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Stray Bullet Baby

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Sep 14, 2018
violvi (All reviews)
This was an enjoyable, yet quick and sweet read.

I greatly enjoyed the art style, and while the story was simple the romance felt complete given how short this manga was.

There was a nice will-they-won't-they feel to the story as opposed to a BL manga where the two characters instantly hook up. Given how short the work is it didn't feel rushed as a lot of BL tends to feel. The build up was well paced and the ending was satisfactory.

One thing I disliked was the use of the drunk kiss troupe but it worked ok in the context. (And this is more read more
Jan 25, 2023
Ayveh (All reviews)
This is a really cute story about one lonely guy becoming friends with a coworker and both falling in love with someone of the same gender for the first time.

It seemed very realistic, when both the uke and seme do their research and talk about it doing it with someone of the same gender for the first time. There is consent, plenty of discussion on the position which I loved since it was their first time with a man.
There is no crazy drama or drama for that matter, and the small misunderstanding is talked about later on.

No trigger warnings incase anyone is read more

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