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  • Manga Score: 7.75
  • Author: Keiko Iwashita
  • Publisher: Kodansha
  • Volumes: 11
  • DB title: Living no Matsunaga-san
  • Rating: 13 and up
  • Genres: RomanceShoujo
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Living-Room Matsunaga-san

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Jul 19, 2018
dattebayo_47 (All reviews)
If you like Shojo/romance, you'll love Living no Matsunaga-san. It feels very familiar to read and the plot is building nicely. The story follows a 17 year old high school girl Miko.

Miko moves into a share house of 6 adults and quickly bonds with 27 year old Matsunaga and the story builds to a tense romance. It's pretty fluffy but if you like fluff and Shojo like I do, then I think this will be a good pick for you.
The art is very good, something strange that I've noticed is the fashion of the main characters is a lot cooler than in other read more
Oct 11, 2021
sonnygirl___ (All reviews)
I've decided to review this manga because I couldn't find any other review that had completed the series. So, to note, it's my first and probably only review I'll make, so i'll try to be short, objetive and sincere. This isn't a spoiler free review.

Despite all of the age gap that we were receiving in these last years, I would like to say that this manga was ahead of this classic cliché, by a plot based in making them live in the same house with a set of side characters. About Matsunaga-san, even with all the fan-service we got, that I really didn't dislike it read more

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