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Peach Girl NEXT

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May 1, 2021
Mokocchi_x3 (All reviews)
What's this? Looks like Peach Girl Next doesn't have any reviews! Well then, I guess it's up to me to write one!

Like many weebs of the female persuasion, Peach Girl was one of my first forays into manga. The candy-colored covers caught my attention at the library, and it wasn't long before little 13-year-old Mokocchi was hooked. Every twist and turn in the story left me clamoring for more, and let me tell you: at the time, it was TEH BEST LOVE STORY EVARRRR!!!111

But times change. Recently, I revisited the series, now twice the age I was when I first read it. And to say read more
Jul 26, 2021
LoliHikikomori (All reviews)
So, Peach Girl Next? Not much is different from the prequel, even thought 10 years had passed, it seems like in the span of those 10 years nothing happened? Like seriously, nothing is explained and nothing changed much, only their personalities are a bit softer?

It's still not good. Characters still don't talk to each other properly. Characters still hear only what's convenient. And everything happens only when it needs to happen to move the plot forward.

MyAnimeList is weird, when you review manga, it says Part 1: Rate the Anime.
And why is 4 - Decent and 5 - Mediocre? (when selecting overall rating)

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