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Wolf Children: Ame & Yuki

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Oct 30, 2015
hipposofdeath (All reviews)
This manga is just... unbelievable. I have seen the movie before and I didn't cry, though it was moving.

The book though. Oh my god, I sobbed so hard, twice.

The thing is, the book lets you feel what you want to feel. The movie had the mood set already. For example at one point in the movie I felt sad but the music was somewhat uplifting so I didn't feel like crying. As I read the book though I sobbed so hard at that point because there was no music to force me to feel something, it was my own thoughts and emotions about read more
May 11, 2020
RascalKun (All reviews)
I haven't seen the movie for Wolf Children yet, but I can say that the movie will be extremely good based on this manga. The story itself is my favorite type of wholesomeness and love for another person that's mixed with sadness and longing for something to change but you know has to happen. Both Ame's and Yuki's paths are fulfilling in their own way, but really Hana's love and devotion to her children is the character trait that I loved the most. Pure and heartwarming story that left me crying when Ame and Yuki both committed to their paths! I do cry a lot read more

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