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Welcome to the Yui Ogura and Kaori Ishihara Fan Club! Feel free to discuss the recent roles that Yui Ogura and Kaori Ishihara are playing over the course of the continuing seasons. Or talk about why you love Yui Ogura and Kaori Ishihara along with some of your favorite roles of theirs. :)

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(Kanji) 小倉 唯, (Western Order) Yui Ogura, (Japanese/Eastern Order) Ogura Yui
Birth date:
August 15, 1995 (Age 20)
Birth place:
Midori, Gumna Prefecture
Blood type:
150 cm (4.92 ft)
Three sizes:
71 - 53 - 73 cm

Be Entranced by Yui's Dog's Eyes! O_O

(Kanji) 石原 夏織, (Western Order) Kaori Ishihara, (Japanese/Eastern Order) Ishihara Kaori
August 6, 1993 (age 22)
Chiba Prefecture
Blood type:
153 cm (5.01 ft)
Three Sizes:
75 - 52 - 76 cm

Yui Ogura and Kaori Ishihara Pictures:
Animage - Yui Ogura 小倉 唯
Animage - Kaori Ishihara 石原 夏織
Animage - YuiKaori ゆいかおり
Mogyutto - Yui Ogura 小倉 唯
Mogyutto - Kaori Ishihara 石原 夏織
Mogyutto - YuiKaori ゆいかおり
Mogyutto - Ro-Kyu-Bu ロウきゅーぶ!
Cowboybibimbop - Yui Ogura 小倉 唯
Cowboybibimbop - Kaori Ishihara 石原 夏織
Cowboybibimbop - YuiKaori ゆいかおり
Seiyuu Complex - Yui Ogura 小倉 唯
Seiyuu Complex - Kaori ishihara 石原 夏織
Rurei - Yui Ogura 小倉 唯
Rurei - Kaori ishihara 石原 夏織
Seiyuuri - YuiKaori ゆいかおり

Yui Ogura and Kaori Ishihara Websites:
Yui Yui Tea Time (Yui's Official Blog)
Mahalo (Kaori's Official Blog)
Yui's Old Official Blog (Until Sept 16, 2013)
Kaori's Old Official Blog (Until Sept 16, 2013)
Yui Ogura Official Music Site ❤ 小倉 唯 公式サイト
YuiKaori Official Music Site ❤ ゆいかおり 公式サイト
Yui Ogura Blog English Translation
Yui Ogura Sigma Seven Profile
Kaori Ishihara Sigma Seven Profile

Hello Project, Seiyuuri, and Wikipedia Links:
Yui Ogura Up-Front (English)
Kaori Ishihara Up-Front (English)
YuiKaori Up-Front (English)
Yui Ogura Seiyuuri Profile (English)
Kaori Ishihara Seiyuuri Profile (English)
Yui Ogura Wikipedia (English)
Yui Ogura Wikipedia (Japanese)
Kaori Ishihara Wikipedia (English)
Kaori Ishihara Wikipedia (Japanese)
YuiKaori Wikipedia (English)
YuiKaori Wikipedia (Japanese)
Click on pictures to see video:

YuiKaori Cuteness!

Concert Footage

Kana Hanazawa: The Harem master
YuiKaori Fall 2015 Anime
Click on pictures to see anime page:

YuiKaori Facebook fan page links:

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Club Discussion
What is the thing you want to do to Yui Ogura the most?
Gonzo-lewd - May 10, 2013
7 replies by SeibaaHomu »»
Feb 6, 4:31 AM
Poll: Who do you think is cuter?
Gonzo-lewd - Jun 21, 2013
24 replies by rmadillah »»
Nov 2, 2014 12:26 AM
What made you become a fan of Yui Ogura?
Gonzo-lewd - Apr 6, 2013
38 replies by rmadillah »»
Nov 2, 2014 12:24 AM
Poll: What is your favorite role by Yui Ogura?
Gonzo-lewd - Apr 7, 2013
18 replies by rmadillah »»
Nov 2, 2014 12:21 AM
Favorite roles from Kaori-chan?
SilentTruth - Jun 12, 2013
6 replies by rmadillah »»
Nov 2, 2014 12:16 AM

Club Comments
Gonzo-lewd | Oct 21, 11:15 AM
(/^_^)/ (^_^)

Gonzo-lewd | Oct 11, 1:19 AM
SHUT UP! A man can dream!! > 3 <

AiCon | Oct 10, 10:15 PM
Even if their skirts do fly up, you still wouldn't see anything. Anime physics, you know~ >_>

Gonzo-lewd | Oct 10, 10:12 PM
Seeing them flaunt their butts and seeing that skirt fly up would make me pass out. @___@

AiCon | Oct 10, 10:09 PM
If only that were a striptease in my room~ > w <

Gonzo-lewd | Oct 10, 9:41 PM
Shake dat thang~ > 3 <

Gonzo-lewd | Aug 17, 10:58 PM
> 3 <

AiCon | Aug 17, 10:32 PM
Uhh.... I'll let you sniff her hair. Aren't I a good friend? xD

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