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The Fantasy Anime League (FAL) is similar to Fantasy Sports but with an anime twist. Basically, players will be forming their own team by selecting anime from the upcoming season. Once the teams are chosen, everyone sits back and watches their teams rack up points according to criteria that will be posted. You don't even need to watch the anime you've chosen. If you wish to be more active, FAL offers you some strategic elements.

If you are new to FAL, please read the introduction.

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Sticky: FAL Spring 2014
0 replies by Luna_ »»
04-06-14, 11:19 AM
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03-09-14, 9:05 AM
FAL Fall 2013
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Club Comments
Rosa_FOEtida | 2 hours ago
@Higashi, well I wouldn't have bet everything on double scores, but Soredemo Seaki at least was fairly easy to predict as a double-pointer, with Pierrot not being the most fashionable studio, and the being somewhat unusual. It's not every day when a fantasy shoujo manga gets adapted, especially with the recent Otome adaptation boom, after all. In fact,I almost picked it, but I overestimated MAL's appetite for ecchi mecha and picked Daimidaler (another nailed-on double-pointer due to the pathetic initial PTW count) instead.

That's not to say there were harder-to-predict ones, like I said, I never would have guessed Mangaka-san had double-points potential, but I pretty much knew things like Dragonar, Gochuumon, Daimidaler, and Soredemo Sekai would there or there abouts (Kanojo ga Flag having double points right now is just a pleasant surprise I didn't really expect).

There are a lot of fluxing double-pointers this season too, though. Since the initial wave of bench swaps is mostly people spamming Mekakucity Actors and No Game No Life switch-ins, I could see a few things losing their double-point status later.

Hopefully not Kanojo ga Flag wo Oretama, though, since it's going to be hard for me to switch that one out, even if it doesn't double-score.

Higashi_no_Kaze | 3 hours ago
Well, I opted for the team almost solely based on PTW Numbers this time because I really felt there would be a defining gap between the possibly relevant shows (8-10) and all the rest of the season in terms of watching numbers. And I was right, I just didn't count on the bonus scores, but that's impossible to predict and count on anyway so I'd never take the risk of betting it all on a double score team. Still doing fine so far with my PTW Team, but winning is most likely out of the question this season because of all the wildcard bonus shows.

Rosa_FOEtida | 3 hours ago
Well, I probably wouldn't have chose it, since there's more to picking FAL anime than picking the things with a high PTW count.

Like airing dates. Sequels tend to perform their best at the start (where the established fanbases are quick to pick their sequel up before other things establish) and end (since popular sequels generally come with high MAL score ratings and fewer drops) of FAL seasons, and Date a Live II had an extremely late starting date that completely ruled out its usefulness at the beginning of the season, which means it would only get 1-2 weeks at the end of the season at most, and even then, its genres and the prequel' MAL score don't lend itself to a super-high MAL score like Mushishi or Jojo do, making it somewhat riskier, even at the end of the season, though a higher viewer ship offsets that somewhat.

Overall, with this season being as rear-loaded as it is, I would have probably ignored it for something which would be useful in the first week. Not to mention I thought this season was going to be a season of wildcards to begin with, and it seems like I was right, I just chose the wrong ones, though Mangaka-san getting double points was completely unexpected. I thought the manga was popular enough that enough people would have ignored the length and production studio and choose it anyway.

XxThescarxX | Yesterday, 10:57 PM
For a restricted anime before the start of the season, Date a Live II isn't doing that well. Still can understand censoring it from the selections because everyone would've picked it. Although because of that I'm kind of glad too as I probably would've chosen it myself.

kadian1365 | 04-22-14, 11:21 AM
It seemed like the right move at the time since Brynhildr was up by 7000 points in week 2, but I should have switched Mekakucity in instead. It made up the difference very quickly.

Luna_ | 04-20-14, 11:34 AM
Week 3 has now finished! Check out where you rank in the results thread!
We've also added all new details to the FAL Spring 2014 thread.

cyruz | 04-19-14, 7:21 AM
Wow, someone's excited. =D

terrablu2003 | 04-19-14, 6:41 AM
Yahho~! ;)

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