Jan 18, 2015
MysticusFreeze (All reviews)
Okay GDGD dogs is probably one of my favorite manga. My parents bought the first book for me fit Christmas seeing it was the first manga book they saw. But boy am I happy they did. Before I start let me just say thus is not meant for someone new to the world of manga and anime you should at least now what moe,yaoi and shonen jump are if you want to understand the jokes.

Does not really have a story and for the most part you could start with really any chapter and still understand most of it.
I loved the art I especially loved the way kanna's bangs covered her eyes it gave insight into the character.
I loved all the character's I gave a hard time picking a favorite. What I particularly liked was how the mangazasshi the three boys read defined them.
This is probably one of the funniest manga I have ever read the mangaka just finds a way to make everything hilarious even little things like the cover of jump saying maruto which cracked me up
You will I guarantee you laugh out loud reading this but again you must be a real otaku because a weaboo would not understand most.