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Jul 17, 2009
blee2 (All reviews)
It may seem like I hand out 10's like crazy, but I don't. The only entries I do are of the absolute best manga. This is one of those. This has a main character, but it doesn't focus solely on that character. Each of the characters, main or not, has either a side story that fits in with the plot, or whenever the main character Taisuke is doing something that somehow relates to what another characters doing, the focus shifts. This allows each of the characters to have their own separate personality, without allowing the reader to be able to predict what they will do. read more
Jun 25, 2010
Jazze (All reviews)
I picked the English translation off the library shelf and read it. So far, it's really interesting and I became really engrossed in this series. The beginning was definitely one of the best moments of the series and I truly liked Yuuta's arc when he was first introduced. That was my favorite moment, along with the eventual romantic hints that slowly but surely emerge.

Admittedly, Alive gives off the Psyren vibe but mostly because at the beginning, you sense that there is some scientific fiction involved such as the great apocalypse. Then, as the novel progresses, it also evolves into what seems to resemble a battle read more

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