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Sep 22, 2019
Foti66 (All reviews)
OK. When I founded that Magi´s author realased a new manga i didn´t expected too much. Maybe because it reminds me of Edens Zero or Samurai 8, which taught me that the fact that a person makes a good manga doesn´t means that everythinh it does is good. But I had a big surprise reading Orient.

The story is about the Edo Japanese period dominated by Onis and Kishins (basucally, demons, samurais, swords, magic, that kind of stuff) and a guy called Musashi and his friend Kojiro (I still loving that references to characters of the context that Ohtaka works)

This is the weakest point of read more
Jul 13, 2021
yona2005 (All reviews)
This is a review of only the first 3 chapters of the story, and now that you're informed, let us talk about this interesting situation we've got here.

Orient is the new manga of Ohtaka Shinobu, Magi's author. And though a lot of people say that you should separate the author's works, it should be acknowledged that you'd expect something good from an author whom you've read\watched their works before.

Just to make it clear, I've dropped this manga, Twice.

The biggest problem that it has is not managing to be interesting enough for me to read it. You can predict whatever's going to happen read more

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