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The Prince's Romance Gambit

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May 7, 2018
Shuc49 (All reviews)
The story follows Yoshida Koume, a commoner that managed to get into a school for the wealthy kids. As a commoner, she naturally stands out in the sea of people and soon catches the attention of the "prince" of the school, after accidentally witnessing the prince eating a boxed lunch in the toilets, alone. Taking an interest in her, the prince tries to get to know her, and the "commoner" lifestyle more, much to the surprise of many others. Needless to say this greatly troubles her.

As we see more of their interactions we see more into the circumstances of the two. The prince may read more
Sep 26, 2018
AsharaOnly (All reviews)
I will assume you read the synopsis before you read the review and this review will not contain any spoiler.

Story : 6
Its what you expected from just reading the title itself. Prince wont gave up on me. Thus, the prince will not gave up on her. Its a romance manga of a girl trying to sort her feelings and a prince who is trying to bridge the gap between him and her. It's as simple as that.

Character : 7
Lets talk about the prince first. He got money, fame, tittle and almost everything. But he lack emotion. He does not understand the feeling of love, rejected, read more

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