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Blair (ブレア)
First mistaken by Maka and Soul to be a witch that they needed to make Soul a death scythe, it turns out that she is just a cat with strong magical powers. The theme of Blair's magic consists of pumpkins, which she uses as weapons (bombs, cannon, etc). She has started to like Soul (who she calls Scythe Boy) and playfully flirts with him(it is unknown if this is playfulness or real feelings). Blair also flirts with Soul to see how Maka acts by doing so. She was suppose to be the witch-soul Maka and Soul needed but since she wasn't a witch, they took one of her nine "lives." Taking one of her lives meant that they had to start all over again. She is well endowed, which is used when she flirts with Soul usually by appearing out of her cat form in little to no clothing. She is very good at understanding other people. She is always looking for some fun, whether it is harmless or not. Her hat is named Zwan and can change into a hand when Blair commands it to. She sometimes refers to herself in third person.

Voice Actors
Katou, Emiri
Clark, Leah
Ward, Monica
Molnár, Ilona
Lee, Ji Yeong
Melloul, Céline

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