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Initial D

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May 16, 2017
sayakamane (All reviews)
Man Oh Man, this Manga, probably the best Iv'e read, if you're not a TRUE JDM, or Japanese car lover, turn away, because this anime is set in the 90s, when Touge racing was BIG.

Story; 10/10 It's generic, some teen who likes cars races to become the best in Japan, who started driving at a young age, and is a blood born racer.

Art; 10/10 Spot on! Cars have lots of detail and the characters look really nice and well drawn!

Character 6/10, it doesn't really progress throughout the anime, but I did give it the 6 points because the main character goes from a bloke who read more
Sep 1, 2012
Blueno-CP9 (All reviews)
Let me first start off by stating this. If you want to read a manga(or watch an anime) that has awesome real life racing elements, look no further than Initial D. This so far is a fantastic piece of work and gradually gets better the more you get into it. I remember reading 3 volumes a day because I could not get enough of the adrenaline pumpin' races. The suspense, racing strategies, and gorgeous artwork make this manga extremely hard to put down.

HOWEVER. This manga does have flaws that set it back from being a true racing masterpiece. Which I will divulge in this database read more

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