May 16, 2017
miyokR (All reviews)
Man Oh Man, this Manga, probably the best Iv'e read, if you're not a TRUE JDM, or Japanese car lover, turn away, because this anime is set in the 90s, when Touge racing was BIG.

Story; 10/10 It's generic, some teen who likes cars races to become the best in Japan, who started driving at a young age, and is a blood born racer.

Art; 10/10 Spot on! Cars have lots of detail and the characters look really nice and well drawn!

Character 6/10, it doesn't really progress throughout the anime, but I did give it the 6 points because the main character goes from a bloke who doesn't even know what his own car is to a expert driver

Now, personally if you were to read a part where people are racing, I'd recommend turning on Eurobeat, for that 90s feel!

I really recommend this Anime/Manga to any car geek.