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The Fantasy Anime League (FAL) is similar to Fantasy Sports but with an anime twist. Basically, players form their own team by selecting anime from the upcoming season. Once the teams are chosen, everyone sits back and watches their teams rack up points according to criteria that is posted. You don't even need to watch the anime you've chosen. If you wish to be more active, FAL offers you some strategic elements.

If you are new to FAL, please read the introduction.

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03-03-15, 5:48 AM
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Xowlreed | Yesterday, 7:46 AM
Good luck everybody XD

Samii | 03-27-15, 6:06 AM
I'm not really sure about my team this time, but oh well. Good luck everyone!

kuuderes_shadow | 03-22-15, 1:47 AM
10 Spring series with the highest % increase in Total Members over the last 6 days (note: list includes FAL-ineligible series):
1. Funassyi no Funaunfuna Hiyori
2. Ameiro Cocoa
3. Mikagura Gakuen Kumikyoku
4. Duel Masters VSR
5. Eikoku Ikke, Nihon o Taberu
6. Punchline
7. Narudoma
8. Plastic Memories
9. Nyuru Nyuru!! Kakusen-kun 2-ki
10. Diamond no Ace: Second Season
There are 12 things that have seen their PTW go up by more than 20% in that time, and 20 things that have seen it go up by less than 10%. 57 series in total.

Of course, I have no idea if there is even the slightest correlation between this list and how well the series will do relative to their PTW once they actually start. There's probably no correlation at all. Also, most of these series are ones with very low PTW figures - the trio of series to be chosen from (nisekoi, dxd, oregairu) plus the series blacklisted for popularity (F/SN) are all in the bottom 10 in terms of % increase but the top 10 in terms of absolute gains.

I'm not going to post the absolute increases list (because that is more likely to actually be useful), but I will say that there's a noticeable gap between the second and third largest, and that neither of these top 2 are amongst the four I just mentioned, and nor are they in the top 10 percentage list above.

kuuderes_shadow | 03-22-15, 1:10 AM
Picking OreGairu out of those three was a no-brainer for me. Then again, I'm glad I didn't have to make that choice with a team that was actually going for a win. It will be interesting to see the numbers that have picked each of those series.

cchigu | 03-21-15, 11:18 PM

Paulo27 | 03-21-15, 7:06 PM
Lol Triage, shows like that tend to have pretty bad ratings (just look at any Queen's Blade-like show) and low amount of viewers, even with double points, it'll be very weak.

loneywizard | 03-21-15, 5:46 PM
Triage will be censored af and everyone will drop it :/

Awry | 03-21-15, 5:39 PM
I wasn't talking about FAL. That order is in my top 10.

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