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an art of sound in time that expresses ideas and emotions in significant forms through the elements of rhythm, melody, harmony, and color.

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Poll: Sound Euphonium! (Hibike Euphonium!)
YuuChou - May 25
1 replies by sbyrstall »»
Jul 2, 5:35 AM
What anime songs are you currently listening?
Shinkaron - Apr 16, 2010
49 replies by sbyrstall »»
Apr 27, 5:00 AM
Angel Beats??
sbyrstall - Apr 21, 2010
3 replies by sbyrstall »»
Apr 27, 4:58 AM
Seishun Pop! vs. Music hunters
sean90 - Nov 11, 2013
5 replies by sbyrstall »»
Feb 7, 6:49 PM
Characters to Add
Shinkaron - Apr 2, 2010
19 replies by Angus »»
Mar 29, 2014 9:06 AM

Club Comments
YuuChou | May 25, 7:52 PM
Didn't know i could do that, and also didn't want to do something like that in the club because im not an officer. But will do now with your acknowledge

D33 | May 22, 2:06 AM
Hoping for a K-on! Live action. A proper live action, not the live action I've seen on youtube.

sbyrstall | May 21, 6:29 PM
Yuu, you're more than welcome to start any music themed topic you want. Everyone who's a member can do that.

YuuChou | May 21, 4:53 PM
Do you think we can have a thread for Sound Euphonium? So that we can have more engaged conversations with the club, or general how others feel/felt about the episodes.

Pwntage | May 21, 2:51 PM
i was able to figure out what type of music that is. Its Hayashi(music performed for Noh etc) . I think i won't be able to pursue this deeply since there isn't much information regarding the music structure etc. But oh well at least now i know what it is.

sbyrstall | May 20, 4:59 AM
Pwn, any anime in particular?

D33, welcome. The music themed anime this spring season is "Hibike! Euphonium".

D33 | May 20, 3:24 AM
Hi, I am new here and I joined because of the name of the club. I love music genre anime especially K-on!

Pwntage | May 15, 6:06 AM
question regarding certain Anime OST. Some anime ost (e.g naruto) contain crowd chanting in some songs. Wanted to ask if someone knew what their origin was. By that meaning are they some Buddhist chants or some festival chants or what? Im thinking of recreating them but need to find what it actually is.

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