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Feb 2, 2015
zedwardzenyz (All reviews)

You're sitting there, phone in hand and scrolling through your social network, following people, adding people, commenting on things, your general everyday thing (facebook, twitter, etc).

Suddenly, you're teleported into cyberspace, into a room with people you've never met before.

Pretty cool right? yeah.

You are then greeted by the social network mascot. He then announces that you and the people that were using the social network at that time, are to play social network games. "Heh, I can do that", is what you're thinking. The mascot then continues to tell you that these games you will be playing is for your life. He proceeds read more
May 10, 2017
Pakutto (All reviews)
Keep in mind when you're reading reviews, how many chapters the reviewer has read. This is displayed in the top right corner of their review. You'll notice for THIS manga - that higher reviews are often made by people who have read fewer chapters. This is because they haven't gotten far enough to realize how disappointing this manga really is.

The outcome of a manga can almost be more important than the journey - but in this case, I couldn't even muster through the journey. Everything began quite clever - but ultimately turned into ridiculous plot twists, unanswered questions, and so much fan service that I read more

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