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Am I Actually the Strongest?

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Sep 6, 2020
Jijia (All reviews)
This story has a repetitive premise in the manga genre: going into a fantasy world and reincarnated as a different character with some kind of aptitude/knack. The story started in a methodical prelude of the main character's self, albeit being a little abrupt with the whole "why, or how he died and got reincarnated in the first place", it still did summarize a little background of his past life; which is the generic isekai life, being a shut-in for years. Up until the story now(19 chapters), there are a few flaws that can be subjective of whether being acute or not, but maybe my read more
Aug 5, 2023
uiorwejklfsd (All reviews)
This is terrible. It's basically just nonsense scribbled on a page. It has every trope that has ever existed in the genre, but the author tries to cover it up by disguising it as "parody" which is incredibly lazy and pathetic. There is absolutely no substance here other than MC is a god, and he needs to show off his power every chapter. I actually enjoy the isekai genre, but this beyond anything I could stomach. I've read around 30 isekai this year and this is definitely the worst. The Artwork is horrific. The panels don't even have backgrounds? I didn't even know low quality read more

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