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He's My Only Vampire

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Apr 24, 2013
blossomdeath (All reviews)
This manga is a classic example of a promising plot with amiable characters gone wrong in the hands of unsophisticated imagination.


The manga starts off with a pleasant introduction of the female protagonist, Kana Takachiho, a normal teenage girl leading her normal school and home lives. As predictable as it could get, her life was turned upside down when she was injured in an accident, saved by a pureblood vampire , Aki, (who was introduced as her childhood friend) and obtain immortality as a result of him sucking her blood. However in exchange of immortality, the female protagonist belongs to a “possession” of the pure read more
Nov 5, 2010
Ai_chama (All reviews)
it is really briliant!.The art is very good
there is a very cute looking character called aki(vampire),and his childhood friend(human) kana reunit and she finds out he is a vampire and he makes her,her servant,aki has a younger twin brother who likes kana and kissed her.They haven't seen eachother in 7 years and they both say they have changed in looks but not in personality.It is so cute and romantic and funny at the same time and i just wanna read more but there isn't any more chapters i have to wait for the next chapters to come TT^TT. it is really good and is read more

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