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This is a club dedicated towards webtoons (aka Asian webcomics). We have most English translated webtoons listed here for you to browse through. Listed on the right are the licensed (or published) webtoons that are on MyAnimeList's (aka MAL's) database. The rest of the webtoons, that are not on MAL's database, are listed under Non-licensed Webtoons form post, in alphabetical order.

If you notice that a webtoon isn't on our lists, please let us know about it by commenting below.

Also, if you have any questions or concerns please feel free to comment. Although, please read through our guidelines and F.A.Q. before asking, as they can hopefully answer your questions.

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Which Webtoon would you love to get an anime adaptation of?
ironace - Aug 13, 2014
20 replies by rosellastar »»
Feb 9, 9:48 AM
Which Webtoon brought you here? :3 ( 1 2 )
pennyiscute - Sep 9, 2012
91 replies by chocopie90 »»
Jan 20, 11:23 PM
[GAME]last letter ( 1 2 )
loskierek - Jul 13, 2013
97 replies by loskierek »»
Jan 13, 4:25 PM
Official Member Cards (BETA)
mranimem - Dec 31, 2015
0 replies by mranimem »»
Dec 31, 2015 12:27 PM
Where to read 'Pretty Boy' in english?
shiishio - Nov 15, 2015
5 replies by shiishio »»
Dec 11, 2015 11:33 AM

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Club Comments
ironace | 51 minutes ago
Noblesse was very enjoyable but i didnt enjoy some character designs and voice actors. M-21's voice just didnt fit him.Also rai was more like rai in the other ova.

AllenVonStein | 1 hour ago
@pennyiscute , yes it was good , even though they have changed some scene but it's an ova i was expecting that

Rai voice actor was out of place .

pennyiscute | Yesterday, 8:33 PM
OMG! I just watched the Noblesse OVA.....*silent scream* IT WAS AMAZING!
Made me love Noblesse all over again.

Ahhh Rai is so awesome!

logic340 | Feb 9, 7:44 AM
@ironace I feel bad for Prince and this game really has Khun at a disadvantage against Rachel. We know she is cold and hearless so I wonder who and how many of her team she will let parish. I would love to see it be Cassano but our main cast has unfinished business with him so he should come out alive at the end. Yuri seems really surprised to hear the name "White" Ii wonder what she knows and what developments will come from this revelation. Overall really good setup chapter. Let the games begin!!!

ironace | Feb 8, 8:54 AM
What a great start to the week!
Dice was really good and intense. Noblesse is just awesome. The legendary moonlight sculptor was really emotional this week. Sucks that it was the final chapter of the season. But Tog is just really mind blowing! I LOVE the game of the final match!

logic340 | Feb 3, 5:50 AM
OMG!!! Just saw the raw for Noblesse chapter 393 and damn the hype is so real!!!

logic340 | Feb 2, 10:52 AM
@ironace thank you sir just read DICE chapter 125.

pennyiscute | Feb 2, 4:10 AM
@ironace: Thanks! That's very kind ^A^
I'm still a member here, just not part of admin staff anymore

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