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Jun 22, 2013
Jelletheawesome (All reviews)
GDGD DOGS is a lighthearted manga, focussing mostly on the humour aspects of the characters and plot.

The main character, Tezuka Kanna, is a mangaka who just had her debut. Her character design is really similar to the other main females of the same artist, but her hair sets her apart and almost expresses her character. She has bangs that completely cover her eyes, and because of her dedication to her work and her lack of social skills, it seems to fit.

The other main characters, the 3 males, are all bishies essentially, and it is used as a running gag throughout the manga.

GDGD DOGS doesn't have read more
Jan 18, 2015
MysticusFreeze (All reviews)
Okay GDGD dogs is probably one of my favorite manga. My parents bought the first book for me fit Christmas seeing it was the first manga book they saw. But boy am I happy they did. Before I start let me just say thus is not meant for someone new to the world of manga and anime you should at least now what moe,yaoi and shonen jump are if you want to understand the jokes.

Does not really have a story and for the most part you could start with really any chapter and still understand most of it.
I loved the art I read more

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