on... he's on. But he can't be trusted. I still think about that stupid elbow of his while the Knicks were on the verge of sweeping the Celtics a few years ago. Instead of putting them away, that elbow got him suspended and gave the Celtics life. Then of course all the shoe lace nonsense and endless supply of dumb quotes. It's a gamble.

At least the Knicks have 30 million in cap space and a top 5 pick on the way. That's the only saving grace.

Kellhus | 12-30-14, 9:55 PM
The main thing I like about Dunbine over Galient is that it's a lot more serious. Galient is cool but I couldn't ever get on board with it completely like Votoms, Dagram, or Layzner. It felt like a step down for Takahashi, so to speak. I dunno if you'll feel the same, but the middle of Dunbine tends to drag for some people. But the final quarter and especially the ending is great.

Those Devilman OVAs are pretty slick. Not perfect but they are a pretty legit representation of the manga, unlike the 70s series. I still love the 70s series though because it's so hilarious, can't watch a single ep without laughing. They really took the idea and ran with it in the best possible way.

Well, I've been watching LOGH, which is quite the treat. Needless to say it's been hyped to oblivion but it still manages to not dissapoint in the slightest. I love UC Gundam but it's not hard to see why people consider this to be better in many aspects.

Kellhus | 12-30-14, 8:46 AM
How are you liking Dunbine? It has its ups and downs, but I think it's a bit of an underrated one of the era. It's my favorite of the weird medieval fantasy mecha series anyway. To this day the mecha design still leaves an impression and remains rather unique.

HisokaHajime | 12-23-14, 5:29 PM
Well then you know all about rough patches. Are you a Cleveland sports fan in general? Since that's gotta be rough if you are. Going on 50 or so years without a championship in any major sport. While the Knicks have had a few horrible decades, I've gotten to see the Giants and Yankees win multiple times. But the Knicks haven't won since 1973. The loss in the 1994 Finals still eats away at me. They let that slip away and Starks chose the worst night ever to go 2-18 or whatever. 1999 doesn't sting as much since they really had no business being there and the Spurs were the better team. As for this season... off to the worst 30 game start in franchise history lol.

One thing Cavs fans can say however is that they've had the best player on the planet on two separate occasions. Gotta be worth something. I never thought the previous team would win a championship for the same reasons you mentioned. But this group has the potential to do so. I just don't think it will happen this season because of the defensive issues. Even if they make it to the Finals, I would pick whoever comes out of the West to win over them. Next season seems entirely possible though. Address some of the defensive issues and another year as a unit under their belt. I could see it.

I remember when even non boxing viewers knew who the heavyweight champion was. It was such an exciting division with a bunch of colorful characters. Now... it's easily my least favorite. I take nothing away from the Klitschko's. They've dominated for the last decade with their height and reach advantages. But they bore me to death. Luckily we're just down to Wladimir now. As for the up and coming, I suppose that would be Deontay Wilder who has 32 KO's in 32 fights. That's impressive regardless of the competition. He's got his first real test next month for one of the titles. He could potentially fight Wladimir in 2015 if he gets over this hurdle. The intriguing thing about him is that he's the exact same size as Wladimir with a slightly longer reach. Not many of those in this world.

Mayweather won't be appreciated until he's retired. I try to ignore most of the keyboard warriors who hold him to a higher standard. Without realizing that by doing so... they're admitting how great he is lol. Nothing will ever be good enough, and they'll always find a way to discredit every victory. So screw those people. I prefer to look at the facts. You can't be on the P4P list since 1998 by "ducking". It doesn't work that way. One of the many things overlooked is that he always fights guys coming off a good win. These same fighters that he's "cherry picking" would be considered GREAT fights for anyone else.

HisokaHajime | 12-17-14, 5:43 PM
"I'm big on basketball and boxing myself"

Always good to know more of those. :)

So which basketball team do you follow? I'm a long time Knicks fan and know a thing or two about torture lol. Oh boy... I'm kind of immune to it at this point. This is one of the first years in forever where the team has been this dreadful and actually have a draft pick. So hopefully it won't be a total loss. I wasn't overly fond of the idea of re-signing Melo for anything close to the amount he got. The team sucks with or without him for the time being. I would have loved a sign and trade with the Bulls or Rockets during the off season. I don't dislike Melo, but I don't see a championship team with him being your best player.

As for boxing, pretty obvious that I'm a Mayweather fan from my wall. I know many hate him, but he's been my guy long before he was the face of boxing. I appreciate and admire his skills in the ring and don't give a shit about his personal life. That's pretty much my stance on most athletes. I feel like most fans struggle in being able to separate the two. My other all time favorites are Pernell Whitaker, Roy Jones (please retire!) and Ray Leonard.

ExistentialUFO | 10-08-14, 12:16 PM
Speaking of Bergman, have you seen any of Robert Bresson's films? Au Hasard Balthazar and The Devil, Probably are very good.

My favorite Bergman films were Winter Light and Virgin Spring from what I've seen.

By the way, the scariest horror film I've seen is Cure directed by Kiyoshi Kurosawa. The uncut version is very hard to find though, but it's still worth a watch either way:

AlabastreAizo | 09-11-14, 7:56 AM
We haven't contacted each other in a while! I hope things are going well!

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