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Heroine for Hire

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Oct 8, 2021
CyberpunkBoyToy (All reviews)
For a tagline like "Knight Girl x Princess Boy" I expected a lot more gender nonconformity, but both the male and female leads stay rigidly in the usual standards of masculinity and femininity. The boy is far more 'prince' than princess, and the girl is still plenty feminine and not all that different from most shoujo heroines...though she at least somewhat holds up to her marketing by also being a proficient martial artist, with plenty of panels of her kicking stuff and grabbing men in judo throws.

So while there's not as much gender role subversion as I was hoping for, I don't have many complaints. read more
Jul 1, 2021
Shellshock123 (All reviews)

The series is about a tough type of girl. Not exactly a tomboy or a fetishized Muscle girl. But just a girl who was very strong but looks girly as well. She constantly tackles or becomes John Cena when being run into or whatever. Its part of the gag. She ends up meeting this player type male lead. Who basically all the girls like because you know he's good looking and he basically does what the girls want so he's always being surrounded by girls. Realizing how tough the female lead is the male lead basically hangs around her so she can defend him against read more

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