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Chi's Sweet Home

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Jul 17, 2010
FlumenSilvi (All reviews)
I felt that they could hav wrote the words for chi a little better and that the could hav wrote it backwards like other mangas ive read. Overall it was pretty good.also they couldd have used the actual japanese to english dialouge.

big spoiler if your goin to read the manga but you've already seen the anime.
It is almost exactly like the anime
Mar 13, 2013
BabyBat (All reviews)
I really do enjoy this manga. Why did I rate parts of it so low? I'll explain:

It's a story about a lost kitten taken in by a new family. There's not much material there for anything beyond cute kitty antics but in small doses, and each chapter is very short, I love cute kitty antics.

The art is very cute but not over the top. Since there's really only 3 characters and a few others making small appearances it's not possible for their to be any "wow" art in it. It's the art the story needs but it can get dull. The massive amount of yellow read more

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